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Cut and Jacked

Cut and Jacked
Posted 25 April 2014 by "If you don’t have a dream, then you have nothing to work for, nothing to get up in the morning for, no reason.. and no purpose to be. But friends we do have a dream and dreams do come true not because we keep believing but we keep working hard" - Kai Greene Posted 24 April 2014 by Amber Dawn Orton "At the end of it all, the key in everyones life - regardless of what you do is balance. It can be the hardest thing you will ever try to find but it is something worth the effort." - Amber Dawn Orton

Dumbbell Exercise Illustrations To Help You With Your Dumbbell Workouts On this page you will find some of my favourite dumbbell exercises. If your into weight training, chances are you train with both barbells and dumbbells. Dumbbells, like barbell’s can provide you with a fantastic workout that takes breaks down free weight training to it’s basic fundamentals. Training with dumbbells stimulates a large number of muscle fibres and therefore can result in muscle growth at an alarming rate. The reason being is that training with dumbbells to extreme intensity will push just about anyone into the pain zone. *Get your free weight training exercise guide here.

Blog Archive WBFF Pro World Champion & Fitness Model ... Rising Star: Natural Bodybuilder Eddy Ung ... IFBB Men's Physique Competitor Rob Riches ... How To Build Muscle: Women’s Edition Part 1 – An Intro on Getting Started This series is collaboration between JC Deen and Joy Victoria. Joy wrote 90% of the content. Joy’s a wealth of fitness knowledge, and has already been published in the likes of T-Nation and contributes to WomanScope News Magazine. Super fast all-body barbell workout If your workout time is limited to a frantic gym session during lunch hour, an elaborate free-weight circuit is out of the question. Even if you can grab yourself a gym ball, a medicine ball and some dumbbells, chances are you’ll piss a lot of people off with the amount of floor space you’ll be taking up by laying all this kit out. What you need to do is a barbell complex – an efficient routine made up of five barbell exercises done one after the other, without putting your barbell down. Originally developed by Eastern European weightlifters to help them stay lean, this type of circuit is now popular with UFC fighters such as Randy Couture, who use them to combine strength and cardio in one short workout – with killer grip strength as an added bonus. Research has also shown that training with free-weights registers a higher level of muscle activity than when performing the same exercises on a Smith machine, for example, thus increasing strength far more effectively.

Vitacost Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Health Trainer Tells All – What I Have Learned About Health and Fitness Photo CC credit: Curtis Kennington I was riding my mountain bike yesterday and all of the sudden it just came to me. I just started thinking about how many things I’ve learned through my own personal working out (since I was a kid and playing competitive sports) as well as being a trainer over the past several years. So today I just wanted to share some of the things this 36yr old (note this was originally written in 2008) has personally learned about all things health and fitness….in no certain order…. Pushups are the best upper body workout designed….no machine can replace that…you don’t need any equipment and you can do them anywhere.It’s easy to become a certified trainer (as I have seen overweight people become certified)….it’s not easy to work as one full time (hence a high turnover rate in many clubs)Diet is 85% of where results come from…..for muscle and fat loss. You may also enjoy reading these other (and more recent) articles from the “Trainer Tells” series:

The Top 10 Muscle Building Tips 1. Lift Weights For No More Than Three to Four Days Per Week Doing so is not only unnecessary but can quickly lead to over-training, especially if you are doing other physical activities such as cardio or playing recreational sports on a regular basis. 2. Strength Training Equipment — A User's Guide - Fitness Center Strength training is an important part of overall fitness. Find out about the benefits and learn how to design an effective strength-training program. According to the latest recommendations from the American Council on Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association, you should be including strength training twice a week as part of your overall fitness routine. Research shows that strength exercises are safe for all ages and that strength training combined with aerobic exercise can improve your physical and mental health. The Benefits of Strength Training

Perfect Your Running Technique How Will Improving My Running Technique Impact My Running? Improving your running technique even a fraction of a percent per stride can have a huge effect on your ability to run faster/longer, recover faster, have fewer injuries, and enjoy your running even more. Think about how many thousands of strides you take while you run. Small steps to improve your form can have a tremendous influence on your performance. 7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism — And Burn Fat Fast Posted in: Exercise, Metabolism, Nutrition, Spotlight, Tips, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Tips Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just wanting to maintain your sleek physique, boosting your metabolism to a higher rate is always a good idea. There are several ways to give your metabolism an extra push — including exercising early in the day — but eating can also be a factor in its elevation. Increasing your metabolism means your body burns calories at a higher rate.

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