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Welcome, Inventors!

Welcome, Inventors!
App Inventor is a free, cloud-based service that allows you to make your own mobile apps using a blocks based programming language. You access App Inventor using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). With these beginner-friendly tutorials, you will learn the basics of programming apps for Android devices. You will need: A Mac or Windows computer (see system requirements)An internet connection You will make a mobile app, so it's fun to see it run on a phone or tablet while you build the app (and after!). Choose which way you want to connect to run your apps, and follow the links to setup instructions: Android mobile device (phone or tablet) and wi-fiAndroid mobile device (phone or tablet) and a USB cableOn-screen emulator If you hit any snags, we're here to help! Teachers: Get support and tips for preparing for App Inventor hour of code with your students. We have four tutorials to try out for the Hour of Code. For each tutorial, we have multiple ways of accessing them: What's Next? Related:  InteresantesBoulot

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide! How to Use Augmented Reality in Your Classroomthis post is read best via a desktop due to the embedded video content Augmented reality allows someone to add another layer to an existing image. For example, imagine holding your phone over a poster on the wall as if you were going to take a photo of that poster, and then instantly a video starts playing to offer you additional information about that particular poster. Pretty cool, right? The first time it happens, it seems like magic. After watching the video below, I knew I had to figure this augmented reality thing out. Aurasma is the app I use to create augmented reality. Sharing Aurasma with My Husband's Colleagues Not only is augmented reality amazing, it's also free and easy to do. While waiting for our table to be called for dinner, we were discussing the nice decorations displayed around the reception hall. His colleagues began instantly brainstorming how this could be used for their business. Augmented Reality Vocabulary Step 1:

CodeCombat LiveCode | Hour of Code Before you can teach, you also need to learn! We've got just the tools for you to jump right in and get your head round coding in LiveCode. We’ve produced 60 short "how to" tutorial videos, all between 3 - 5 minutes long, focused on specific areas of LiveCode. You'll love it. Introduction to LiveCode Skinning and Animation: The Basics Data and Text: Combining Text Graphics and Images: Automated Image Scaling Native-look iOS UIs Data & Text: Compare Lists User Interface Resizing Monitor a Directory Using Touch Messages on Mobile Display a SQL Database Process a Report from Multiple Sources Create a PDF Work with the Clipboard Download HTML or a file Input Validation Line Chart and Vector Manipulation Building Standalone Applications Simple Database Drag and Drop to Import and Export Custom Progress Bar Launch Applications or a Web Browser Word Count & Document Stats Create a Video Thumbnail Index Processing XML Skinning Using Graphics Unicode Text Creating Reuseable Objects Text Editing: Storing Meta Data

Codecademy: Hour of Code App Inventor 2: Starter Apps Augmented Reality and Applications for Education – Part 2 Guest post by James Roberts. Though many would say that augmented reality is destined to play a role in the future of education, others would point out that it’s already here. Here is a lowdown on what Augmented Reality is and some ways it can be used in the classroom. Augmented Reality (AR) is the combination of reality and virtual reality, and allows you to put 3D content and images into the real world. AR has many applications in various fields from military training to education. Augmented reality provides a richer learning experience for the student, providing a extra element of visual/physical context that makes learning more interactive. Following is a selection of free applications that utilize Augmented Reality that can enhance learning in a number of subject areas: For more insights into developments in instructional uses of Augmented Reality applications, check out last week’s post, “The Evolution of Augmented Reality Applications for Education and Instructional Use”.

Kodable Codecademy: Hour of Code International champions and gold medalists encourage you to try the Hour of Code. Just give it a try. Code your own sports game at Start learning at Featured athletes: Draymond Green, Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors Serena Williams, Olympic Gold Medalist and Tennis Champion Russell Okung, Super Bowl Champion and NFL player, Denver Broncos Sergio Ramos, World Cup Champion and Soccer/Futbol Player, Real Madrid Sue Bird, Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA Champion, Seattle Storm Alana Beard, Gold Medalist and WNBA All-Star, Los Angeles Sparks Kobe Bryant, Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA Champion, Los Angeles Lakers Angelo Matthews, Captain of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team Nneka Ogwumike, Gold Medalist, WNBA Champion and 2016 MVP, Los Angeles Sparks Carmelo Anthony, Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA All-Star, New York Knicks Marco Belinelli, NBA Champion, Charlotte Hornets Sarah Quita Offringa, Windsurfing Champion

App inventor 2 français Tutoriel Indice de tutoriel: 1.- Présentation. Pythagore. Deux écrans. 1B.- Deviner le nombre. 2.- Propriétés. bouton. 3.- Sélectionneur de date et de temps. 4.- Caméra. 5.- Accéléromètre. 6.- Horloge. 7.- Cadre. lignes dessin. 8.- Sauvegarder et de charger des fichiers. 9.- Arduino Bluetooth. 10.- App Inventor 2 et Robot LEGO Mindstorms. 11.- Envoyer du courrier. 12.- Notifier émergents. 13.- Ici, je suis. 14.- AP Graphics. 15.- Procédures. 16.- Compte à rebours. 17.- Table de multiplication. 18.- Pair ou impair. 19.- Activy Starter. 20.- Mélange de couleurs. 21.- Pierre, pa. 22.- Redimensionnée. 23.- Passer des dates entre les écrans. 24.- Vectorielle. 25.- Vecteur d'horloge. 26.- Même ou aucun. 27.- Puissance fiscale. 34.- Indice de masse corporelle. 35.- Mobile in pause lorsqu'il n'y a pas de bouton pas d'impulsions. 45.- Conditions. 101.- Propositions. 102.- Bâton HDMI. 103.- Fichiers de votre ordinateur vers mobile se déplaçant. Les fichiers importants: - MIT EA2 Companion App. Présentation Non. Interface 1.

Augmented Reality in Education String Augmented reality is a 3D learning environment which connects real and virtual world. It provides interactive tools for learning, and fosters informal learning. Besides, augmented reality increases motivation and engages learners. Above all, augmented reality is good for kinesthetic learners; it enables learners participate interactively with computer generated simulations. My Top 3 Augmented Reality Apps: Quick Writer: is a text editor which enable you to watch things while you are typing. Digital Storytelling with Augmented Reality: Zooburst: is a digital storytelling app that lets you create your own 3D pop-up book. How to Create Augmented Reality: You can create augmented reality with Metaio! Some Articles on Augmented Reality:

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