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2500 free resources for designers

2500 free resources for designers
Every designer loves free stuff. So here we bring together 2500 brilliant freebies, covering everything from typography to 3D design, in one mammoth list. We'll update this feature regularly, adding more resources as we find them, so amazingly that number will increase over the coming months and years... You really WILL want to bookmark this page! Graphic design and illustration freebies Web design freebies Free cheat sheet so you can brand your social media pages with ease Get 500 web design books - they're totally free and available now Design your new Twitter header with this free PSD 130 CSS and JavaScript tutorials to power up your skills 50 superb WordPress tutorials 10 top WordPress resources How to build an app: 45 great tutorials 3D design freebies Typography freebies Photoshop freebies 300+ free vector shapes for Photoshop 45 free Photoshop brushes every creative must have! Have you spotted a free design resource?

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27 Amazing Free Blurred Background Packs Looking for free backgrounds? Here we have collected some nice background packs for you. Blurred background images have become a popular trend in web design currently. How to Plan Your Website Navigation In Advance Prior to starting the design of your website there are a series of tasks that you can do off page so that your design can provide your visitors a great user experience and regardless of whether you are going to use online website building tools like Squarespace and Breezi or manually code the design of your website with programs like Dreamweaver, Notepad++ you can begin planning your navigation beforehand. Planning your navigation in advance can help you in a wide variety of terms and steps to organize your website and improve your design by taking a few steps and considerations. The way that your users navigate through your site can help you improve usability, providing a better user experience and keeping users focused on what they are looking for. Once your navigation becomes an implicit part of your page and is properly structured and design, users will have no problem finding what they need if everything has been set up properly. - Gallery/Download - free dreamscenes, video loops, footage and motion backgrounds Download Gallery: Here you can download all dreamscene video loops and motion backgrounds (HD *.wmv format) from (free for private / non-commercial use).You will also find a nice wallpaper screenshot for each dreamscene (*.jpg format) and a video preview (external link). Just select one of the categories. - 3D and Animation: In this gallery you will find 3D & Animation video loops such as Matrix like dreamscenes. Create balanced page layouts - 7 pro tips The primary objective of any page you design, whether it's for a printed brochure or the latest web app, is to communicate information clearly and effectively to the reader. One of the best ways to ensure that the key messages are delivered to the reader is to create a balanced layout. Page layout typically involves a lot of placement, rearranging and formatting of elements. Many designers approach this process organically, feeling their way to a pleasing end result. While this can lead to some excellent happy accidents, there is a risk that using a free-form methodology can result in a lack of visual balance on the page.

The 22 best places to find free vector art online You know that feeling when you're busy in the office or working from home but that piece of work just isn't coming together? You don't have the time to sort something from scratch so you decide to search for some free vector art online – but it's not always easy to find what you're looking for. A good selection of free resources – including free fonts and free vector art – can be a lifesaver for any designer. But more often than not, the process of finding what you need amidst cluttered, confusing pages just adds to the mounting deadline stress. To help you avoid that experience, we've put together a hand-picked guide to the best free vector art resources, including various useful designs you can download in preparation for future projects.

10 names every web designer should know Take any creative field and you’ll find well-known influencers who are responsible for leading the way, either with new interpretations, technical approaches or ideas. This is true whether you’re looking at David Bailey in the photography world, or Tracey Emin in fine art. It comes about because some practitioners define a movement or technique, either inventing it, championing it, or otherwise leading a charge towards it. WideText jQuery Plugin I was searching around the internet trying to find a responsive text solution that was lightweight and easy to use. The few that I stumbled upon didn't work exactly how I wanted, or they had too many bells and whistles. As always, I decided to mess around with each one to figure out the best approach I could take to simplify everything and get it working for me. In the end, I managed to put together a tight little jQuery plugin that gets the job done and nothing more. Once you've included jQuery and my jquery.wideText.js file on your page, you can call the WideText function like so... $(window).load( function() { $( '.responsive' ).wideText();} );

Web design training: the top 20 online resources Web design can be daunting. Just the sheer amount of new techniques and acronyms appearing every day can make it seem scary and confusing, even if you're a professional web designer, let alone a beginner. But don't worry - help is at hand in the form of easy-to-understand web design training resources on the web. Pro tips: 20 steps to the perfect website layout When approaching the topic of designing a website layout, I thought about common mistakes I have seen in my years designing, especially with interns and new designers fresh from web design training. Within this short list of steps to the perfect website layout, I aim to cover what I believe every new website builder working within a digital agency should know and do before starting a new project, and what they should pay attention to during the process. Event promotion These principles cover not only design aspects such as landing page design but also general workflow issues that will get the job nicely done.

Convert to units and culinary measures. Find pages on convert to with online Google Custom Search You can use this calculator to convert pixels ( px ) to em and vs for conversions from em to pixels px in coding web pages HTML or in CSS files – cascading style sheets. First 2 options from the top ( 1 – 2 ) are straight forward for px – em. The other two ( 3 – 4 ) are to convert from em to px or the other way around from px to em if body element of the page has font size set to 62.5% – for example in the css file or in the html code. <h4>The Pixels px to em conversion page requires enabled JavaScript in your browser. Here are specific instructions on how to enable JS in your computer <a href=" title="How to enable javascript in your browsers." target="_blank">How to enable JavaScript</a></h4><p>Or for high quality Internet browsing download <a title="Download and use Google's Chrome browser." href=" browser</a> for your convenience.

Outdated UX patterns and alternatives Meet North, design and development standards to align and guide your project. It's a comprehensive guide contributed to the open source community to encourage, "a mobile-first, in-browser, system based approach to design and development." Check out North on GitHub: The section of the guide that I found most interesting is, Outdated UX Patterns, a collection of examples of what not to do when building a website, which tries to steer designers from borrowing from ineffective practices to solve common problems. Just like how presentations deprecate, so do UX patterns. There are a plethora of outdated UX patterns currently being used that do not suit users or business well and their usage should be ceased.

Top 10 Sites for Designers: November 2016 Edition Every month, HOW art director Adam Ladd curates a list of inspiring websites of particular interest to designers and creatives. This month’s selection includes a real-time mapping application, a global scavenger hunt, an addictive game and more. 1. Material Design Best Practices for Designing Effective Banner Ads If you’ve ever been online — which, if you’re reading this, I assume you have — you’ve probably encountered a banner advertisement or two. These typically come in the form of a prominent image on the page, although the exact size, positioning and content can differ drastically. There’s more to creating a banner ad than just opening up a new Photoshop canvas and throwing together some pictures though. In this article, we’re going to take a look at banner advertising and investigate just what creating a strong ad is all about. What Are Banner Ads? Banner ads are one of the principle forms of advertising on the web today and, for many sites, a fundamental source of revenue.

Download & Streaming : Images collection eye The Cover Art Archive is a joint project between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz , whose goal is to make cover art images available to everyone on the Internet in an organised and convenient way. Images in the archive are curated by the MusicBrainz community and go through a peer review process to ensure that they are correct, free of spam and of the best quality. If you would like to contribute cover art, create a MusicBrainz account and follow the guide . MusicBrainz also provides API...