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Análisis de actualidad Medios Escritos Inspiration blog - by PaperNotes: Since a while now, I'm actively creating mosaic works. It actually started when I did a day's course with my mom one day. I thought: Hey, why not spend a day to learn this crafty thing? Then I noticed it was a good way to practice being a little more patient... And now I just love seeing the end results every time. I don't really like very colorful mosaic works, although I'm going to show you one I made below. Will share more on my plans soon, but still developing them into something more concrete. Canal Capital. Televisión más humana Paginas Web Artists of Photoshop

Brave New World (review) Brave New World by Aldous HuxleyReason for Reading: My Year of Reading Dangerously ChallengeRating: 5/5 Summarize the plot: Welcome to the future. People are now created in test-tubes, and trained from birth via sleep-hypnosis to know their place in society. Sexual promiscuity and consumption are the highest societal values. One Sentence Review: The classic dystopian novel is still thought-provoking, if not as horrifying as it was considered when it first came out. What I liked: For being a relatively short novel with few characters, and very little action, Brave New World describes a unique dystopia, where families are considered pornographic, and "everyone belongs to everyone else". I found it interesting that none of the characters in the novel are especially likeable. What I didn't like: This is an idea book. Should I read it?

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