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Stories Climate Refugees Reporter Anna York traveled to Newtok, Alaska, to see firsthand how the rising sea threatened the stability of the village and its residents. Down the lines As energy consumption increases, the construction of power lines has fallen behind, leaving the energy grid in jeopardy. Debating coal’s future What, Me Exercise? Next: Living longerUp: Engineering Previous: Trying trend fitting Those who do not find time for exercise now will have to find time for illness. --The Earl of Derby, 1873 Don't kid yourself into thinking that exercise, by itself, will make you lose weight. Consider the following activities, and the number of calories an average person burns per hour in each. Compare those numbers, remembering that they're for a full hour spent nonstop in the exercise, with the calories in the following food items:

Call for Proposals - Europe 2015 - Write the Docs Call for Proposals We are accepting proposals for our 2015 conference, which is happening on August 31 - September 1, 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. The deadline for submitting your proposal is Midnight CET on June 15. Homepage - Food Quality & Safety Colorado Takes the Lead in Safety of Marijuana-Infused Food Production In the absence of federal regulations for the safe production of food products that include marijuana, the state of Colorado is at the forefront of setting its own regulations. Colorado voters agreed to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2013, and now it falls to the state’s Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division to ensure that food made with this ingredient is safe for human consumption. FDA Survey Finds Most Cantaloupes Free of Pathogens Cantaloupe safety in the U.S. appears to be improving, according to results of a summer 2013 survey by FDA field officers that were recently reported by Michigan State University. “By and large, samples of melons last summer came back free of Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria,” said the report.

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston opens new Art of the Americas Wing Exterior improvements continue at the museum — part of its ongoing efforts to embrace the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Back Bay Fens, surround the building with greenery, and in so doing, help to rejuvenate the museum's neighborhood. Healthy Eating: Good for Your Body, Bad for Your Bottom Line? Flickr User West Side Market. It looks as easy as dishing up dinner. According to new advice from the federal government, eating healthy simply means filling your plate with fresh broccoli and salmon, a generous spoonful of rice pilaf, some fruit salsa and a side of yogurt. Sound expensive? That’s because it is, according to a recent report published in the journal Health Affairs. If you want your dinner plate to come anywhere close to the new MyPlate federal guidelines — the same ones that toppled the food pyramid earlier this summer — get ready to fork over some cash in the check-out line.

org The X.Org project provides an open source implementation of the X Window System. The development work is being done in conjunction with the community. The X.Org Foundation is the educational non-profit corporation whose Board serves this effort, and whose Members lead this work. The latest release of the full X.Org stack is X11R7.7, though many individual X.Org modules have had new versions released since then - see the xorg-announce archives for details of those releases. The next full stack release will be X11R7.8. Information about all releases is available. 23 Amazing Single Page Websites When a website doesn’t call for a lot of content, it might be a good idea to go with the single page approach – where all of the content lives on the home page and the navigation, in most cases, allows the user to jump from one section to another. In the past few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in popularity of these types of sites, mainly partly because the use of jQuery can make for some nifty transitions and effects. For you’re inspiration, we gathered some really nice examples of websites that use only one page to show all their content. From minimalist layouts to colorful ones, from plain and simple menu navigations to parallax scrolling, you will find plenty here to inspire you. Take some time and check them all out, and let us know which one is your favorite.

10 Yoga Poses to Fight Depression and Anxiety The mind, body and spirit are all connected and when a person suffers from mild depression or anxiety, the body is out of balance. Yoga is a series of stretches that helps bring balance to the body; not just focusing on the body’s health, but also on the mind and spirit. Always consult a physician or counsellor if you are having ongoing feelings of depression or anxiety and before trying any new exercise program. GNU Linux-libre project Download | News | How | SVN | Other downloads | Artwork Linux, the kernel developed and distributed by Linus Torvalds et al, contains non-Free Software, i.e., software that does not respect your essential freedoms, and it induces you to install additional non-Free Software that it doesn't contain. GNU Linux-libre is a project to maintain and publish 100% Free distributions of Linux, suitable for use in Free System Distributions, removing software that is included without source code, with obfuscated or obscured source code, under non-Free Software licenses, that do not permit you to change the software so that it does what you wish, and that induces or requires you to install additional pieces of non-Free Software. Our releases can be easily adopted by 100% Free GNU/Linux distros, as well as by their users, by distros that want to enable their users to choose freedom, and by users of those that don't. 2015-06-22 - GNU Linux-libre 4.1-gnu Deblobbed nxp-nci and btbcm.

Green Honey Language represents our view of the world, and knowing its limits helps us understand how our perception works. I used the data from Wikipedia’s “Color” entry for different languages. My assumption was: "Different languages have different ways to describe color.” (Scroll Down to Start) The Chinese entry has 250+ different colors. The Kitchen Medic id your grandmother force you to gargle with hot saltwater whenever you were afflicted with a bad cough? Did your father whip up a concoction of water, mint leaves and cinnamon bark when you complained of an upset stomach? We all have stories of home remedies we were compelled to ingest by well-meaning parents and relatives. But is there any merit to such remedies? We rounded up eight common South Asian home remedies and talked with Dr. Rita Ahuja, a board of trustees member of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, to find out how these remedies are able to deliver the promised results.

University of Virginia Library University of Virginia Library > Our Organization > The Electronic Text Center The Electronic Text Center (1992-2007), known to many as “Etext,” served the University community’s teaching and research needs in the areas of humanities text encoding for fifteen years. Many of the resources once available on Etext are now available via VIRGO, the Library’s online catalog and the primary access point for all U.Va. interactive - National Film Board of Canada At the NFB we like change. For 70 years we've experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra; Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. Today, the way we create, consume, and connect with each other changes by the minute.