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Products - Video Management Solutions DSSRV - Network Video Recorder The Digital Sentry NVR comes preloaded with DS NVs Network Video Management Software and includes 8 IP licenses for Pelco or third-party cameras and network encoders. With support for a total of 128 IP and analog cameras, DSSRV delivers 280 Mbps bandwidth for recording, streaming, and video export. Analog cameras, converted to IP streams across the network using Pelco or third-party cameras, require a DS-SW-CAM IP license for each stream. For DVR or HVR implementation optional ENC5416 analog-to-digital encoders support up to 64 analog cameras at D1, full-frame rate recording. The encoders, which do not require any IP licenses, are directly attached to the DSSRV via a supplied cable (please see the specification sheet for further details). Front-accessible drives provide as much as 18 TB of internal storage with a RAID5 option for hot swappable drives. Features:

Modempak Ltd Eaton H-Max Drive for HVAC, Pump and Fluid Applications Sign In Customer Support USA | Worldwide Sites Home >... > Variable Frequency Drives > HVAC Drives > H-Max Series Products & Solutions Industrial Clutches and Brakes Plastic Extrusion The Power of Eaton Markets Our Company Electrical Products & Services Follow the Charge Market Solutions Your Business How to Buy Support Contact Us Products and Services Automation and Control Variable Frequency Drives HVAC Drives H-Max Series H-Max Series Eaton's H-Max Series of drives are specifically designed for HVAC, pump and fluid control applications. Features Documentation Videos Support Additional I/O and communication cards provide plug-and-play functionality. Catalogs Product Aids Brochures White Papers Instructions Dimensional Drawings Training and Tools Software Downloads User Manuals Schematics Eaton VFD presale support Phone: 1.877.ETN. Sign up for newsletters How to buy View catalogs Explore our mobile app

Surge protector A power bar with built in surge protector and multiple outlets The terms surge protection device (SPD), or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), are used to describe electrical devices typically installed in power distribution panels, process control systems, communications systems, and other heavy-duty industrial systems, for the purpose of protecting against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning. Scaled-down versions of these devices are sometimes installed in residential service entrance electrical panels, to protect equipment in a household from similar hazards.[1] A surge protection device mounted on a residential circuit breaker panel Many power strips have basic surge protection built in; these are typically clearly labeled as such. Important specifications[edit] UK type G socket adaptor with surge protector Clamping voltage[edit] Also known as the let-through voltage. Joules rating[edit] Response time[edit] Standards[edit] Primary components[edit] [edit]

ABB Miniature Circuit Breakers MCBs - Modular DIN Rail Products (Low Voltage Products and Systems) MCBs protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. System pro M compact S200 series are current limiting overcurrent protective devices. They have two different tripping mechanisms, the delayed thermal tripping mechanism for overload protection and the magnetic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection. • IEC/EN 60898-1 • IEC/EN 60947-2 • UL 1077 • UL 489 • CSA 22.2 No. 235 • CSA 22.2 No. 5 allowing the use for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) For domestic/residential installations in defined markets up to 6 kA breaking capacity 3 / 4,5 / 6 kA • Compact Home SH 200 T, SH 200 L, SH 200 For domestic or small commercial installations up to 10 kA breaking capacity • pro M compact S200, S200S, S200 M For industrial installations up to 25 kA breaking capacity • pro M compact S200, S200M, S200P, S200U, S200UP, S200UDC • S280UC, S290

IP Camera Systems by Schneider Electric Pelco offers a wide selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings including offices and commercial spaces, schools and hospitals, banks and financial institutions, casinos, hotels and restaurants, stores, malls and shopping centers, city centers, warehouses, power plants, and other challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Unrivaled in functionality and performance, Pelco's cutting-edge IP cameras are designed to meet and exceed the ever-evolving demands placed on video security installations. From high-definition megapixel to standard-definition IP security cameras, Pelco offers the industry's widest selection of fixed and positioning network camera systems available. These open systems deliver unparalleled functionality, high-resolution image quality and full frame-rate video, bringing clarity and precision to your unique applications. Choose genuine Pelco IP video accessories. IP Video Accessories

Sika Aluminium cable chambers VW3A5104 Telemecanique | Motor Chokes 215A (X3) | 656-0659 | Welcome to RS Online EU Directive 2002/95/EC restricts the use of the 6 substances below in the manufacture of specified types of electrical equipment. Whilst this restriction does not legally apply to components, it is recognised that component “compliance” is relevant to many customers. RS definition of RoHS Compliance: The product does not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned by the Directive, and for components, the product is capable of being worked on at the higher temperatures required by lead–free soldering The restricted substances and maximum allowed concentrations in the homogenous material are, by weight: The supplier of the item listed below has informed RS Components that the product is “RoHS Compliant”.

General Electric IEC Controls from Vynckier Products - Cameras By combining the power and performance of Sarix IX Series cameras with the new SureVision technology, Pelco by Schneider Electric engineers have created a camera that can handle light nearly as well as the human eye. These cameras can also be easily customized to adapt to any environment with a Pelco megapixel lens or Pelco outdoor enclosure. The Sarix® Series IP camera features SureVision technology that seamlessly delivers advanced low-light performance, wide dynamic range (WDR), and anti-bloom technology for industry-leading image quality and performance. Available in 0.5 and 1.2 MP models, these network cameras include a mechanical IR cut filter for increased sensitivity in low-light installations. And anti-bloom technology adjusts the image to create the best picture when a bright light source is introduced into a dark scene, such as the glaring head lights of nighttime traffic. Features