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California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts
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Rhode Island School of Design | RISD Visiting Lecturers The Textiles Program is dedicated to building an in-depth curriculum by presenting speakers from diverse perspectives, media, histories, and cultural backgrounds in our classrooms and public lecture series. Public and in-class lecturers have included artists, designers, and academics from a wide variety of fields including textiles, sculpture, installation, fashion, and conservation. Johanna Friedman artistRoz Ritter artistAlexandra Milukhin artistDalia Anani artistCheryl Krauter Leonard Women's Cancer Resource Center Katherine Karnaky artist and designer, Pottery BarKate Nartker artist, weaver, animatorTalia Draheim textile designer, videographerPadmini Balaram designer, artist, researcher, and professor of design, Visva-Bhaarati University, India View past visiting lecturers at the Textiles Lecture Series Archive.

PNCA : home Biola University - A Private Christian University in Southern California Design | Media Arts Undergraduate Admission Degree - B.A. Step 1: Complete the UC Application Students who wish to apply to the School of the Arts and Architecture (Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Dance, Design | Media Arts, Ethnomusicology, Music, and World Arts and Cultures) must complete the University of California's Application for Undergraduate Admission filed between November 1–30. Students may apply directly online from the University of California website. Students who wish to be considered for majors in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, MUST select an SOAA major as their first choice major to UCLA in order to participate in the portfolio/audition review process. Step 2: Departmental Supplemental Requirements *DO NOT complete the supplemental requirements without first completing the UC application in Step 1. After the UC application has been filed, applicants are required to submit a Department of Design | Media Arts supplemental application. Questionnaire - A. multimedia file

September 2012 I sometimes feel as if I am overly engaged with my domestic space. I think long and hard about how each day is orchestrated and often obsess about pockets of light, fleeting images, as well as the work at hand or under foot. This – all in conjunction with having a family and (lovingly) balancing the needs and desires of those around me. You would really laugh if you saw how I weave my hours together. The methods are rather unorthodox and the cool rhythm? 'Organic' for lack of a better term. Lace Window, Sofia (photo by Abigail Doan, 2012) I often wonder what happens behind the windows and curtains of homes around me. My neighbors' terraces at dusk This is why I make a point of walking and observing in the outdoors every day – beyond my domestic space as a way to understand the labor behind a life well-lived. Exterior shot in Sofia, 2012 I say that we should labor for the light ... or perhaps the lighter side of what motivates and sustains us. (all photos by Abigail Doan)

School of Visual Arts Bethany University Harrington College of Design – Interior Design Program, Digital Photography, Graphic Design & Interior Design Schools What sewing machine I use and why One of the most common questions I get asked about my work is "What sewing machine do you use?". People seem to assume that I have some wiz-bang-space-aged machine that does all of the thinking (and sewing) for me, but in reality I only use some of the most basic machine functions to allow me to draw with the machine. It is for this reason that my technique can be done on almost any sewing machine. Quality is important Not all machines are created equal and obviously some sewing machines are better suited to the job than others. I use, and have always used, a BERNINA sewing machine for my artwork. My first machine My first sewing machine was an old ex-school Bernina 830, complete with its cute little red carry case. So what machine should you buy: as I mentioned you don't need much in a machine to be able to draw freehand, basically you just need to be able to put the feed teeth down and away you go. I hope that you have found this post helpful. Meredith

Home - Marine Science and Technology - University of Newcastle For all School enquiries click here. California Institute of Technology Fine Arts Discover an Interdisciplinary Community of Artists CCA’s Graduate Program in Fine Arts challenges you to take your work to a higher level through rigorous practice and a robust exchange of ideas with an engaged and diverse artistic community. As your work evolves, you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationships among art, culture, and society. Find Your Place in Contemporary Art Practice Immerse yourself in a single medium or work across multiple disciplines, including ceramics, glass, jewelry, metal arts, media arts, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and textiles. Expand Your Critical Thinking & Creative Practice Through in-depth investigations of material and theory, you’ll explore current artistic practices and cultural issues with some of the nation’s leading artists and critical thinkers. Another vital resource is the acclaimed CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, which presents groundbreaking international exhibitions.

Revista Código | Perfil: Sin título. Bajo el santo de la joyería contemporánea ¿Podemos hablar de una escena de joyería contemporánea en México? O acaso sería más pertinente preguntar, ¿a qué se refiere el término? En 2012 el colectivo Sin título lanzó la incógnita al aire, no con la revelación de una pieza de joyería específica sino a través de un ejercicio de insospechadas intenciones: La chiclera. “Nosotros mismos debemos ser como una chiclera para que las personas que nos sepan mirar con curiosidad entiendan lo que podemos ofrecer, aún cuando ignoren qué les podemos dar”, señala el comunicado de la propuesta. El colectivo diseñó algunos ornamentos para que fueran los contenidos del dispositivo: desde una cinta de tela hasta un anillo de plástico, pero además: una joya de naturaleza más preciosa por la cual muchos de los usuarios compitieron, insertando una y otra vez sus monedas. En ocasiones, se dice, titular un trabajo es lo más difícil del proceso. Sin título hace joyería contemporánea, una vertiente del diseño que se expande por el globo.

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