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ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
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EZ Farms & Fish -- Organic Aquaponic Gardening in the SF Bay Area, East Bay, Dublin, Pleasanton, CA Heritage Breeds Conservancy, Inc. NOFANJ Home Page NYSERDA - Welcome To Power Naturally Natural Insect Control Clicking on ants will take you to another page. {*style:<b>Aphids: </b>*}For aphid control we carry: 1600 X-Clude , Diatomaceous Earth , Garden Dust Insecticide/Fungicide , Ants "farm" aphids often keeping them in their nest during winter, then bringing them out in spring and placing them on the host plant. The ants eat the honeydew the aphids produce and move them from plant to plant spreading any diseases that are present. Green lacewings, ladybugs and their respective larvae have a voracious appetite for aphids. Anise, chives, coriander (cilantro), garlic, onions, petunias and radish. Squashing a few aphids around the infested plants releases a chemical signal that makes the other aphids drop from the plants and leave. To foil aphids: flatten a square of aluminum foil around the base of plants to bounce light on the undersides of leaves. Try a barrier of powdered charcoal, calcium dust or bonemeal to keep them away from your plants. A dusting of diatomaceous earth is lethal to aphids.

Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems Welcome to the American Poultry Association Home Page Consumer Energy Center - Information for the consumer about Saving Energy from the California Energy Commission

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