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8 Devices x (web server) Odroid The Odroid is a series of single-board computers and tablet computers created by Hardkernel Co., Ltd., an open-source hardware company located in South Korea. Hardware[edit] Specifications[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] MarsBoard CM-T2 A20 Industrial Grade [CM-T2] - US $42.00 : HAOYU Electronics : Make Engineers Job Easier Description Allwinner T2 is completely compatible with Allwinner T2, T2 is more focused on industrial application, contrary to Allwinner T2 which targets consumer devices such as tablets and TV boxes. CM-T2 is System on Chip module, which contains Allwinner T2 Dual Core Cortex-A7 processor, Power managment Unit AXP209, Ethernet PHY LAN8710A, 1GB DDR3 memory and 8GB NAND Flash. All Allwinner T2 signals are available on 2 connectors x 100 pin and 1 connector x 40 pin with 1.27mm picth. Features SoC – AllWinner T2 ARM Cortex A7 Dual-Core CPU @ 1GHz + Mali-400 GPU System Memory – 1GB DDR3 DRAM, up to 2GB DDR3 DRAM @ 480Mhz Storage – 8GB Nand Flash Ethernet – 10/100 Mbps Connector - 2 connectors x 100pin, 1 connector x 40pin(No welding) Size - 70 x 50mm Package content Documents for more information, you can visit

Rhombus-Tech /etc/network/interfaces Odroid C1 Plus - The Odroid C1 + is the upgraded version of the Odroid C1 The ODroid C1 motherboard has been immensely popular in it's run since the top of the year, thanks partly to great hardware and excellent software support for the small price tag. In mid June the ODroid C1 went globally out of stock with the next production run to be scheduled in early August. Hard Kernel took the opportunity to reinvent the ODroid C1 into something better, something even greater than before. Product Compare (0) Odroid - Show2 The ODROID-SHOW is the Arduino compatible that lets you see what your ODROID or PC is thinking using.. Ex Tax:25.49€ Price:30.59€ Odroid Bluetooth Module 2 The mini USB Bluetooth dongle.CSR8510 A10 Chipset insideSupportsClassic Bluetooth v2.0Bluetooth High.. Ex Tax:6.93€ Price:8.32€ Odroid C1+ Case For those who appreciate the beauty of the naked PCB board – but still want to protect the ODROID-C1.. Ex Tax:5.33€ Price:6.40€ Odroid Heatsink for C1 This heatsink might be useful for who needs the full throttled quad-core performance with ODROID-C1... Odroid VU

39 low-cost boards for embedded Linux application development starting with Raspberry Pi. Want the list? | EDA360 Insider 39 low-cost boards for embedded Linux application development starting with Raspberry Pi. Want the list? Thanks to Google+, I just found this very interesting list of 39 low-cost development boards supporting embedded Linux development. Most of these boards cost less than US $200 and many of them cost less than US $100. Here’s the product list, including the processors used on the boards: Raspberry Pi Model B – Broadcom BCM2835 (ARM11)Rikomagic MK802 – Allwiner A10 (ARM Cortex-A8)Mele A1000 – AllWinner A10 (ARM Cortex-A8)Rhombus-Tech A10 EOMA-68 – AllWinner A10 (ARM Cortex-A8)Gooseberry board – AllWinner A10 (ARM Cortex-A8)A13-OLinuXino – AllWinner A13 (ARM Cortex-A8)VIA APC – Wondermedia WM8650 (ARM11)VIA ARTiGO A1200 – VIA Eden X2 (x86)VIA ARTiGO A1150 – VIA Eden X2 (x86)BeagleBoard Rev. I think there’s probably some significance to the overwhelming presence of ARM processor cores in these boards. The reason for pointing these boards out is because they are the symptom of a trend.

C1 ARM Linux Development Boards This list of Android/Linux development board lists does not intend to be exhaustive. On the contrary, I only plan to list the boards that I find remarkable either by the level of community support, price or features, and I plan to keep the list shorter than 10 boards. For more Linux boards, you can read “List of 39 Low Cost Linux Friendly Boards and Products” and the corresponding comment section. The boards are listed in no particular order. Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is the lowest ARM Linux platform current available, it is based on Broadcom BCM2835 (ARM11) processor and comes in 2 flavors: Model A – 256MB RAM, HDMI & composite out, 1x USB Host, Audio output and SD card slotModel B – Same as Model A, but uses 512MB RAM instead, and comes with one extra USB host port and 10/100Mbit Ethernet Blog Posts: Official URL: Price: Model A: $25, Model B: $35 + tax and shipping Where to Buy: Texas Instruments BeagleBone Black Official URL: Blog Post: