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A Dude Trying To Ban Abortions Is Asked A Question He Never Considered. It's So Obvious It Hurts.

A Dude Trying To Ban Abortions Is Asked A Question He Never Considered. It's So Obvious It Hurts.
Rachel Maddow: Al Jazeera English just made a really good documentary in which they interviewed a state legislator from Ohio. This guy is a co-sponsor of a bill in Ohio to dramatically roll back the time in which a woman is allowed to have an abortion in that state. So he gets interviewed by Al Jazeera and he tells Al Jazeera in the interview that what he really wants is for there to be no legal abortion at all in Ohio except to save a woman's life. Then, this is the important part, watch what happens next. Watch what happens after he says that with the follow-up question here from the reporter. This is kind of amazing, watch: Reporter: What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion? State Rep. Rachel Maddow: Why would a woman want an abortion? There may be small errors in this transcript.

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Don't Ask Hillary Clinton About Abortion If You Can't Handle Her Answer Rep. Christopher Smith: My question, is the Obama Administration seeking in any way, to weaken or overturn pro-life laws and policies in African and Latin American countries either directly, or through multi-lateral organizations, including and especially the United Nations, African Union, or the OAS, or by way of funding NGO's like Planned Parenthood? Secondly, and so we can have total transparency, you know, as a former law maker, we always have definition pages when we write legislation. Definitions do matter. Does the United State definition of the term "reproductive health", or "reproductive services"', or "reproductive rights" include abortion?

A Guy Hung An Offensive Sign Around His Neck To Make A Solid Point. And … It Worked. Morning. Can I give you some info? Morning sir. Shame And Stigma: What A 3-Minute Video Can Teach Us About Anti-Choice Media Part of the past success of the anti-choice movement has been using the media to convince Americans that abortion is gross and dangerous. As Amanda Marcotte has explained, the anti-choice movement loves to focus particularly on third-trimester abortions, "because they are especially disgusting": ...and therefore make a good cudgel to attack all abortion rights. The Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Students Will Receive $38,056 for Emotional Suffering The cop who mercilessly doused peaceful, seated protesters with pepper spray recently claimed he has psychological injuries from the incident and demanded workman’s compensation. And California is granting it to him. The University of California, Davis — a tax funded college — will pay the fired assailant $38,056 to ease his emotional suffering.

The “Pro-Life” Movement: Dangerous, Selfish, Lazy So…362 anti-abortion bills were proposed in 2011, and over 350 have been proposed so far for 2012. Anybody else getting nervous? You’ve probably noticed that Planned Parenthood, a sexual health services provider for millions of people living in the USA, has come under an extreme political attack. Deal is Reached to Ease Tension in East Ukraine Photo GENEVA — The United States, , and the reached an agreement on Thursday evening that called for armed pro-Russian bands in eastern Ukraine to surrender the government buildings they have seized and that outlined other steps to defuse a crisis that has rattled the international community. The diplomatic accord, while limited in scope, represented the first time Russia and Ukraine had found common ground since protests toppled a pro-Moscow government in Kiev, leading the Kremlin to annex the Crimean Peninsula and threaten other parts of Ukraine with 40,000 troops on its border. The deal came hours after Ukrainian security forces killed three pro-Russian activists in a firefight. But neither President Obama in Washington nor President Vladimir V. Putin in Moscow signaled that the crisis over Ukraine was over.

20-Week Abortion Ban in Nebraska and Oklahoma: When Does a Fetus Feel Pain? <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" International News</a> Copy Danielle Deaver was 22 weeks pregnant when her water broke and doctors gave her a devastating prognosis: With undeveloped lungs, the baby likely would never survive outside the womb, and because all the amniotic fluid had drained, the tiny growing fetus slowly would be crushed by the uterus walls. What Malaysia Flight 370 Reminded Us About the World  You know the story. On the night of March 8th, a giant Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing shortly before midnight. By 1:40 a.m., just two hours later, the plane and all 239 passengers on board vanished. Why I Have No Regrets About Sharing My Abortion Video Last week Emily Letts talked to about her abortion video. Within 48 hours, the story had gone viral and Emily found herself in the middle of a media circus. She hasn’t been back to work at Cherry Hill Women’s Center, where she is an abortion counselor, because the task of responding to all the media attention — and criticism — has become her full-time job. Letts talks to Cosmo again to reflect on becoming an Internet sensation and to clear up a few misconceptions about her story. Setting up the taping in the way that you did and choosing to talk to Cosmopolitan about it were very deliberate moves in terms of calling attention to the video.

Occupy Amazon: Elizabeth Warren, Thomas Piketty, Michael Lewis Books Surging Online If Amazon's top-sellers list is any indication, Americans are fed up with rising income inequality. As of Thursday evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new memoir, A Fighting Chance, is the number two best-selling book on Amazon, trailing only Thomas Piketty's Capital In The Twenty-First Century. South Carolina: Swell for fetuses, less so for victims of domestic violence [Trigger warning for domestic violence] In Florida, Stand Your Ground was used as the foundation of George Zimmerman’s defense after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. In South Carolina, it was used to defend a man who walked out of the house with a gun to confront “women thugs” who had threatened his daughter; he ended up shooting a teenage boy in his car instead.

When People Say, ‘If You Don’t Like It Here, Go To Another Country,’ I’d Love To Offer This One President Olafur Grimsson: There are, of course many reasons why Iceland has recovered earlier and more effectively than any other European economy that suffered from the financial crisis. But there are two fundamental dimensions to how we did it differently from others. The first is, we did not follow the prevailing orthodoxies of the Western financial world, the so-called Washington consensus of the last thirty years.

Pregnant women aren’t being arrested to protect their fetuses Lately, articles have been circulating about the control and punishment of pregnant people for crimes like fetal homicide or assault on a fetus, an issue that we’ve been talking about here for years. In these stories, women are arrested or incarcerated for ignoring doctor’s orders, using illegal drugs while pregnant, or even for experiencing uncontrollable health conditions like miscarriage. Lawmakers are justifying these actions as necessary to protect “unborn life” but, as we saw in the recent case of the Wisconsin woman who landed in jail without prenatal care for 17 days, these laws are not necessarily achieving their stated goal and are instead functioning to oppress women. In their powerful New York Times op-ed last month, authors Lynn M. Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin list stories in which women are arrested for seemingly arbitrary or unpreventable causes of miscarriage or still birth.

What Happens When 3 Black Women Ask People To Touch Their Hair? All things black. All things black, here. So we're here to...