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Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs

Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs
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StartupNation Home » StartupNation Why Convertible Notes Are Sometimes Terrible For Startups Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Mark Suster (@msuster), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at GRP Partners. Read more about Suster on his Startup Advice blog: Both Sides of the Table Ah. I applaud all efforts by people to take on this issue and especially be Adeo who – let’s be honest – was really the first champion of trying to make the VC world more transparent by launching TheFunded, which didn’t exactly endear him to VCs initially. My initial reaction to Adeo when we spoke was that while it may have solved some issues (debt versus equity) it didn’t solve the ones that I’ve been warning entrepreneurs about most loudly. To better understand the arguments for / against convertible equity I suggest you read my posts on those topics: So let me weigh in more loudly than in the past. “What if I took some of the worst, most egregious terms in a standard term sheet and made them the defacto standard in most convertible debt deals? Yup. But how? I think both points-of-view were a bit naive. Yup! 1.

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emprendeGO - Un concurso de ideas innovadoras. Una apuesta por el emprendedor. Startup Tips From Serial Entrepreneur Loic Le Meur For those who follow emerging technology, serial entrepreneur Loic Le Meur is a household name. In 1999, he sold his first technology company, RapidSite, to France Telecom. Following a successful exit, he jumped back in with Tekora in 2000. In 2003, he purchased Ublog, a French blog hosting company and merged it with Six Apart in 2004. He started Le Web, a conference that he says "brings Silicon Valley to Europe." "Sometimes you try to be successful at one thing, and [you] focus on that, and then success happens somewhere else," Loic says. Loic's most recent venture is Seesmic, which he started in 2007 after moving to San Francisco.

Strategyzer: Your Business Model Toolbox Watch Your Widgets There is great leadership thought around the possibilities that may exist for real estate widgets or apps. Very small teams of developers may be able to invent fantastic software that fills a diverse set of niche needs across the real estate industry. One cannot help but to be amazed at the explosion of applications for the iPhone or the Android or other mobile devices. Bringing that type of creativity to the Million-strong real estate community is very viable. Contrast this open product universe with the perceived monopolies of our industry today. Here is the rub… Have you ever noticed what happens when you put an app on your iPhone? Think for a moment about the “private and confidential” data that REALTORS® and the MLS handle. Help Me! Ever call for support on an app that you downloaded to your phone? Kudos to Apple and Spark I must submit a kudo to Apple. It is no wonder that neither CoreLogic or LPS have opened up the widget gallery in Fusion or reInsight to third party developers.

visual insights for social media What’s the use of these aesthetic visualizations? Visualisations are not only about beauty. One third of our brain is used for visual interpretation. Why do we use data visualization instead of statistics? Data visualization provides you with more immediate insights than abstract statistics because visual patterns allow a more intuitive comprehension. Do you offer key Indicators? No. How can I interprete the visual patterns I see? What you see is your own very individual social media environment. What’s the main use of visalyze? The multiple functions of visalyze can be used in a very individual way. Do you sell my data? No. Is visalyze a keyword-based monitoring tool for social media? The answer is No, because the result of keyword-based social media monitoring is a set of complicated configurations and meaning less statistics that offer no comparable values. Is visalyze a social media management tool? visalyze is no conventional content overkill social media management tool. Not for now.

Documentación clave - Descargas gratis de Plantillas y Modelos de Cartas - Suscríbete a la revista, te ahorrarás un 20% y recibirás 12 números por sólo 28,80 euros. Accede a nuestro Quiosco Digital y disfruta de la revista en tu tableta, estés donde estés. Lo mejor de Emprendedores en tu correo. ¿Te vas a resistir? Date de alta en nuestra Newsletter, y descárgate gratis el ‘Manual práctico del emprendedor’. 37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business What Works in Silicon Valley Doesn’t Work Everywhere – And What You Can Do About It The Lean Startup Conference hosted an amazing webinar today called Beyond Silicon Valley: Applying Lean Startup Around the Globe. Justin Wilcox, Takashi Tsutsumi (aka “The Steve Blank of Japan”), and I shared our experiences helping entrepreneurs worldwide apply Lean Startup principles. Video streaming by Ustream I’d like to share with you the key points I took from the discussion. My International Experience I’m an American entrepreneur & investor living in Beijing, China. Most of what is written about, by, and for Lean Startup is done by middle-aged white Americans from California or the Northeastern US. Issue 1 – Customers Reluctant to Talk about Problems I remember well the first time I advised a team to get in front of potential customers and ask about their problems. Problems? In Silicon Valley people recognize that failure is a part of business and consider it a corporate duty to identify problems and solve them. Solution 1 – Talk About Industry Issues and Give Them Something Valuable

Lemon Wallet · Your smarter wallet All of Your important cards — ID, insurance, loyalty and payment cards — plus LifeLock identity theft protection, all on your smartphone With the acquisition of Lemon Inc. and its Lemon Wallet app, LifeLock brings you a powerful new app. LifeLock Wallet app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offers one-touch access to LifeLock identity theft protection and these free features: Digital copies of your important cards - payment, membership loyalty, IDs, receipts, coupons and more so they can be accessed from anywhereA backup of all cards and informationCredit card balance updatesTracking of credit card transactions so you can manage your spending by category and monitor for fraudCancellation of your credit cards if they're lost or stolen Plus, the LifeLock Wallet App gives you access to paid LifeLock identity protection services. Get the app today. To learn more about LifeLock's acquisition of Lemon, see the press release.