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Paper Mache & Gesso Recipes From A Pro

Paper Mache & Gesso Recipes From A Pro
This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures. I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper. Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures. However, for younger artists or for those who really don’t want to make the trip to the hardware store, these following recipes work just fine, and most of the tutorials on this site would work using these traditional paper mache recipes. Paper Mache Paste Recipes: Paper Mache Recipe #1 White flour and water make a remarkably strong paste. Boiled Flour and Water Paste: Raw Flour and Water Paste: How thick should you make your paste? Glue-Based paste: Related:  Art & Culture

Paper Mache Clay Recipe Several years ago I developed a new recipe for a sculptural material I call “paper mache clay.” This material is so easy to use and so easy to make that I now use it exclusively for all my paper mache sculptures. The recipe has now gone “viral” and is being used by artists all over the world. It might be a bit more accurate to call this material “home-made air-dried cellulose-reinforced polymer clay,” but that’s way too hard to say (or type!), so for now, let’s just call it paper mache clay. The first video below shows how to make the paper mache clay, and the second video answers some common questions that I’ve received from readers since I first developed this recipe. I usually make mine fairly thin so it can be spread over an armature like frosting, by using less flour than the recipe calls for – but you can also make it thicker, with more flour, when you want more control over the modeling process. Paper Mache Clay on Snow Leopard Sculpture Making Your Paper Mache Clay Tools: Step 1.

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... leaf lanterns - | Blog A few weeks ago I began to notice the inevitable shift that happens every year around this time... the days have gotten shorter and the nights progressively longer (and colder!). This rather obvious realization got me thinking though, about all the fun things I did as a kid to get ready for this increase in darkness. One of which was to create a little light of my own. Start by mixing the glue with some water (about 2% milk consistency). Once the balloons are thoroughly coated string them up to let them dry completely. Once the tissue paper has dried completely (preferably over night), it's time to pop the balloon. Once the balloon is out attach the handle and any decorative additions, as well as place a small tea light candle at the bottom of the lantern. All that's left to do is wait for the sun to go down, light the candle, and be your own light on dark fall nights... Love the glowy-ness! ~Jordan P.S. *Last time in Crafts and Imagination: October Whims

Papier Mache Types & Tutorials Wheat Paste Recipe: (Sticks well to most things except plastic!) You will need: - Water- White flour (easy blend works really well, but must contain gluten)- Salt- Weldbond or exterior (brown) woodworkers glue- Large mixing bowl - Storage container (large empty plastic milk or juice carton)- Long mixing spoon- Kettle or pot for boiling water Proportions to use Mixing in the following proportion works best to cook it properly! - 1 litre luke warm water- ¼ cup of table salt as preservative - 1 litre all purpose white flour- 1 litre BOILING WATER You may decide to leave out the salt as it can react with some of the finishes. How to make the paste Stir salt (optional) and flour into lukewarm water until well mixed. Pour in BOILING WATER! Allow to cool before using. Keep refrigerated and air dry in a dry location as it can go mouldy in dampness. Paper Mush How to make the mush Tear up into small confetti like pieces, several pages of the paper. Slabs Twigs Strips Strips we have all done. linseed oil

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25 Repurposed Magazine Projects - DIY It's time for another installment of 'My Favorite Things'. This time I've scoured the net and found 25 of the best repurposed magazine projects. These repurposed craft and DIY ideas range from easy to advanced, some come with tutorials, and others you get to figure out for yourself (or even buy in the case of a few). What do I like best with repurposed magazine arts and crafts...they are low-to-no cost! The downside? They can often be VERY time consuming projects - so beware! Ready to be inspired? beads boxes drink coasters placemats wrist purse wallet wall art (leaves) decorative bowl photo frame hanging mobile clock mirror frame wall art flowers a wall of stacked magazines! wreath end table vases portrait art portfolio/briefcase starburst mirror art extra seating stool hanging stars Until next time... Michael Stumble this post

Advanced Papier Mache Recipes Some Advanced Papier Mache - Papier Maché Pulp Recipes Warning: Due to some of the ingredients and techniques involved in this tutorial, this is not recommended for children without adult supervision. Introduction I've been making paper maché items since I was 13 years old. My Grandmother used to make bird houses and feeders that my Grandfather would laquer with the remains of a product he used for finishing car paints (he was a car mechanic). Later on in life I got fascinated by the world of puppeteering (the muppet show is still in my top 5 favourite shows) and started my first trek in the business when I was 18. One of the things that fascinates me the most is that to the contrary of many beliefs, paper mache isn't just paper and glue. Here are a few that are my most used. Finishing paper mache (porcelain finish) You will need: - 1/2 roll good quality white toilet paper- 1 tablespoon raw linseed oil Instructions:Rip, mix and apply... simple as that! "Hard mache" (for strong pieces) Grind!

Weatherproofing Papier Mache Waterproofing Papier Mache The adventurers Introduction When I have spent hours and hours creating a piece of artwork, usually the very last thing on my mind is sticking it out in the garden! Of all the questions that get asked on this site, one of the most common ones is "how do you waterproof papier mache?" The topic has been discussed over and over and everyone has different experiences. The location too, makes an enormous difference to how long it will survive with different sealers. I decided that the only fair way to do this was to make some simple items in an identical way, paint them, and then seal them with different finishes. This experiment is to test purely and simply the sealers/paints on papier mache. Note: None of these products/paints that are being tested were made specifically for papier mache, so it is just a case of trial and error. Weather Conditions Here in the UK we have all weather conditions - hot sun (occasionally!) Making the models pva emulsion paint.

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