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Wake Up and Mutate

Wake Up and Mutate

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The Science Of Entanglement & The Illusion Of Separation – SAND 2014 With great gratitude I found myself with like-minded scientists and thought leaders at this year’s Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) where a common ground was sought between neuroscientists, physicists and the consciousness community. This year’s theme was “Entanglement” and recognition that “when science drills down into the core of even the most solid-looking object, separateness dissolves, and all that remains are relationships extending throughout and possibly beyond, space and time.” What is so interesting about SAND is the confluence of the nondualists who simply attribute EVERYTHING to consciousness without a need for science, and those among us whose minds still seek “answers” and for whom a scientific “explanation” makes things land more deeply.

Changa by Graham Hancock One recent evening six sovereign adults, taking full responsibility for their own consciousness and their own bodies, gathered for sacred ceremony with changa, a herbal mixture rich in monamine oxidase inhibitors and infused with the forbidden fruit of DMT. I was one of those adults and the two bowls I smoked were respectively my twelfth and thirteenth journeys with inhaled DMT. I have done regular work with DMT over the years in its incarnation in the Ayahuasca brew, more than 50 journeys since 2003, but as everybody who chooses to explore these realms knows, drinking Ayahuasca is special, there is usually a fair degree of negotiation with the brew, the experience is drawn out over several hours and the loving spirit of the vine, Gaian mother of our planet, is the guiding hand. I am happy to say that the two bowls of changa I smoked a few evenings ago treated me much more gently.

RiYL podcast 039: Generation Hex author Jason Louv Recommended if You Like is Boing Boing's weekly podcast of Brian Heater's cafe conversations with musicians, cartoonists, writers, and other creative types. When the next generation finds itself knee-deep in an occult revival, who better to call that Jason Louv. My two-time former roommate swung by New York City a while back to teach the kids in Bushwick a thing or two about magic. Louv has written a number books on the subject, including 2005's Generation Hex for Disinfo. His most recent volume, Monsanto vs. the World: The Monsanto Protection Act, GMOs and Our Genetically Modified Future, explores his newfound fascination with the genetically modified organisms of Monsanto. This episode of RiYL is brought to you by:

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The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio & Fibonacci Numbers Solfeggio tones create music to calm an overactive mind and send us towards connecting with the divine. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. Carl Jung’s Psychological Diagnosis Using Mandalas Mandalas have been used in many ancient cultures like Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American, Australian Aboriginal as a symbol of the universe and wholeness. Literally speaking, mandala is a geometrical form – a square or a circle – abstract and static, or a vivid image formed of objects and/or beings. It’s a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our connection with the infinite.

25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven't Seen Pt. 2 Human Traffic Very unique comedy about the drug/club culture in the UK. Five friends ponder society, drug use and their own lives as they go about their usual weekend of snorting, smoking, popping, dancing and sex. The Matador Pierce Brosnan plays an assassin going through a mid-life crisis as he approached retirement.

We Deserve a Future - Jason Louv Overpopulation. Resource scarcity. These are the problems that underly all the wars, plagues, famine and, in many cases, disease. I believe that, ultimately, we will be faced with only two solutions to these problems: to get more resources and places for people to live, or to get less people. Space migration or genocide. Encouraging the first, and averting the second, will require progress towards a more cohesive, unified world.

Perth Summer Road Trip Series Project We're going on a road trip – a whole bunch of 'em, and all thanks to the good people at Hertz, who are making life easier for 21–24 year old 'Young Renters' wanting to hire a car. The revival of an ancient science At the other end of the scientific spectrum of contemporary science an ancient science is being restored. For ages it has been preserved carefully. It is more or less an art form and it is called ‘sacred geometry’. Why sacred, what is so sacred about geometry? In spiritual mystery-schools of the past it was taught that sacred geometry has been used by God to create the universe. We now know that sacred geometry contains many mysterious elements that elegantly describe many phenomena such as the growth of plants, the proportions of the human body, the orbit of the planets, light, the structure of crystals, music.

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