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Final Cut Pro X - A revolution in creative editing.

Final Cut Pro X - A revolution in creative editing.

Ajustando las preferencias en Final Cut Pro X. Las preferencias las tenemos en el Menú Final Cut Pro X – Preferences. Tenemos tres opciones de preferencias. Editing, Playback e Import. Es decir, preferencias de edición, de reprodución y de importación. Comenzamos con las preferencias de Edición: En la primera opción le indicamos a Final Cut Pro como queremos mostrar el tiempo: Horas, minutos, segundos y frames o Horas, minutos, segundos, frames y subframes, solo frames o solo segundos. En las opciones de Timeline tenemos Show detailed trimming feedback: Cuando unimos mediante trimming dos clips podemos ver en el visor dos imagenes. Audio: Show references waveforms: Para ver la altura de la onda de audio originalcuando ajustamos el volumen en la linea de tiempo. Dialog Warnigs: podemos resetear todas las advertencias que nos han aparecido en el cuadro de dialogo. Pasamos a las preferencias de Playbvack, es decir, de reproducción La otra opción es usar los archivos originales optimizados.

Importing iMovie Clips into FCE Importing iMovie Clips into FCE Why should you want to import iMovie Clips into FCE ? i) in FCE you want to continue editing a project started in iMovie ii) in FCE you want to import a movie created with iMovie iii) in FCE you want to reuse some clips captured by iMovie iv) in FCE you want to be able to recover disk space used by no more needed captured media v) you use iMovie to capture simply because sometimes it is able to capture when FCE is not. Case i) - How do I open an iMovie Project ? If you want to continue editing an iMovie project in FCE you must open the iMovie project in FCE , as advertised in the FCE 3.0 help manual (but the manual for the 3.5 version does not have that section any more...). Case ii) - How do I import a movie created with iMovie ? The procedure is very simple and always works, except for the limits of the .dv file format used by iMovie (se dedicated section below): 1. in iMovie use File > Export > QuickTime > Full Quality - this creates a self-contained .dv file.

iLife - Do more with photos, movies, and music on a Mac. Mac Tutorials The blog is alive again! I've been enjoying my Summer and really just not thinking a great deal about University and such. I know, quite bad of me, but i t was well deserved. But now, I'm getting back into the flow of it, and what better way then to resurrect my Blogspot page, and to talk a short while about some research I have been doing. I have become quite fascinated by clean edge loops and flows, and professional topology. I want to talk mainly about controlling edge flows, and what I have found out. ^three edge pole ^five edge pole Okay, so this may not make much sense to you right now, but bare with me - I hope that I can explain what the importance of this is shortly. So previously I was convinced that these were errors in my mesh, and I was always getting down on myself about them, forever trying to remove or hide them in places you won't see. So here, goes, I'll try and explain! You may be thinking, 'fine, so what about it?' It would not work. Still not convinced? Thanks.

10 Hot Tips: Getting the most out of Final Cut Express, Tom Wolsky 4/5/2004 By: Tom Wolsky In Final Cut Express, Apple has created an ideal video editing package for schools. Based on the company’s Emmy-award winning Final Cut Pro software, Final Cut Express provides more power and capabilities than applications costing four times as much. Tip 1 Users of iMovie who make the jump up to Final Cut Express often miss iMovie 3’s great sound effects and wish they were available in Final Cut Express. Begin by Control-clicking on the iMovie application icon in your Applications folder. Tip 2 A key feature to using Final Cut Express efficiently is to work with DV Start/Stop Detection. First, use the View menu to change to Browser>as List. If you switch back to Icon view from the View menu, each of the clips appears as a separate shot with a new Poster frame, the first frame of the clip. Tip 3 What makes Final Cut a powerful editing tool is the great precision with which you can position, control, and edit your material. Tip 4 Tip 5 Tip 6 Tip 7 Presto! Tip 8 Tip 9

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