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10 Principles Of Effective Web Design - Smashing UX Design

10 Principles Of Effective Web Design - Smashing UX Design
Advertisement Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who clicks the mouse and therefore decides everything, user-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. After all, if users can’t use a feature, it might as well not exist. We aren’t going to discuss the implementation details (e.g. where the search box should be placed) as it has already been done in a number of articles; instead we focus on the main principles, heuristics and approaches for effective web design — approaches which, used properly, can lead to more sophisticated design decisions and simplify the process of perceiving presented information. Please notice that you might be interested in the usability-related articles about 10 Usability Nightmares1 and 30 Usability Issues2 we’ve published before,we’ll cover more principles of effective design in our following posts. 1.

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6 Tips for a Great Flex UX: Part 5 By Theresa Neil Since the book focuses on rich interactions, I want to spend some time on Adobe Flex/AIR. These tips are based on the best Flex resources I have found, and how you can use them to craft a great user experience. This is part 5 of 6: * Play With It: 10 Explorers & Galleries * Learn From the Best: 10 Great Flex Apps * Learn From the Rest: 10 Great RIAs * Stock Your Toolbox: 40+ Custom Flex Controls * Review Usability Best Practices * Avoid Common Mistakes: 10 Anti-Patterns Don’t forget the usability basics.

24 ways: How to Make Your Site Look Half-Decent in Half an Hour Programmers like me are often intimidated by design – but a little effort can give a huge return on investment. Here are one coder’s tips for making any site quickly look more professional. I am a programmer. I am not a designer. Design for Transcendence Transcendent design takes us above and beyond the initial experience. Transcendence is simply a word. We have a shared understanding of it, but the context that resonates with me is when design goes beyond ordinary limits to ultimately impact our behavior on a mass scale. While it’s critical that we target specific behaviors for our design solutions, it’s equally critical that we don’t fixate on those insights—after all, even if they are gleaned from such practices as contextual inquiry, they are ultimately just well founded assumptions.

12 Useful Techniques For Good User Interface Design - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Last week, we presented 10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques, the first part of our review of useful design trends in modern Web applications. Among other things, we highlighted embedded video blocks, specialized controls and context-sensitive navigation.

Building a library Web site Strategies for success At the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries, we kicked off a Web site redesign project in late January 2010 and launched our new site in mid-August. We started our project the way most of us had seen it happen before—with a committee of 15 people.

5 Elements That Make A Good Website Today’s Internet users are more particular than ever. Web surfers are not only looking for sites packed full of useful information, but sites that satisfy a need in a compelling and attractive format. A good website provides visitors with something they need in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Below are a few things you should try to incorporate into the design of your website as you seek to turn casual visitors into serious customers. Smashing UX Design - Usability, UX design and Information Architecture Articles Category: UX Design This category features quality articles on usability, information architecture, interaction design and other user experience (UX) related topics – for digital (Web, mobile, applications, software) and physical products. Through these articles, experts and professionals share with you their valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines, recommended best practices and great case studies. Curated by Chui Chui Tan. . Popular tags in this category: Freebies, Web Design, Techniques, Inspiration, Business A Guide To Validating Product Ideas With Quick And Simple Experiments

Five More Principles Of Effective Web Design - Smashing UX Design Advertisement Web design has significantly improved over the last years. It’s more user-friendly and more appealing today — and there is a good reason behind it: over the years we’ve found out that design with focus on usability and user experience is just more effective. Creating Library Websites with Joomla: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right by Ellen Bahr and Matt Speed Introduction Alfred University is a small comprehensive university in western New York with a student population of about 2,400. Herrick Memorial Library serves the College of Business, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School. LSCR: How to design a good website Good website design isn't just about pretty colors, groovy graphics, and knocking out code with software like Dreamweaver. While a terrible look can certainly kill a site, even the fanciest design can't help a site that doesn't provide reliable information of value to visitors in a sensible and easy-to-use format. Good website design requires substantial planning, and takes into consideration not just visual design but also content, tone and the way information is arranged, as well as accessibility and usability for people with varying degrees of ability. None of these things are developed in isolation: all of them ideally support one another.

HTML Edition - Smashing Magazine Initially, the Smashing Book #2 was supposed to contain more chapters, but because most of our contributors delivered (much) more content than the book’s size could accommodate, we couldn’t include them all. So, we release four chapters as a free bonus eBook, called “The Lost Files”. Table of Content The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes “Good design must necessarily, in my opinion, have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small. Good design changes things.”Garr Reynolds Designing wireframes the right way the first time costs no more than doing it the wrong way. Creating a paper prototype adds no cost either; simply print out the wireframe diagrams for the pages a visitor will use to complete the tasks most closely related to achieving his goals and meeting the site's business objectives.

A Library in Your Pocket In Vermont, it was easy to ignore the mobile computing craze until 2009. Before that, AT&T didn’t have a presence here, so we couldn’t purchase iPhones in the state. That all changed last year, and now, barely a day goes by that I don’t see someone checking e-mail, texting, or browsing the web on their iPhone. With the growth of the Android phone market, which uses a Google-based operating system, there are even more options for mobile computing that appeal to mainstream consumers. Mobile devices are becoming difficult for libraries to ignore. In 2009, one-third of all Americans accessed the web through a cell phone or smartphone and 4.1 billion text messages were sent daily. Persuasion: Applying the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Design Persuasion is part of every aspect of our lives. Politicians want our vote, businesses want us to buy their products, and people want us to like them. Even altruistic nonprofits want us to change our behaviors around environmental issues and public safety, or give them our money to help fight hunger and disease (the nerve!).

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