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Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress
Visual Composer – current version 4.11.2 available for download! Visual Composer WordPress Page Builder Plugin with Frontend and Backend Editor Have you ever noticed how much time you waste fighting with [shortcodes] and manually coding layouts? No more trial and error with “shortcodes magic”! Welcome to the most popular and extendable visual WordPress page builder plugin! Visual Composer is an easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy – no programming knowledge required! Visual Composer page builder comes with 2 types of intuitive content editors – Frontend and Backend. Not only that, Visual Composer is the first page builder that gives you full control over responsiveness. It is really easy to start building your WordPress website with Visual Composer – there are just a few clicks to make: And that’s not all! Your web developer (if you have any) will love Visual Composer as well. Visual Composer Features “WOW. Related:  blogWebdesPLUGINS

Duplicator Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator handles both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement. WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin. For complete details visit Quick Video Demo Overview Duplicator enables you to: Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site between domains or hostsPull down a live site to localhost for developmentManually backup a WordPress site or parts of a siteDuplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versaBundle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distributionPerform a full WordPress migration without struggling with messy import/export sql scripts Migrate WordPress and Run WordPress Backups Duplicator creates a package that bundles all the site’s plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files into a simple zip file called a package. Duplicator Pro Please Note Yes.

10 Highly Customizable WordPress Themes & Website Builders Finding a great WordPress theme with the exact design, layout and all the features you need can be difficult. Although there are thousands of great free and premium WordPress themes available it’s not often you’ll find one that meets your needs perfectly right out-of-the-box. When you do find a suitable theme to use, you’ll no doubt need to modify various elements and customize things so it looks and functions the way you want. If you’re not that savvy with HTML, CSS and PHP, or don’t even know what those things are, getting into the code to customize your theme can be daunting. One option is to hire a designer to create a custom WordPress theme or hire a developer to modify your free or premium theme. Thankfully there is an easy way to get a unique WordPress theme design if your budget is limited and you’re not a skilled designer or developer. Divi WordPress Theme Endless Layout Possibilities Advanced Page Builder Features Headway Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builder Headway Features

Storyline 3D Slider – CodeCanyon – RIPBuzz Theme Storyline 3D Slider is a great plug-in for your template, which will make it have a stunning look. The S-3D-S will help you showcase your work in a splendid creative way. Your products has never been displayed so great! If you are a proud author or musician or super talented designer, blogger or photographer – the S-3D-S is just for you! Download (We store all files on its server so download links never die.) storylineslider.rar - 14.6 MB storylineslider.rar - 14.6 MB Blogger CodeCanyon HTML Template A WordPress Magazine Theme for 2015 | 15Zine Italian webdesign Wordpress: spostare il sito dalla cartella alla root - Italian webdesign Capita spesso di lavorare alla creazione di un nuovo sito creato con WordPress, usando una directory (o cartella) secondaria per comodità. Le istruzioni sono presenti già nel pannello di amministrazione, ma per chi è pigro o si trova in difficoltà, vi riporto i semplici passi da seguire (nè uno più nè uno meno), per spostare il sito. Innanzitutto: NON SPOSTATE NIENTE, non spostate intere directory sulla root pensando che magicamente poi tutto funzioni come per un sito statico, perchè NON LO E’, ma seguite quello che vi sto per scrivere. Questo è il pannello Impostazioni > Generale così come vi si presenterà se avete lavorato in una cartella diversa dalla root del sito. Il primo passo da fare è quello di modificare l’indirizzo del sito. ATTENZIONE: SOLO L’INDIRIZZO DEL SITO e non di WordPress, pertanto: e confermate. Fatto ciò, editate il file index.php e modificate la seguente riga: require('. trasformandola in: require('. Tutto qui. inShare4

Custom Backgrounds for WordPress With WordPress 3.0 a new feature was introduced called custom backgrounds for WordPress themes. This feature gives you the ability to add custom backgrounds on your site, which will your site a unique touch. However have you ever wanted to have different backgrounds on Pages, Posts, Categories, Search page, Home page and Front page? If your answer is Yes, then this plugin is for you. This plugin lets you add custom backgrounds for Pages, Posts, Categories, Archives, Home-page, Front-page, 404-page, Search-page, Author-page, Custom Post type. Choose between 4 types of backgrounds; Single and Multiple Backgrounds, jQuery Background Stretcher, jQuery Parallax effects, Background Timer (set transition delay), Background Scheduling (set date and time period) and Clickable Backgrounds (add URL). Just point and click to choose where to apply your background. Why not try it out your self before you buy it. Username: DemoUserPassword: TryMeNow List of features Background Options Default Backgrounds

Prenez en main Bootstrap Vous créez des pages web et vous passez beaucoup (trop) de temps avec le CSS ? Alors Bootstrap est fait pour vous ! Ce cours va vous guider dans la découverte de cette puissante boîte à outils. Pour profiter pleinement de ce cours, il faudrait que vous possédiez quelques connaissances préalables : La base indispensable est de posséder de bonnes notions en HTML et CSS. Allez, on y va !

Designers: 15 UX & UI Tools To Increase Your Productivity If you find yourself spending way too much time prototyping your next big design, you may need to take a step back and evaluate the tools and resources you have at hand. There is no reason to stick to the same wireframing or prototyping tool when new and improved UX tools and UI resources are added ever so often on the Web. Work faster, better and smatter with more powerful tools and fresher UI kits. To help you with that, we have here 15 UX and UI tools that are great for prototyping. More on Hongkiat: You can create your prototypes on the browser via drag-and-drop and zero-code with, and on top of that apply multiple touch and mouse events to any UI element. Pidoco Create clickable wireframes quickly and easily with Picodo’s drag-and-drop feature, then create, edit and share an unlimited number of wireframe mockups or prototypes with team members and clients in real time. Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit AppCooker Firefly InVision Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit User Testing Prott

Codecanyon – Fullwidth Audio Player v1.1.31 WordPress plugin – DownloadBuzz Theme This plugin allows to add a audio player at the top or bottom of the window. The audio player runs with the new HTML5 audio engine and if its not supported, it will use a Flash fallback. In other words it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android etc. You have also the possibility to add your playlists and tracks into a post or page. Fullwidth.Audio.Player.v1.1.31.rar - 2.2 MB Fullwidth.Audio.Player.v1.1.31.rar - 2.2 MB CodeCanyon HTML5 Wordpress Wordpress Plugin

Ajoutez Twitter Bootstrap à votre thème WordPress Ajoutez facilement le look and feel de Bootstrap à votre thème WordPress pour pouvoir utiliser toutes les primitives CSS et JavaScript qu’il propose. Twitter Boostrap ? Twitter Bootstrap est une collection de styles CSS et de scripts JavaScript applicables directement sur les éléments HTML de votre site ou votre blog. De nombreux sites utilisent déjà Bootstrap. Sans trop d’effort, il met en oeuvre un look and feel sympa et actuel. Pour le voir en action, regardez les exemples proposés sur le site. Les fonctionnalités Une des principales fonctionnalités est le découpage d’un espace (la page, le div de contenu, …) en 12 colonnes pour y intégrer du contenu. Pour faire une liste absolument non exhaustive, bien au contraire, il permet de faire des boutons stylisés à partir de liens : inclure des icônes (140 sont disponibles au moment de la rédaction de cet article) : faire des menus : mettre en évidence du contenu : décorer les images : créer des carrousels : Comment ça marche ? en : Le mot de la fin