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Cooking Techniques for Beginner and Intermediate Cooks

Cooking Techniques for Beginner and Intermediate Cooks
8 Tips For Better Bread Making How to Bake Great Bread at Home Many people are extremely intimidated by bread making. I’ve heard folks say everything from “I’m afraid of yeast,” to “I can’t make bread.” And that last is usually before they even try their hand at it. With the proliferation of helpful tools–everything wonderful bread cookbooks to stand mixers […] Continue Reading » Simple Reduction Sauce How to Make a Simple Reduction Sauce A reader wrote to me to say that he cannot make a reduction correctly. Continue Reading » London Broil London Broil – Meat Cut or Cooking Technique? Continue Reading » 8 Tips To Grill Like A Pro Become A Better Grill Master With These Simple 8 Tips I’m often asked by home cooking enthusiasts how to grill like the pros do. Continue Reading » Steaming Technique | How to Steam Food All About Steaming Steaming is a moist heat cooking method. Continue Reading » The Secret To Great Saute Continue Reading » Saute Cooking Videos Continue Reading » Continue Reading »

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Top 10 Basic Cooking Tricks Food This is a first for the List Universe – a cooking topic. This list will teach you 10 very basic cooking tips to guarantee restaurant level perfection every time. Guide to Common Edible Wild Plants : Discovery Channel It’s often said that the last thing you need to worry about when in a survival situation is what you’re going to eat. The human body is highly resilient, and can go without food for longer than you think. Shelter and water, on the other hand, are pretty much non-negotiable in order to survive. Cooking Tips - LoveToKnow Recipes Article Highlight: How to Cook Bok Choy Sometimes known as Chinese cabbage, bok choy turns up constantly in things like stir fries and other Asian cuisines. This leafy member of the turnip family is fairly easy to cook, whether you want to try your hand at stir frying it yourself, or you want to try using it in other ways. Keep reading »

Meat Doneness Chart Do You Know When Your Meat Is Medium-Rare? It is essential you know the internal temperatures of the foods you are cooking. Trying to cook based on times given in a recipe is a mistake that I make all the time. There are so many variables that go into cooking times that it is impossible to know when a piece of meat is ready to come off the saute pan, grill or out of the oven. The biggest mistake most home cooks make is not to account for resting time. Heck, most of us don’t even realize they need to let meat or poultry rest for a period of time so the juices redistribute into the meat.

Caramelized Apple Crepes Crepes are yummy. Fall is good. That much I know. And what about fall inspired crepes? ‘Is that possible?’ The Bread Code Tells You When a Loaf Was Baked Ever wonder what the colors of the tie tags on loaves of bread represent? They're a code designating the day of the week on which a loaf was baked: * Blue: Monday * Green: Tuesday * Red: Thursday * White: Friday * Yellow: Saturday[...]An easy way to remember it, though, is to simply recall the alphabet. The colors run in alphabetical order, so the earlier they appear in the alphabet, the earlier in the week the bread was baked. And it’s true. Even the ever-cynical backs it up.

Healthy Superfoods - Recipes for 7 Healthy Superfoods - The Daily Green Dried licorice root may fight tooth decay, new research has found. But if you're not a fan, these foods can also help keep teeth, gums, and breath healthy, says Mark Wolff, D.D.S., Ph.D., of NYU College of Dentistry: Yogurt. The lactic acid may ward off periodontal disease, but skip the sugary varieties. Sugar-free gum and hard candies. These promote saliva flow and also help fight cavities.

British food A Brief Introduction to British food. Contents Mealtimes Breakfast Lunch Dinner Glossary of typical English food. Mealtimes In many European countries it is normal to have a long break in the middle of the day when all members of the family return to their houses to eat together.

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