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10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup — Spook Studio

10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup — Spook Studio
1. No clear vision or purpose This should be the starting point for any startup founder, but it’s often overlooked. “Chase the vision not the money. Without a clear purpose, a startup can meander along without much momentum. “To be the pulse of the planet” —Twitter “To be the earth’s most customer-centric company” —Amazon Simon Sinek points out in his renowned TED talk ‘How great leaders inspire action’ that you need to awaken an emotion with your early customers so that they feel something, come back for more and, most importantly, tell their friends about you. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”Simon Sinek If your customers believe in your mission, then they’ll warm to you and listen to what you offer and how. I recently developed a more human framework for early-stage startups to define their startup DNA and lay some foundations for a sustainable business. 2. If there’s one thing that startups are often guilty of, it’s trying to do too much, too soon. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

welovelean : In case you missed it, my latest... Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup — Design + Startups “Focus is saying no to 1,000 good ideas.” — Steve Jobs Events I realized the error of my customer acquisition strategy as I awkwardly made my way through a small Meetup I had just pitched. It was 11pm on a Tuesday, I was exhausted and still had real work to do once I got home. Lesson Learned: Events are for research, business development, and hiring; NOT for getting to 10,000,000 downloads. Brands & Agencies When MTV, Kraft, Digitas, and the like reached out to us we weren’t sure what they wanted. Be polite, but postpone brand and agency “intros” until you’ve built your own audience. Corollary: Investors know this. Side projects In the winter of 2011, we signed a partnership w/ Wired magazine to demonstrate our technology by providing visitors of their Times Square popup store with personalized in-store product recommendations. That “small side project” cost us 6 weeks of development and delivered no appreciable benefit other than getting to hang out with the cool people at Wired. Competition

sgblank : When Customers Make You Smarter...