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Mindly Makes Mind Mapping Simple and Beautiful on Small Screens

Mindly Makes Mind Mapping Simple and Beautiful on Small Screens

Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool | tricider How to Use Mind Maps to Unleash Your Brain's Creativity and Potential How to Make a Mind Map The 'Laws of Mind Mapping' were originally devised by Tony Buzan when he codified the use of imagery, colour and association and coined the phrase 'Mind Mapping'. In the intervening 30 plus years, there have been many variations on the original 'Mind Map ' and the widespread usage of mapping software of various sorts, has dramatically changed what is possible. >> Click here to go to a video that provides a rapid (99 second) overview of how to Mind Map. (Note that you will be asked for your e-mail address so that you can view the video free of charge). The summary below is based on Buzan's structure (a 'Mind Mapping, how to' - details available in his many books) but we believe that whilst this structure is great for establishing well structured maps that can be used in many different ways, variations on these rules or 'laws' are often sensible and appropriate - as long as they are based on an understanding of why the laws exist and what they are trying to help the mind mapper to achieve.

Mindnode – an excellent mindmapping tool Ever find yourself stumped for ideas? You know, when you’re just sitting there staring at a blank computer screen having no idea where to start on your essay or project? Try mindmapping. It really helps. Mindmapping gets your thoughts out on paper and arranges them in a non linear form. This usually sparks a new way of thinking. Mindmapping works very well when creating targeted do lists. Mindnode Pro for the Mac is an excellent app for brainstorming which uses the concept of nodes for each new thought and really stimulates thinking. Mindnode is also available for the iPad and iPhone and syncs with Mindnode Pro. All in all, MindNode has the potential to dramatically transform a brainstorming session by creating meaningful breakthroughs in thinking. Below is an excellent (1 minute) video that demonstrates brainstorming using the application

Popplet Mind Maps | Free Online Mind Map Tool | ExamTime Delve Deeper Don't stay on the surface - go beyond it. GoConqr’s Mind Mapping tool not only allows you to produce clear learning content, it also lets you delve a little deeper by attaching snippets that you can fill with informative notes, pictures, video or links to other resources. You can maintain a simple visual overview while easily accessing relevant content with more depth to provide context. MindMaps are just one of the features that lets you create highly appealing learning material by giving you total control over visual elements such as colour, font type and size, as well as the option to include images. Source more material and get inspired by the 9 million learning resources in the GoConqr library. Explore Them Now Press Space or double-click to edit This operation requires a valid MindMup Gold License. Export, save and embed larger maps using MindMup Gold. We have sent a temporary access code to your e-mail. Please wait, your license is being restored We could not find that email or username. If you are a new user select I want to sign up, or go Back to provide a different email. Please wait, sending the access code to your e-mail The code you entered was rejected. If you think this is an error, please email us at This operation is not authorised under your current MindMup Gold License. Click on Log Out to change the active license in this browser or View Subscription to see your subscription details and renew it. If you think that this is an error, please send us an e-mail at This license is invalid or expired Click on Log Out to change the active license in this browser. This license server is unavailable at the moment. A subscription has not been purchased for this license. Please try again later.

Mind Mapping Software Key Features: Easy-to-use with MS Office Interface Templates, Examples and Video Tutorials Award Winning MS Office Integration Optimized for Project Planning Built-in Gantt Chart and Timeline Collaboration Options PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Mind Mapping Software for Productivity Why should I pay for mind mapping software? It’s simple – you get what you pay for! MindView has the industry’s best Microsoft Office integration available for mind mapping software. Professionally designed Word, PowerPoint and Excel export templates allow you to convert your mind map into a polished presentation with the click of a mouse. Learn more about MindView's MS Office Integration Mind Mapping Software for Project Management Whether you are looking to optimize the initial planning stage or make Gantt Charts easier to overview, MindView is the right Mind Mapping Software for you! Learn more about MindView's Project Management Features Mind Mapping Software for Collaboration Want to be 20% more effective?

Mind Mapping software from Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps Mind42: Free online mind mapping software Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online