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Smart Home by ARCHOS

Smart Home by ARCHOS

Home Automation & Business Monitoring | ConnectSense Wireless Sensors Home | Awesense bRight Switch: The next generation of wall technology. Get bRight Switch! bRight Switch is a color, touch-screen wall switch that provides simple touch selections for immediate use of lights, security, intercom, Pandora® and Skype®. (Skype and Pandora may be replaced with similar applications available in your country) bRight Switch is the next generation of wall technology for homes around the world. bRight Switch installs in a standard light switch wall opening, either alone or alongside traditional switches. Save 30% or more in Lighting Cost with bRIght Switch's built in Occupancy Sensors.Save 4-9% automatically with bRight Switch's built in Light Dimming features.Save 20% on Lighting Cost by dimming all types of lights.Save 100% by turning off lights not in use through the built in Z-Wave control based timer, time or occupancy features. No More Boring Faceplates The translucent touch buttons are an overlay on the background image of your choice. Smart Switch bRight Switch mounted with custom cover alongside a traditional switch Connected Rooms

Automated Home | Home Automation Systems and Technology Choices The term “Home Automation” encompasses many different areas including Lighting, Heating / Aircon (HVAC), Energy Management, Security / CCTV, AV Distribution and Entertainment. There are a multitude of Home Automation systems available, from budget plugin modules that are easily retro-fitted into existing properties, to professionally designed bespoke installations that require a CI (customer installer or integrator) and structured wiring at time of build. It’s hard to categorise home automation technologies. Some are simply protocols, whether open or closed standards. Others comprise of hardware or software or all of the above. Here’s our guide offering an overview of some of the most popular home automation technologies around. AMX is an all-encompassing high end professional home automation system. Read all our AMX Articles here : Belkin WeMo WeMo is a brand new range of home automation modules from Belkin. Read all our Belkin WeMo Articles here : : Available here

Home automation - Index What is home automation? Home automation means to automate a house. This term can be interpreted very broadly. E.g. the light that switches on when entering the house, is also included. Many people still think of high-tech home automation devices when they hear about home automation but nothing is further from the truth. The all off feature - An application that almost always is implemented is the "all off" function. What is Velbus? Velbus is a very reliable modular home automation system. Quick automation With Velbus it takes only one module to start automating as modules also work with switches directly connected to them. How does Velbus work? A typical arrangement consists of two basic modules: an input and an output module. Why Velbus? Interested? Feel free to contact us without obligations.