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Name Reactions, Synthones, Protecting Groups

Name Reactions, Synthones, Protecting Groups
Job Offers Post a JobNew Rates Available! Synthetic Organic ChemistsChembiotek, Kolkata, India - April, 15th Post-doctorate in Research ChemistrySyngenta, Stein, Switzerland - April, 14th Investigator, Medicinal ChemistryGSK, Collegeville, PA, USA - April, 8th Postdoctoral Opportunity Oncology iMed- Enantioselective SynthesisAstrazeneca, Waltham, PA - April, 8th

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Protein Data Bank A Structural View of Biology This resource is powered by the Protein Data Bank archive-information about the 3D shapes of proteins, nucleic acids, and complex assemblies that helps students and researchers understand all aspects of biomedicine and agriculture, from protein synthesis to health and disease. As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data.

Molecular orbital Complete acetylene (H–C≡C–H) molecular orbital set. The left column shows MO's which are occupied in the ground state, with the lowest-energy orbital at the top. The white and grey line visible in some MO's is the molecular axis passing through the nuclei. The orbital wave functions are positive in the red regions and negative in the blue. The right column shows virtual MO's which are empty in the ground state, but may be occupied in excited states. Overview[edit] nuclear decay processes Nuclear Decay · Head back to the helpdesk · Find more tutorials · Try some practice worksheets

Fatty Acids Types of fatty acids[edit] Three-dimensional representations of several fatty acids Fatty acids that have carbon–carbon double bonds are known as unsaturated. Fatty acids without double bonds are known as saturated. chemsoc - for everyone into chemistry We want everyone to experience the excitement and value of the chemical sciences. Our members and supporters reach out to connect people - from schoolchildren to scientists to political leaders - with chemistry. Whether you want to attend or run an event, set up a meeting or spend a few minutes writing an email, find out in this section how to get involved. Molecular modeling software Ascalaph is a general purpose molecular modeling software that performs quantum mechanics calculations for initial molecular model development, molecular mechanics and dynamics simulations in the gas or in condensed phase. It can interact with external molecular modeling packages (MDynaMix, NWChem, CP2K, PC GAMESS/Firefly and DelPhi). Learn more about Ascalaph Packages Download Abalone is designed for macromolecular simulations (proteins, DNA).

PyMOL - Wiki Non-free binaries[edit] On 1 August 2006, DeLano Scientific adopted a controlled-access download system for pre-compiled PyMOL builds (including betas) distributed by the company. Access to these executables is now limited to paying customers but is free for students and teachers. However, the current source code continues to be available at no cost, as are older pre-compiled builds. While the build systems for other platforms are open, the win32 build system is not (although Windows binaries are available online).

The Chemogenesis Webbook Unlike chemistry textbooks printed on paper, this webbook contains dynamic Synthlet and Database pages that explore and make predictions about aspects of chemical structure & reactivity and have embedded reaction chemistry YouTube Videos. Thanks go to the authors of web sites linked to from these pages, to members of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) and to the members of the ChemEd internet discussion list who have answered my many questions and synthesized such interesting postings. This web book is being continually updated. Please send comments, link suggestions, factual errors, browser problems, bug & broken link reports, etc., to the author:

Chemistry Labs Atomic Structure Series - Classifying Matter - Great Helpers View Now... Application of the Scientific Method - Apply Each Step - Form Experiments View Now... Synthesis (very nice instructional course) Chemistry requires an understanding of molecular structure, knowledge of molecular reactivity, and the creativity to combine them in novel situations. A synthetic chemist must be able to translate a two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional mental image. This three-dimensional image is then unwrapped and divided into key intermediates, each of which will be unwrapped and divided in turn. We cannot see with our eyes the molecules we study.

Chemistry Most of the services are free for academic researchers in Finland, but require a user account (also in Finnish) at CSC. Overview: Quick introduction to services useful for chemists. Programs: A wide selection of chemistry programs is available and supported. Databases: Both local and remote database services are provided. The Connected Chemistry Curriculum You can put the ConnectedChemistry.jar file anywhere on your hard drive, whether on your desktop, an apps folder, or another directory. However, if you're having trouble, put this file alone in a folder by itself, so other, older files don't interfere. If you attempt to launch the ConnectedChemistry.jar file directly from a CD, the Simulation will not work. An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Dr Alison E. Ashcroft, Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager, Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, Astbury Building , The University of Leeds.