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2D game development in Unity

2D game development in Unity
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2D Character Controllers tutorial | Learn Unity 2D Mike Geig (@mikegeig) from the official Unity Learn team held a live training session on Unity’s 2D tools this week, in which he covered creating 2D characters. Luckily for us, this live session got archived on Youtube! so we can take a look using the embed below.. Removing White Halos in Transparent Textures | Blurst Technology Unity allows native importing of PSD textures, which is awesome for workflow and iteration speeds. However, transparent textures frequently exhibit white “halos” around objects. This issue stems from Photoshop itself–fully transparent pixels are usually white in color, which means texture sampling will pick up these white pixels when your texture is scaled down. Here is an automated solution to this problem (you’ll probably want to watch full-size on Vimeo): You’ll need Flaming Pear’s free Solidify plugin and this set of Photoshop Actions.

Level Design A plethora of level-design related texts and pieces from my brain. Mapography I’ve made a bunch of maps in my time. Too many, really. Professional - everything that appeared on shelvesPersonal - everything that didn’t The Making Of… This series looks back into the making of my two most popular maps, Dust and Dust 2, and a look at how they did post-release. The Making Of: Dust, 5th November 2011The Making Of: Dust 2, 29th January 2003The Making Of: Sienna, 28th September 2004 My Blog (deceased) For over a year I maintained a blog devoted to various aspects of game and level design. Some of the more notable posts include: Map Walkthroughs These walkthroughs were written by Mike S. ETC Walkthrough, 15th January 2003ETC 2 Walkthrough, 15th January 2003 Images Textures - some textures and images

#IDARB review The fundamentals of #IDARB are immediately recognisable to anyone with even a passing familiarity with most sports - two teams vie for control of a ball, which they must move to the opposite team's goal to score points. The reality of playing it is far, far different. Welding the anarchy of Smash Bros., NES-era platforming, and Twitter hashtags into a curious pastiche, #IDARB is an absolute farce. At times it can be too much, but more often than not it's a vehicle for chaotic fun that rewards those that can manage its many nuances. First, a confession: I'm rubbish at #IDARB. I breezed through the single player modes, introducing myself to some of the ideas driving the game. I invited a few friends over to help me test out multiplayer options and I was crushed. #IDARB is bizarre, and that's due in no small part to its origins. Things can get pretty chaotic in IDARB. Beneath the ludicrous façade, there is a decent skill-based foundation. #IDARB is the product of a streaming culture.

Sprite Sheet Packer - Home Make Games - Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games Art Assets – best practice guide Scale & Units Set your system and project units for your software to work consistently with Unity e.g. Metric. Working to scale can be important for both lighting and physics simulation;Be aware for example; Max system unit default is inches and Maya is centimetres.Unity has different scaling for FBX and 3D application files on import, check FBX import scale setting in Inspector.If in doubt export a metre cube with your scene to match in Unity.Animation frame rate defaults can be different in packages, is a good idea to set consistently across your pipeline – e.g. 30fps for example. Files & Objects Name objects in your scene sensibly and uniquely – this can help you locate and troubleshoot specific meshes in your project:Avoid special characters *()?” Sensibly named objects help you find stuff quickly Mesh Stairway to framerate heaven The method you use to construct objects can have a massive affect on the number of polygons, especially when not optimised. Textures Tiling textures ftw Materials

underscorediscovery | independent game developer Royalty Free Stock Photo Texture Gallery » Royalty Free Stock Photo Texture Gallery You NEVER can have enough textures! Therefore we open our photo case here for you: over 4000 free textures!high average resolution of 1600 px x 1200 pxperfect stuff for your architecture visualizations and illustrations And the best: you can use the textures for your private AND commercial projects.

8 WordPress Plugins for Building a Video Game Site | (Anti) Social Development Posted on 26 March, 2009 By Kim Woodbridge For video game week, I listed some themes suitable for gaming sites and places to find free and cheap games. If you want to use WordPress to build a videogame site, there are a number of plugins that can assist you. The site can feature demos, screenshots, walkthoughs and hints, reviews and ratings, and a forum to discuss games. As I work on this article I keep thinking about more things that can be added to make an awesome video game portal in WordPress so I’m sure I’m leaving out something. WP Games Embed – This plugin facilitates turning your blog into a games arcade. photo credit: BrotherMagento Keep Reading: Did you enjoy this article? Trackbacks/Pingbacks

10 Astuces CSS pour vous sauver la vie ! #2 Après un premier article présentant 10 astuces à connaître pour éviter de s’arracher les cheveux sur du CSS, voici la suite toujours aussi utile ! A première vue, le CSS est un langage, voire un « format », facile et rapidement assimilable. Seulement, il y a de nombreuses subtilités à connaître avant de maîtriser entièrement le duo xHTML/CSS. Je vais délivrer certaines connaissances, astuces ou autres trucs pouvant vous éviter de perdre des heures de recherches. Comme vous le verrez, certaines astuces sont assez avancées et peu communes, pourtant certaines sont incroyablement utiles ! 1. Longtemps peu utilisé, notamment à cause d’Internet Explorer qui le gérait très mal, cette propriété permet de gérer la superposition d’éléments en définissant un ordre. Exemple rapide rien que pour vous : <div id= »test1″>…</div> <div id= »test2″>…</div> <div id= »test3″>…</div> Le CSS avec test1 tout en haut, test2 tout en bas et test3 au milieu de l’axe Z (superposition). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

10 erreurs fréquentes à ne plus commettre avec WordPress (Infographie) WordPress est LE CMS le plus populaire au monde, avec plus de 75 millions de sites qui l’utilisent dans le monde, que ce soit pour la création de blogs, de sites vitrines ou encore de sites E-commerce, WordPress est massivement utilisé, mais pas toujours aussi bien qu’il le faudrait. Cette infographie revient sur les 10 principales erreurs à ne plus commettre en 2015 avec WordPress. Erreur 1- Garder l’identifiant de connexion « Admin » pour le compte administrateur Toutes les attaques par force brute qui ciblent des installations WordPress seront plus à même de pénétrer votre site internet si ce dernier dispose d’un compte administrateur avec un login inchangé « admin ». Cette modification d’identifiant doit être faite dès l’installation de WordPress. Erreur 2- Garder les préfixes des tables de votre site sous la forme « wp_ » Cette seconde erreur fréquente affecte elle aussi la sécurité des installations WordPress. Erreur 3- Ne pas faire de backups réguliers de son site WordPress