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Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)

Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)

I can't apologize enough. on the Behance Network Artist David Fullarton was born in Scotland and currently resides in San Francisco. His experiences in both places inspired him to create a series of mixed media drawings which highlight a key difference in those cultures. "Although I’m British," says Fullarton, "I’ve lived in the USA for the last 17 years, which means I come from a place where everyone constantly apologizes for everything, and I live in a place where no one ever apologizes for anything." The series, which he has been working on for the past two years, depicts people apologizing for an array of reasons—some humorously benign while others are melancholic or even caustically indignant. His work is an exploration of the possibilities of the contextless phrase, and a provocation to think about the larger narrative in which the apologies were based in.

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time We've researched the entire history of April Fool's Day and selected its top 100 hoaxes ever, as judged by creativity, historical significance, the number of people duped, and notoriety. The first version of this list was created in the late 1990s. Over the years it's been revised a number of times, based upon reader feedback and ongoing research. The most recent major revision occurred in March 2015. Other April Fool resources at the Museum include: the April Fool Archive (a year-by-year archive of the entire history of the celebration), the Origin of April Fool's Day, the April Fool FAQ, and the Top 10 Worst April Fools Ever.

Bound By Tradition On 20 October 1998, the Zhiqiang Shoe Factory in Harbin, China sent out a press release stating that they were officially halting production of a curious variety of footwear known as “lotus shoes.” This announcement may appear pedestrian to Western eyes, but in a way it was a symbolic epitaph for a bizarre custom which had been in practice in parts of China for about a thousand years: a process known as foot binding. Until the mid-twentieth century, a girl born into an affluent family in China was almost certain to be taken aside sometime in her first few years to begin a process of sculpting her feet into tiny, pointed “lotus” feet. This body modification was intended to attract suitors and flaunt one's upper-crusty status. Generations of trial and error led practitioners of foot binding to master the craft of twisting and reshaping a young girl's sole. To begin the foot binding process, the foot binder would gently soak the child's feet in a solution of animal blood and herbs.

The 20 Most Bizarre and Disturbing Food Dishes on the Planet Tastes are not to be debated and this is nothing but a common sense remark. When it comes to food, it’s not just a stereotype that most women have a sweet tooth and that men love a fresh grilled steak, but what about more exotic things? Here is a collection of 20 of the most disturbing dishes ever served, all over the world. Disgusting or not, most are very healthy, with a lot of protein and throughout the history some have saved many lives from starvation. But nowadays, are they really needed or is it a cultural thing? Road Trip Cambodia: Itsy Bitsy Spiders In Cambodia the habit of eating fried tarantulas began during a period of starvation in history, but nowadays they are considered to be quite a delicacy. Balut, Phillippines Balut is a “snack” consisting in a half-fertilized duck or chicken egg, served with a little salt after being boiled. Snake and Scorpion Wine Cobra Heart, Vietnam Birds Nest Soup, China The saliva of the birds give this soup its unicity. Baby Mice Wine Tuna Eyeball

JFK's Funeral: Rare and Unpublished LIFE Magazine Photos From Arlington Cemetery, November 1963 Five decades later, the assassination of John F. Kennedy remains one of the few utterly signal events from the second half of the 20th century. Other moments — some thrilling (the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall), others horrifying (the killings of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, the Challenger explosion) — have secured their places in the history books and, even more indelibly, in the memories of those who witnessed them. But nothing in the latter part of “the American century” defined an era as profoundly as the rifle shots that split the warm Dallas air on November 22, 1963, and the sudden death of the 46-year-old president. There was Camelot — a media construct, of course, but a rarity in that it actually resonated with so many people, everywhere — and then there was the somber, profoundly uncertain period after Camelot. Here, offers a gallery of photographs (some never published in LIFE magazine) from the funeral held mere days after John F.

The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth (Part 2) In Cracked's continuous effort to make your local haunted house look like a boring pile of dog turds, we once again present the creepiest real places on Earth. Whether it's due to their bizarre histories, suspicious coincidences or good ol' human insanity, these are the locations even the die-hardest of atheists wouldn't venture into without a crucifix and a Super Soaker full of Pope-blessed water. Located smack in the middle of a swamp in the heart of Aztec country is the popular tourist destination La Isla de las Munecas, or Island of the Dolls, a name missing at least two adjectives and the word "fucking." "Seriously, Pablo? Not that he'd do that, right? Oh. The legend goes that years ago a small girl drowned in the canals near the island, and not long after her death, Barrera found her corpse doll floating in the water. One that will cost tourists sleep for decades. Guess we'll never know. Also, sleep soundly no more. A documentary that 38 percent of our readers found "comforting."

Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry. These foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them. Actually, there’s a whole market out there for miniature food. Not actual stuff you can eat, but beautifully hand made designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs and pretty much food artworks you can think of. Comments comments People Are Awesome: The Coffee Shop Where Everyone Pays for Everyone Else's Drinks - News The main conceit of the 2000 Kevin Spacey film Pay It Forward is that if one person does a kindness for three strangers, and those three people each do kindnesses for three strangers, and so on, one person can change the world. Rarely do we see this acted out in the real world the way it was cinematically—one scene finds a man giving away his brand-new Jaguar to a guy having car troubles—but on a smaller scale, these sorts of random niceties happen far more often than you might think. Today, it's selflessness at a small coffee house in Bluffton, South Carolina. It all started two years ago at Corner Perk, a small, locally owned coffee shop, when a customer paid her bill and left $100 extra, saying she wanted to pay for everyone who ordered after her until the money ran out. The staff fulfilled her request, and the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has returned to leave other large donations every two to three months. "People will come in and say, 'What do you mean?

