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The Official Microsoft WPF and Windows Forms Site example Code Arsenal AvalonDock - Home WPF Tutorial More Sample AjaxControlToolkit TabContainer Themes After working on a YUI TabView theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer control, I thought it might be fun to create a few more TabContainer themes for some of the other tab-style controls that I have seen floating around the web. I was especially curious in seeing what it would take to include images in each of the tab panel header's. Below are the controls I was targeting, where on the Internet I found them, and a short description of what it took to create the corresponding theme. Download | Live Demo | View Stylesheet Technorati Tab Theme I like Technorati's tab control because it simple, yet in my opinion it still has a nicer presentation than the default xp style TabContainer theme. Notes: To use this theme, include a link to the CSS file and set the CssClass of the TabContainer control to 'ajax__tab_technorati-theme'. Windows Live Gallery Tab Theme Here is the sample markup for the 'Sidebar gadget' tab panel. YUI Tab Theme Windows Internet Explorer Tab Theme That's it.

WOW! eBook Book Description Design and build Web APIs for a broad range of clients—including browsers and mobile devices—that can adapt to change over time. This practical, hands-on guide takes you through the theory and tools you need to build evolvable HTTP services with Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API framework. In the process, you’ll learn how design and implement a real-world Web API. Ideal for experienced .NET developers, this book’s sections on basic Web API theory and design also apply to developers who work with other development stacks such as Java, Ruby, PHP, and Node. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Develop next-generation web applications with ASP.NET MVC Go deep into the architecture and features of ASP.NET MVC 5, and learn how to build web applications that work well on both the desktop and mobile devices. Discover how to: Table of Contents Download Now » Table of Contents Chapter 1. Comprehensive guide to Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio is your essential tool for Windows programming.

Snoop Snoop (a WPF utility) The latest & greatest on Snoop including x64 support can now be found at the Snoop project on CodePlex. Download SourceInstaller News Updated (after a long hiatus) to include .NET 3.5 support and a couple of extra tweaks and styling. There is a remaining issue where I broke the property value editing (sorry!) What A random utility made to simplify visual debugging of WPF applications at runtime. This is not an official tool, just a utility that was found useful and added to when functionality was needed. Usage Run Snoop.exe. Once the application to be snooped is selected, click the Snoop icon ( )to launch Snoop. Building Snoop.csproj can be built using VS Express, but the complete solution requires the C++ compiler found in full VS. Primary View Graph of the visual tree on the left, list of properties on the selected element in the center, common events & preview area on the right The selected element will highlight with a red adorner in the target application. Tree View

.net - Translate Keys to char Using CSS Image Sprites with the XP Themed TabCont I recently blogged about how to create a YUI TabView theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer control. As a follow up to this entry, Peter Kassenaar asked the question: I just don't quite get how the CSS is able to extract the different (background) images from a single sprite.png file. I've googled for this, but that didn't help me much. In the YUI theme I created, I used a single sprite image and used CSS to pinpoint the location within the sprite for the background image of the tab panel header's. While I have read about using CSS sprite's before, I haven't actually implemented it (or seen it implemented) on any of the project's that I have worked on. Even better, a side effect of this exercise would be getting rid of that flicker when the first time a tab is rolled-over (the image on the left shows a screen shot of what happens on the first roll-over, the screen shot on the right shows what it is supposed to look like). Live Demo | Download What are CSS Sprites? Create the CSS

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