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Digital technologies in the classroom and the use of the iPad

Digital technologies in the classroom and the use of the iPad

eLearning Newsletter Issue #30 This week’s best e-Learning articles SubscribeShareShareShareShareShare This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 30) Free Webinar: Designing for Mobile Learning: A Crash Course In this free webinar, Designing for Mobile Learning: A Crash Course, you will experiment with online tools that can help you practice better mLearning design. Join Sarah Gilbert on April 23 at 10:00 AM PT. How Multiple Intelligence Theory Can Be Implemented in eLearning In this article, I will talk about the different ways in which Multiple Intelligence Theory can be implemented in eLearning to help the learner effectively acquire, retain, and utilize the information being provided within the eLearning course. Use Perfect Learning Objectives To Boost The Quality of your e-Learning The best way to create terrible e-Learning is to dump content in an authoring tool (as if it was PowerPoint) add some questions and call it a course. How Much Story Does a Serious Game Need? Are you interested in publishing an eLearning article? eLearning Jobs | Physical Education Ideas, Resources, & Professional Development 10 tasks every iPad classroom should be able to do The Educational and Mobile Learning site highlighted a great step by step iPad task tutorial by the folks over at iSupport. They outline five tasks that “every modern teacher” should be able to do and use in their classrooms. It’s a great list: A PDFA presentationAn interactive bookA podcastA movie I really like how they put together an easy way to see how using iPad tools can lead kids through low level to high levels of thinking and doing. But the list isn’t comprehensive. So I’ve added five extra iPad basic skills that I think every teacher using iPads needs to have: Edit PhotosUsable photos are the basics of many different apps and tasks. What skill or task would you add to the list? Like this: Like Loading...

The P.E Geek | Bridging the gap between Physical Education & ICT...Yep I'm a P.E Geek Creating your own school iPad App I remember when I was a teenager. I know you might think that would be a difficult thing for me to do, what with it being so long ago and all that. It actually wasn’t all that long ago though. Oh how I miss the days of introducing myself to coding with simple lines of basic …and the pummelling I used to give the “N” and “M” keys on Daley Thompson’s Decathalon [find out more here: I remember waiting with baited breath as the cassette (that’s right – cassette!!) So what’s this ramble all about then? As a general rule, I don’t tend to blog too much about what I get up to at School, that’s not really what my blog is about. So what do you need? The first thing that needed to happen was that the student needed to up-skill himself a bit in terms of his ability to code. We knew as well that if we were going to get something on the App store we would need a developer license so that we could put it on to the App store. About the Author

Physical Education Teaching Ideas and Resources | iPads in schools: The right way to do it This was supposed to be the year of the iPad’s crowning triumph in education—its adoption by and distribution throughout the nation’s second-largest school district, Los Angeles. Events haven’t quite turned out as planned. A $1 billion iPad-distribution program that started in the fall has run up against a series of obstacles. Students hacked their way past the tablet’s security; parents raised concerns that they were liable for iPad damage; and the program ran into cost overruns. Put all that together and the result is that officials recalled the iPads while they rethink their plan. “It’s an ambitious project, involving lots of money, so there were probably going to be some problems coming out of the gate,” said Michael Janofsky, managing editor of L.A. It’s no boon to Apple that its highest-profile iPad implementation in public schools has also been its most problematic. But it’s also true that teachers and students around the world are already using the iPad to good effect.

5 Ideas for the One iPad Classroom I am excited to be part of a plan to roll out iPads to all teachers in my school this spring. All classroom teachers in our schools will be getting an iPad, an Apple TV for projection and a stand to utilize the device as a document camera. The initial goal of this one iPad classroom is to allow wireless mirroring of an iPad through the projector in the classroom. This will add some interactivity and recording capabilities. I can think of many good ways to utilize this iPad equipped classroom, but of course, this is not yet something I have gotten my hands on so my depth of knowledge and experience has a lot of room for growth. iPad Anchor Activities Make efficient use of instructional time by taking advantage of the projection device to capture students’ attention during transitions and provide a focus for discussion or to prompt writing, blogging would be a good fit. Project videosProject the newsProject an image of the day. Virtual Field Trips on the iPad Create Video on the iPad