Zoom sur les boîtes La mémoire douloureuse; 93 x 73 x 13. Sous la Grande Place; 117 x 80 x 15,5. Remplissage du cerveau; 67 x 46 x 10. L'usine à bonheur; 67x70x14 Maintenance de la chaudière; 60 x 46 x 11 Chantier abandonné; 35,5 x 56 x 8 Boîte à l'échafaudage; 40 x 60 x 10 Collection privée. L'aspirateur à mémoire n° 5; L'aspirateur à mémoire n° 6; L'entrepôt ; 30 x 40 x 40 Quelques détails photographies Michel Dubois Zone de transit; 122 x 150 x 18. L'atelier du Gouverneur 4; 77 x 122 x 16. La mine; 140 x 120 x 16 . Grande boîte blanche; 130x130x11. Transfusion aux momies; 101x64x11 Le grand digérant 3; 97x46x17 Le pillage des livres; 80 x 34 x 11,5 Usine pour faire oublier; 120x60x15 . Le grand digérant 2; 117x42x16,5 Le grand départ; 120 x 60 x 13. Boîte dite au grand tamis; 125 x 122 x 18. Embarcadère au ciel étoilé; 45 x 45 x 15 Bibliothèque centrale; Bureau des expéditions; 75 x 60 x 13. Library as a mine; 120 x 95 x 18 Boîte à censure; 18 x 95 x 60 Scène de crime; Boîte 88 x 92 x 10 (Marc Giai-Miniet) et 4 dessins 38 x 30,5 (Loustal).

The Girl That Snuck Into a Russian Rocket Factory The internet is quickly becoming smitten with a young photographer/urban explorer who broke into an unguarded rocket facility in Russia. Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo writes: Her name is Lana Sator and she snuck into one of NPO Energomash factories outside of Moscow. Her photos are amazing, like sets straight out of Star Wars or Alien. Now the Russian government is harassing her. It was easy to get in. And yet, she found nobody. While some of these zones look decrepit and abandoned, the factory is active. Large, beautiful photos from Lana’s adventure at the rocket factory, along with a scanned letter from the authorities warning her of the dire consequences, can be seen at her LJ. [via Michael Doyle / Marina Galperina / FrumiousBandersnatch] Buttered Beere 1588 Recipe Small Goblets Of Buttered Beere From A 1588 Tudor Recipe This is an authentic Tudor Buttered Beere (Butter Beer) recipe from 1588 and a rich, creamy ale (beer) is called for – but don’t get an ale which is too sweet, as we are adding in sugar as well as egg yolks. The best ales (beer) to buy are traditional ‘real-ales’ (or cask conditioned ales) from a British brewery with a good reputation (see the end of the post for recommendations). Most British ales (traditional beer) of this high quality are now exported world-wide – while more modern beers, such as ‘lager’ are not recommended. This Tudor recipe for Buttered Beere is the oldest recorded instance of Butter Beer and it is authentically drunk warm, which is an acquired taste; but it is well worth trying. Recipe Ingredients: 1500 ml (3 bottles) of good quality British ‘ale’1/4 tsp ground ginger1/2 tsp ground cloves1/2 tsp ground nutmeg200g demerara (natural brown) sugar5 egg yolks (yolks only are needed)100g unsalted butter (diced)

Things People Said: Courtroom Quotations The following quotations are taken from official court records across the nation, showing how funny and embarrassing it is that recorders operate at all times in courts of law, so that even the slightest inadvertence is preserved for posterity. Lawyer: "Was that the same nose you broke as a child?"Witness: "I only have one, you know." Lawyer: "Now, Mrs. Accused, Defending His Own Case: "Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?" The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail. Lawyer: "What is your date of birth?" Lawyer: "Can you tell us what was stolen from your house?" Lawyer: "What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?" Lawyer: "Can you describe what the person who attacked you looked like?" Lawyer: "This myasthenia gravis -- does it affect your memory at all?" Lawyer: "How old is your son, the one living with you?" Lawyer: "What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke that morning?" Lawyer: "Sir, what is your IQ?" Lawyer: "Mr.

29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work You don’t always have to work hard to be productive. Productivity can simply be the side effect of doing the right things. So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoiding ‘real work.’ Check delicious popular tags like ‘useful,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘tips,’ ‘howto,’ ‘advice,’ ‘entrepreneurship,’ etc. for interesting, educational articles to read.Watch one of the thousands of educational videos streaming at, Academic Earth and Teacher Tube.Read an online book list and find a new book to grab next time I’m at the library. Here’s another list. Oh, and ever since I bought my new (super sexy) Apple iPad , I’ve been enjoying all of these sites on the go and catching looks from almost everyone who passes me while I browse. So what kind of semi-productive things do you do online in your off-time? Photo by: Colorblind Picaso Party Casino Related 30 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less April 19, 2012 In "Happiness" We're all way too busy.

What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die “Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list. It quickly inspired me to create my own list and write an article about it at the same time. What’s a Bucket List? If you haven’t heard about the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. Why Create a Bucket List? If you don’t live your days by personal goals and plans, chances are you spend most of your time caught up in a flurry of day-to-day activities. Even if you frequently live by goals or to-do lists, they are probably framed within a certain social context e.g. performance, career, health. It’s just like planning ahead all the highlights you want for YOUR whole life. To get the free ebook, enter your name & email: Create Your Bucket List 1. How about you? 2.