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Cycling news, cycle routes, equipment and forums

Cycling news, cycle routes, equipment and forums
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British Cycling / Home Cycling News and Bike Reviews for Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, BMX and More - Bike Rumor Tour de France curriculum resources In 2014, the Tour de France heads to Yorkshire for le Grand Départ. Schools can now take advantage of the excitement around this unique occasion to promote cycling through our comprehensive Tour education pack. Bright, bold and inspiring, this is the first education pack to accompany the Tour de France and ties into Key Stages Two and Three, with lesson plans and resources for 11 subjects. It also includes a section on Yorkshire cycling heroes - and there are many! Download your education pack: Section A (PDF 6mb) - general Tour information and history Section B (PDF 3mb) - curriculum resources Section C (PDF 2mb) - local information Illuminating the Route (PowerPoint 5mb) - accompanies the lesson plans The pack has been developed by City of York Council, Sustrans, Biz-Ed Projects Ltd, and others with much of the curriculum content being developed by Sustrans Bike It officers in Yorkshire. Interested in other classroom resources? “ It was a brilliant afternoon.

In pictures: Hidden gems from Interbike 2013 - Images The busy trade show floor at Interbike 2013 Image Gallery (41 images) If you've visited Gizmag at all within the past several days, then you're likely aware that we attended the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas last week. While we've already posted a number of articles on products that we saw there, we came across many more interesting items that we still haven't told you about. We've compiled a gallery of those various doo-dads here, for your gawking pleasure. View all North America's largest bike show, Interbike 2013 featured over 750 companies representing at least 1,200 brands. To see what we found, just pay a visit to the photo gallery (and don't forget to check out the gadgets featured in the earlier full articles, too). About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below For multiple addresses, separate each with a comma Privacy is safe with us because we have a strict privacy policy.

Education Pack KS2/KS3 Resource Pack Section A: The Yorkshire Tour This section provides you with a wealth of useful background information on the Tour de France and the Yorkshire Grand Départ. Download now » Section B: Curriculum spokes This section provides you with ideas and resources for activities in a variety of curriculum areas. Download now » Section C: Useful links and resources This section contains further links to help enhance your Tour de France programme, together with other organisations that may provide more exciting resources. Download now »

Volvo Connecting Cars & Cyclists for Safer Mobility | Open Mobile Media Volvo showed off its connected cyclist safety app in January. The collaborative effort is on the road to becoming a reality, which would be a milestone for the three Swedish companies behind it. Ella Williamson investigates how the app has gone from Las Vegas showroom to a commercial proposition. Volvo is shifting its safety mission into another gear—incorporating bicyclists who share the road. Volvo Cars, sports specialist POC and global telecoms firm Ericsson unveiled in January at the Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas a proof-of-concept that they called the “world’s first connected safety concept”. European accident data reveals that 50 percent of all cyclists killed in European traffic have collided with a car. Ericsson and Volvo have been partners since 2012. There is no getting around the fact that the “world’s first connected safety concept” is just that, a concept. Another app company that would be open to collaborating with the project’s Swedish trio is BikeShield.

Grin News CONCEPT 1865 | electric bike blog What would the first pedal cycle have looked like if its 19th-century pioneers had enjoyed access to today’s advanced materials? This modern version of an 1865 design was a demonstration by German chemical giant BASF of the wide range of modern materials they produce. 1865 was the year of BASF’s founding. It’s a one-off. You can see videos of it being ridden but they are not likely to go into production. This modern version incorporates a detachable battery in the seat and 24 innovative new materials. “Penny-farthing” type e-bikes are not likely to be e-bikes of the future. Read more : Concept 1865 – Rethinking Materials or imagine your self riding this

Top 10 cycling innovations of 2014 Bicycle historians, take note – it's time once again to look back at 10 of the bike-related products that most caught our attention over the past year! As with our lists from 2012 and 2013, these aren't necessarily things that we think are destined to be big sellers. In fact, it's entirely possible that this might be the last you hear of many of them. We like 'em, though, because they're examples of what happens when people dare to try something different ... and that sort of spirit is the reason why we're not still all riding penny farthings. View all Schwalbe Procore tire system Setting a mountain bike's tire pressure is a bit of a balancing act ... too hard, and the tires won't provide decent traction – too soft, and they're likely to get pinch flats, plus they might not stay seated on the rim. The Procore system, however, allows for the best of both extremes. Price: Approx. Zackees turn-signaling gloves Price: $75 Calfee Design tandem/single convertible bikes Price: Approx. $25,000