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Your insight into science

Your insight into science

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Class Discussion to Encourage Critical Thinking: Resources for Grades 9-12 About Socratic Seminars Socratic Seminars: Patience & Practice <img class="media-image media-element file-content-image" src="/sites/default/files/styles/content_image_breakpoints_theme_edutopia_desktop_1x/public/content/73/video.gif?itok=pmoQLTDv" alt="" /> (Teaching Channel, 2013) At Mountain View High School in Mountain View, California, teacher Paige Price discusses how she uses Socratic Seminars in her classroom to address the question, “What’s the purpose of poetic language?” Make sure to check out the supporting materials related to the featured activities, including scoring and student preparation guides. How KIPP Teachers Learn to Teach Critical Thinking <img class="media-image media-element file-content-image" src="/sites/default/files/styles/content_image_breakpoints_theme_edutopia_desktop_1x/public/content/73/video.gif? Back to Top

Rosalind Franklin: DNA's unsung hero - Cláudio L. Guerra Rosalind Franklin had a life full of challenges, not just scientifically but socially. She had to fight prejudice in an environment dominated by men in a time when women were presumed to be housewives and nothing more. Her success was recognized by many of her peers, but in the race for the structure of DNA and the recognition of key innovators in this field, sexism played a major role. An Epochal Discovery: A Habitable Planet Orbits Our Neighboring Star One hundred and one years ago this October, a Scottish astronomer named Robert Innes pointed a camera at a grouping of stars near the Southern Cross, the defining feature of the night skies above his adopted Johannesburg. He was looking for a small companion to Alpha Centauri, our closest neighboring star system. Hunched over glass photographic plates, Innes teased out a signal. Across five years of images, a small, faint star moved, wiggling on the sky. It shifted just as much as Alpha Centauri, suggesting its fate was intertwined with that binary system.

How the choices you make can affect your genes - Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna The question of how an adult organism unfolds after the merging of two gametes have been around since Aristotelian times. Adherents of ‘preformation’ answered this question by stating that all the components needed for the embryo to become an adult individual were already inside the gametes. On the other side of the spectrum, those supporting ‘epigenesis’ thought that gametes and embryonic cells needed to interact with external signals in order to generate an adult individual. This site from Stanford: Epigenesis and Preformationism provides some information on the topic. When the genomic era arrived, Conrad Waddington, a British geneticist, wanted to explain the meaning of epigenesis with genes. He questioned ‘how genes interact with their products and the environment to bring phenotypes into being?’

Physics Flash Animations We have been increasingly using Flash animations for illustrating Physics content. This page provides access to those animations which may be of general interest. The animations will appear in a separate window. Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Children Children are confronted daily with rich opportunities to solve problems and exercise their own independent judgment when they're given the chance to safely explore the world. These problems, which might involve physical challenges, social relationship issues, or understanding how things work, often seem minor to us but provide great opportunities to practice critical thinking skills. For example: An eight-month-old has crawled under a chair and now can't figure out how to get out. He wonders what to do. How much money teachers earn around the world How much do educators get paid for their work? We asked 17 public school teachers in communities around the world — from Kildare to Kathmandu, Johannesburg to Oslo — to tell us what they earned in one month (and how they spent it). Here’s what they said: Queensland, Australia Tell us about yourself: I’m 25; I’m a year 1 classroom teacher; this is my second year of teaching full time. How much money did you earn last month?

Your Favorite Housewares Are Spewing Poison Dust Inside Your Home People buy the nicest homes they can afford. They spend years—sometimes decades—pouring money into nest-feathering by stocking up on creature comforts. It’s no wonder we spend 90 percent of our lives indoors. The Energy Story - Introduction Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes and rockets. Cultural Institute Loading Explore stories from around the world NASA astronaut from the International Space Station Museu do Amanhã Your daily digestFriday 16 December Stories of the day Critical Thinking about Critical Resources Critical resources, and the issues surrounding them, are themes woven through many of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) 2014 projects - highlighting its importance to the world’s economy and development. It is crucial to understand the geological occurrence, formation and mineral residence of critical elements, determine future resources, and quantify their global availability. A project funded through the IGCP aims to increase the knowledge on natural resources: IGCP 600: “Metallogeny of collision orogens”.

25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers What are the best apps for teachers? We asked TED-Ed Innovative Educators and the TED-Ed community. Below, 25 awesome apps recommended for teachers, by teachers. For teaching students how to present, create and code TED-Ed More than 250,000 teachers use TED education tools to spark student curiosity and explore presentation literacy skills. “TED-Ed is an outstanding resource in my classroom,” says TED-Ed Innovative Educator Jennifer Hesseltine.

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