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How to make people like you: 6 science-based conversation hacks

How to make people like you: 6 science-based conversation hacks
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Conflict Strategies for Nice People - Liane Davey by Liane Davey | 12:00 PM December 25, 2013 Do you value friendly relations with your colleagues? Are you proud of being a nice person who would never pick a fight? Teams need conflict to function effectively. Still, I meet people every day who admit that they aren’t comfortable with conflict. Sure, pulling your punches might help you maintain your self-image as a nice person, but you do so at the cost of getting your alternative perspective on the table; at the cost of challenging faulty assumptions; and at the cost of highlighting hidden risks. To overcome these problems, we need a new definition of nice. The secret of having healthy conflict and maintaining your self-image as a nice person is all in the mindset and the delivery. To start shifting your mindset, think about your value to the team not in how often you agree, but in how often you add unique value. Here are a few tips on improving your delivery: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

HOW TO CHEAT AT EVERYTHING Over lunch with Simon Lovell, a fascinating former card shark, Allison Schrager learns all sorts of things about how swindlers operate ... Special to MORE INTELLIGENT LIFE "I can spot someone's weakness a mile away. In any room I can pick out the best target," says Simon Lovell, reformed con artist and famed magician, when asked over lunch about the root of his talents. "Take that woman over there." "Or that man over there, over-dressed, too neat, over-confident, thinks he is too smart to be taken." "But ultimately, anyone can be conned, if you have the balls to do it." Simon Lovell should know. Presently, instead of subjecting people to cons, Mr Lovell stars in a one-man off-Broadway show, "Strange and Unusual Hobbies". "I could sell shit at an anti-scat party," he says, "you have to figure out someone's wants and needs and convince them what you have will fill their emotional void." It requires avid study of psychology and body language. Con men tend to be excellent conversationalists.

Reading the Seven Universal Expressions | Big Think Mentor The human face is a universal signal system. In fact, it is the most precise signal system we have for our emotions. We can read seven different emotions and we can read whether they're being falsified or whether they are genuine expressions. These emotions are: AngerFearSadnessDisgustEnjoymentSurpriseContempt As renowned psychologist Paul Ekman explains, each of these emotional words stands for a family of feelings. We also experience different types of anger. In a new 5-part workshop on Big Think Mentor, Ekman introduces viewers to key principles and techniques for mastering the art of reading emotions. Sign up for a free trial of Big Think Mentor and learn more about microexpressions and other non-verbal communications here: Why was the universality of emotions so important to Charles Darwin? Darwin published his thoughts in the book The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals, published in 1872. How important are our facial expressions and why did they evolve the way they did?

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Networking - Dorie Clark by Dorie Clark | 12:00 PM February 18, 2014 We all know networking has the potential to dramatically enhance our careers; making new connections can introduce us to valuable new information, job opportunities, and more. But despite that fact, many of us are doing it wrong — and I don’t just mean the banal error of trading business cards at a corporate function and not following up properly. Many executives, even when they desperately want to cultivate a new contact, aren’t sure how to get noticed and make the right impression. I’ve certainly been there. We’re all busy, but it’s hard to imagine the volume of requests that well-known leaders receive. Grant does get back to the people who write him — he even had to hire an assistant to help — but most people at the top don’t have the time management skills (or the desire) to pull that off. Misunderstanding the pecking order. But the harsh truth is those rules don’t work for people who are above you in status.

The Differences Between Dating A Girl And Dating A Woman 1. A girl will expect to be pampered and treated like a princess at all times. A woman will expect to be treated with respect. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Tagged 20 Somethings, 30 Somethings, Adult, Dating, Differences, Girl, Immature, Love & Sex, Mature, Woman Crisis Leadership: Are You Always Putting Out Fires? When I was in city management, I worked with the fire chief. A good fire chief knows how to put out fires. When the fire truck arrives at the scene of the fire, everyone’s role has previously been defined. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. There’s a “standard operating procedure” for just about every scenario. At the scene of a fire, there’s no time for collaborative decision-making. Crisis situations require decisive action. On the other hand, the same characteristics of leadership in a crisis situation will be ineffective and counter-productive if there is no crisis present. Ironically, some people are leading like there’s always a crisis. Non-crisis situations require collaborative action.

18 Secrets To Being Undeniably Attractive 1. Attractiveness has almost nothing to do with how you look physically, though your natural physical disposition does play a small role. It’s mostly, if not entirely, about how you put yourself together and how you behave. 2. The most basic but overlooked staple of being attractive is smelling good. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Can bytes save the future? The money value delusion King Midas got his highest wish granted: All he touched turned to gold. Here seen with his golden daughter. He starved to death shortly after. On behalf of us all, investors make the same mistake as King Midas did. Mate choice and sexual selection is the ultimate evolutionary force that has shaped the human mind. Fortunately, attractive mate strategies also include the urge to display generosity and cooperation. "I’ll die before I’m 25, and when I die I will have lived the way I wanted to." The universal locations of cognitive mechanisms are now read with brain scanning techniques. A model of the ultimate representative democracy, adjusted for Norway. Cultures are in this way manifestations of the roots of sexual selection. 1. 2. Is it possible to design a democratic, solidary and sustainable society, stabilised by human ingroup drivers? 1. 2. 3. A safer future can be planned.

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