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Past Student Work Site Choice We’ve chosen a site on Gray’s Bay in Washington for our project. The site is a floodplain with cranberry bog situated on it. We’re interested in developing ways to model flood conditions as we develop an intervention that responds to them. Archive » Rhombic Disphenoid This Grasshopper definition approximates a disphenoid minimal surface in Rhino. The definition creates one and also has the option to create a grid of such geometries as seen above. The definition employs the Minimal Surface plugin for Grasshopper by Robert Cervellione. This object is used to speed up the process of defining the composite surface for the module.

VORONOI SKELETON This definition creates a smooth mesh skeleton of a 3D Voronoi. 1. Create 3D Voronoi 2. Remove exterior faces 3. Mesh Tessellation Help Hi All, I'm still kind of beginner in grasshopping. I'm trying to divide this mesh... grasshopper code . a collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for Rhinoceros. Clusterizer This definition groups indexes of connected points into separate clusters. It requires Sandbox & Anemone plugins. UNL Arch 223: Assignment 02 More kick ass work from my Arch 223 students... This assignment was to "remix" Gothic geometry. Not much conceptual criteria beyond that as the focus of the course technical process.

Small Object Design:                          Virtual To Reality Two Industrial Designers, Jewelers Artist, and Architects, are some of the professions utilizing Grasshopper and Rhino in their projects. My interest in Ceramics has expanded and opened new venues for me to explore. I wanted to overlap some of the knowledge I have in Architectural Ceramics and merge it with creating a 3D print. I can produce a unique object which I can make a mould from to create multiple copies. As an Industrial Designer, I can produce my proposed structure to small markers and businesses. I can produce a unique tile and have the object printed with a Makerbot. Tutors Three great BBC documentary films by Adam Curtis which help to understand our unit’s agenda: From Ayn Rand and Buckminster Fuller and the birth of the Californian Ideology, Ecology, Eco-Systems, Systems Theory and Cybernetics to George Price, Richard Dawkins and the Selfish Gene, see how the concept of “network” and “nature” has evolved as an ideology through modern times. Diagram of the Grasslands Experiment by George Van Dyne, showing how nature is interlinked as a system. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is a series of film about how humans have been colonized by the machines they have built. Although we don’t realize it, the way we see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers. It claims that computers have failed to liberate us and instead havedistorted and simplified our view of the world around us.

Grasshopper Progression of a Koch snowflake as it is described by a recursive definition I wrote in grasshopper Koch snowflake in Grasshopper Application of the same principle for a regular tetrahedron made through a recursive hrasshopper definition.. Koch tetrahedron Paper model for Koch tetrahedron

Grasshopper Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces Minimal surface is an area minimizing surface whose mean curvature at any point is zero, and is often represented by the shapes of soap bubbles that span wire frames. Some minimal surfaces have crystalline structures that repeat themselves periodically in three dimensions. Many of these surfaces were discovered by Alan Schoen who analysed them in his technical report, ‘Infinite Periodic Minimal Surfaces without Self-Intersection‘, written in 1970. I first started researching the different types of triply periodic minimal surfaces to understand the rules behind their structures. Schwarz Surface

apply a pattern on a surface Hello everybody. I created a program to apply a pattern (9 triangles) on a surface (a triangle too). I am new in grasshopper that's why the program maybe strange for you. But when I want to join this program on a surface composed of triangles (panels), it doesn't work. Anyone could help me please Thanks, Jeffrey Vaglio Project vignettes:Tower VignetteDefinition Vignette Additional images:Top ViewPerspective ViewOverall View Grasshopper file:Elliptical Tower with Annual Solar Response Louvers This is a parametric tower Grasshopper routine which twists an tapers and ellipse as it rises vertically. @improved » Delaunay Triangulation in Grasshopper (right click save target as) Delaunay Triangulation in Rhino‘s Grasshopper plugin. It’s pretty straightforward. Just don’t input in the magic node duplicating points or everything will start blowing up.

Lace-r Cut Lace : New Textiles 2012 This week our assignment was to: “Write a program, or modify an existing program, to create a two dimensional pattern and use a laser cutter to turn it into a sheet of lace. You are also welcome to then incorporate the lace into a larger design.” My main objective was to try to familiarize myself and learn more about Processing, and Grasshopper as computational tools to generate my designs. In my first experiment, I wanted to get a dispersion effect with shapes and Grasshopper would be the tool. Image of Rhino display of Grasshopper program using a point as an attractor Grasshopper program that produced the design shown above in Rhino