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11 Online Learning websites to learn how to code and more!

11 Online Learning websites to learn how to code and more!
Planning start something new in this year? You can start to learn online now. Online education is gaining popularity over the last few years, as it should. I have tried few of them last year and will share my experience with them in this post. Since I am a software developer we are going to focus on the materials related to it. So, here is a list of sites that you should visit before you make you make your choice. The italic text below the title are taken from the respective sites. Editor’s Note: The list is continuously updated as more sites come live and as some of them get closed down 1. Kick-start your programming projects We recently made the content publicly and freely available, so that it can reach and help out more people. JCG Courses 2. We’re the world’s online learning marketplace, where 8 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more. Udemy Grab the deal NOW! 3. Skillshare 4. Achieve your dreams and change the world. Related:  programmingBRAINIT - Social Media

SQL: Inner vs Outer Joins Joins are used to combine the data from two tables, with the result being a new, temporary table. The temporary table is created based on column(s) that the two tables share, which represent meaningful column(s) of comparison. The goal is to extract meaningful data from the resulting temporary table. Joins are performed based on something called a predicate, which specifies the condition to use in order to perform a join. A join can be either an inner join or an outer join, depending on how one wants the resulting table to look. It is best to illustrate the differences between inner and outer joins by use of an example. It’s important to note that the very last row in the Employee table does not exist in the Employee Location table. Outer Joins Let’s start the explanation with outer joins. Subscribe to our newsletter for more free interview questions. In this SQL we are joining on the condition that the employee ID’s match in the rows tables. Inner Joins This can also be written as:

Top 10 Universities With Free Courses Online #1 UC Berkeley Ranked as the #1 public school in the United States, Berkeley offers podcasts and webcasts of amazing professors lecturing. Each course has an RSS feed so you can track each new lecture. For printable assignments and notes you can check the professors homepage, which is usually given in the first lecture or google his name. Even though the notes, homework and tests are not directly printed in the berkeley website, as they are in MIT and other courseware sites, it's not a problem to find them. Visit:Berkeley WebcastsVisit:Berkeley RSS FeedsVisit:UC Berkeley on Google Video Getting The Most From Berkeley Webcasts Berkeley Videos are in .rm format and real player can be a pain. Download:Real Alternative PluginDownload:Media Player Classic For Windows XP/2000Download:Media Player Classic For Windows 98/ME #2 MIT Open Courseware The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked 7th nationally in the United States. Getting the Most Out of MIT OCW Download:Foxit Reader #6 Openlearn

How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot When Discussing Politics Just curious; do you consider attacking the character of a candidate to be an ad hominem? I've been forced to point out on a few occasions lately that right-wing types absolutely love the argument from ignorance fallacy, strawmen, slippery slopes, and - you forgot one, although it's closely related to slippery slope - simple fear-mongering. These all work like a charm on idiots (i.e. Fox News watchers, Rush listeners, Tea Partiers, etc.). Being a lawyer, I sometimes can't resist pointing out that the structure of an argument - prior to even addressing any factual deficiencies or differences in opinion - is simply faulty. Stupid people are stupid people on both sides of the political spectrum, but in my experience the right wing has far more people who actually initially appear intelligent (i.e. high capacity, capability, IQ, etc.) yet nonetheless try to rely on some combination of the above. I realize my bend is showing, but I'm really not an across-the-board Democrat.

625 Free MOOCs from Great Universities (Many Offering Certificates) Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities. Most offer "certificates" or "statements of completion," though typically not university credit. A "$" indicates that the course is free, but the credential costs money. Free Courses Credential Key CC = Certificate of Completion CA = Certificate of Accomplishment HCC - Honor Code Certificate VC$ = Verified Certificate VCA$ = Verified Certificate of Accomplishment SA = Statement of Accomplishment SP$ = Statement of Participation CM = Certificate of Mastery NI - No Information About Certificate Available NC = No Certificate February 2019

The Top 6 Digital Marketing Blogs Every Business Should Bookmark | Digital Marketing Institute by Zara Burke on October 31, 2014 Digital marketing moves at a frightening speed. Often the only way to keep up is to keep on reading. At the Digital Marketing Institute we regularly keep up to date with a few quality blogs – the one’s we know are valuable, reliable, compelling and original. That’s why we’re sharing our six favourite blogs with you so you can bookmark them, stick them in a spreadsheet or share them with your digital marketing friends. 1. What You Can Expect: The best things about Marketing Land is that it features daily breaking news stories about all aspects of the digital marketing industry so you can get most of your digital marketing news from the one place. It’s Super Useful For: Keeping up to date with important upcoming launches and digital marketing announcements and helping you to stay ahead of the competition. 2. Kiss Metrics specialises in analytics, marketing and testing and its blog posts reflect this specialist knowledge. 3. 4. 5. 6. About Zara Burke

9 OpenCV tutorials to detect and recognize hand gestures – Into Robotics The interaction between humans and robots constantly evolve and adopt different tools and software to increase the comfort of humans. In this article, I explore nine tutorials that show you different methods to detect and recognize hand gestures. The OpenCV library is not enough to start your project. The OpenCV is a free and open-source library focused on real-time image processing. Methods to detect the gestures of a hand As you can see in the following tutorials, there are several methods to detect the hand gestures. Another method doesn’t use the color hand; it uses the convexity detection of OpenCV. Hand gesture using OpenCV – using OpenCV 2.4, in this tutorial you can find line by line the code and explanations of a hand gesture recognition program written in C language;OpenCV Python hand gesture recognition – tutorial based on OpenCV software and Python language aiming to recognize the hand gestures.

