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Update: Upside-Down Tomato I posted earlier about my upside-down tomato experiment. After several months of growing, this is what it looks like: And here’s another plant, complete with ripening fruit: There is some slight browning on the edges of some of the leaves that I’m keeping my eyes on. I’m watering only about once a week, which surprises me. The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality - SCSPI The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality (CPI), one of three National Poverty Centers, is a nonpartisan research center dedicated to monitoring trends in poverty and inequality, explaining what's driving those trends, and developing science-based policy on poverty and inequality. CPI supports research by new and established scholars, trains the next generation of scholars and policy analysts, and disseminates the very best research on poverty and inequality. The current economic climate makes CPI activities and research especially important.

IKV Pax Christi - About us PAX means peace. PAX brings together people who have the courage to stand for peace. Together with people in conflict areas and concerned civilians worldwide, PAX works to build dignified, democratic, and peaceful societies across the globe. Everyone in the world can contribute to peace, but it takes courage. The courage to believe that peace is possible, to swim against the tide, to speak out and to carry on no matter what. The courage to praise peace, to shout it from the rooftops and to write it on the walls.

National debt = ZERO: Austerity unnecessary. « Earthlinggb's Blog But our CORRUPT British government (ALL PARTIES) DO NOT WANT THIS and will NOT tell the British people the big con whereby your wealth – and the country’s as a whole – is being stolen from underneath our noses while these parasites, which includes our monarchy, feed from you by filling you up with debt then allowing the Banks to burst the bubble and call in the loans/debt. Britain, just as the Federal Reserve is fleecing the American public so too is the Bank of England fleecing you. And our governments play along because, as you may have noticed, those who are in government are very well taken care of financially. I have since personally received a copy of Henry Kerby’s transcript of this EDM from the PARLIAMENTARY ARCHIVIST.

10 Common Weeds That Can Heal You Check out our posts on food storage and other topics by clicking on the categories tab to the right. Excerpted from Susan S. Weed and The benefits of raw honey (NaturalNews) When we look at the word "raw", we associated it with the preservation of important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Just as raw vegetables are preferable because of their nutritional content, the same is true of honey. Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way. The differences between raw and pasteurized honey are substantial. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. These are the very nutrients that are destroyed during the heating and pasteurization process.

Four ways to creatively grow your own fruits and vegetables using principles of permaculture (NaturalNews) Modern industrial agriculture is a disastrous failure, as it defies practically every natural law related to food cultivation, ecological and environmental protection and stewardship, and human nutrition. But there is a new agricultural revolution sweeping the land that is changing the way humans eat and grow food, and its methods are derived from the concepts found in permaculture. Permaculture is basically an all-encompassing term used to identify the strategic and creative ways through which human structures and agricultural systems are unified into harmonious, sustainable entities. As opposed to factory farming systems, which rely heavily on chemical and fertilizer inputs and destroy the environment and human health in the process, permaculture farming systems take advantage of the many unique ways that natural systems work together to complement one another and sustain life. If you have a fairly sizable growing area, you may want to consider creating a mandala garden.

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