12 great free online courses Much ado has been made in recent years over the quickly rising cost of healthcare in the United States. But the cost of college tuition and fees has skyrocketed at nearly twice that rate. Going to college today will cost a student 559% more than it did in 1985, on average. In an exciting talk given at TEDGlobal 2012, Stanford professor Daphne Koller explains why she was inspired — alongside fellow professor Andrew Ng — to create Coursera, which brings great classes from top universities online for free. Coursera classes have specific start dates, require students to take quizzes and turn in assignments, as well as allowing professors to customize their course into online chunks rather than simply recording their lectures. Even outside of Coursera, the number of college classes available on a computer screen rather than in a brick-and-mortar lecture hall is staggering. Inspired by Young, below, find 12 courses you could take for a completely free TED degree in Big Ideas.

Make 46 Meals for Under $100 in 4 Hours 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory 1,200+ courses and ebooks Design, code, video editing, business, and much more. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesignGraphic, Logo and Print DesignSketch, Adobe XD & FigmaWordPressJavascript, PHP & PythonAdobe After Effects & Premiere ProMuch More Millions of creative assets Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. Graphic TemplatesStock PhotosMusic TracksVideo TemplatesWeb TemplatesDesign AssetsWordpress Themes & PluginsMuch More 1,200+ courses and ebooks Design, code, video editing, business, and much more. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesignGraphic, Logo and Print DesignSketch, Adobe XD & FigmaWordPressJavascript, PHP & PythonAdobe After Effects & Premiere ProMuch More Millions of creative assets Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. Graphic TemplatesStock PhotosMusic TracksVideo TemplatesWeb TemplatesDesign AssetsWordpress Themes & PluginsMuch More

3 Time-Saving Tips for Sleep-Deprived Digital Marketers | Digital Marketing Institute by Zara Burke on October 9, 2014 Your boss calls you into her office on Monday morning. She’s excited, maybe a little irrational. ‘Have you seen this new digital network? They’re saying it’s groundbreaking. We need to get on it.’ Digital marketing moves at a frightening speed. We’ve created this time-saving list for you to show your boss and help you say no in the most reasonable manner possible. 1. Your motto should be to select the best digital marketing channels and forget the rest, regardless of how much time you have. Don’t worry too much about the emergence of new shiny technologies or social media networks like Elllo. Here’s a Guide to Selecting Your Perfect Digital Channels: Example Customer Insight Breakdown: Twitter Audience Information 2. You know better than anyone else how your daily digital marketing tasks can build up and become a little daunting. A social media dashboard can help you organise and schedule all of your social media posts from the one platform. 3.

Tentative_NumPy_Tutorial - SciPy wiki dump Please do not hesitate to click the edit button. You will need to create a User Account first. Before reading this tutorial you should know a bit of Python. If you would like to refresh your memory, take a look at the Python tutorial. If you wish to work the examples in this tutorial, you must also have some software installed on your computer. These you may find useful: ipython is an enhanced interactive Python shell which is very convenient for exploring NumPy's features matplotlib will enable you to plot graphics SciPy provides a lot of scientific routines that work on top of NumPy NumPy's main object is the homogeneous multidimensional array. For example, the coordinates of a point in 3D space [1, 2, 1] is an array of rank 1, because it has one axis. Numpy's array class is called ndarray. ndarray.ndim the number of axes (dimensions) of the array. ndarray.shape the dimensions of the array. ndarray.size the total number of elements of the array. ndarray.dtype ndarray.itemsize Note Calculates the Best Time to Go to Sleep So You Wake Up Refreshed There is no medical/scientific evidence to support the claims that this app will help. First of all, the "90-minute sleep cycle" idea is just that, an idea. Saying that people experience regular, 90-minute cycles is like saying all people have exactly 1.7 children since that is the national average, when, in fact, NOBODY has exactly 1.7 children. Also, sleep stages very by cycle dramatically, so waking up after 4.5 hours is very different from waking up after 7.5 hours. Finally, there is very little evidence to support the claim that waking up at the "end of a cycle" is any different than any other point in the cycle, especially if its a later cycle that consists mostly of REM and Stage 2 sleep. This is the second sleep-related article in the past couple of weeks on this site that has featured inaccurate, misleading information.

3 Sneaky Tips to Help You Spy on Your Competitors Online | Digital Marketing Institute IE by Zara Burke on September 22, 2014 You’ve been so busy creating, measuring and monitoring your own digital marketing campaigns that you’ve forgotten one teeny, tiny, kind-of-essential element. One sly movement from a crafty competitor can change everything. Now we’re not saying that your competitors are evil (although that’s a distinct possibility). We’re just highlighting the importance of keeping a close eye on the competition to help you benchmark your own progress. We’ve identified three of the best free tools that can help you analyse your competitors’ activities, performance and progress. And for the super sneaky amongst you? HubSpot’s Marketing Grader Marketing Grader is a free tool from HubSpot that gives you an overall marketing score and categorises your results into five key areas: blogging, social media, SEO, lead generation and mobile. Each key category contains a best-practice checklist. Use HubSpot’s free Marketing Grader here: Google Alerts

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