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10 Reasons Why EarthShips Are F!#%ing Awesome

10 Reasons Why EarthShips Are F!#%ing Awesome
Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. They offer amenities like no other sustainable building style you have come across. For the reasons that follow, I believe Earthships can actually change the world. See for yourself! 1) Sustainable does not mean primitive When people hear about sustainable, off-the-grid living, they usually picture primitive homes divorced from the comforts of the 21st century. 2) Free Food Each Earthship is outfitted with one or two greenhouses that grow crops year-round, no matter the climate. 3) Brilliant Water Recycling Even the most arid of climates can provide enough water for daily use through only a rain-harvesting system. 4) Warmth & Shelter The most brilliant piece of engineering in the Earthship is their ability to sustain comfortable temperatures year round. The large greenhouse windows at the front of the house always face south to allow the sun to heat up the thermal mass throughout the daytime. 5) Energy

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5 Extraordinary DIY Eco Homes With the earth shifting so rapidly, we need to build housing that reflects our connections with the earth and with one another. There are so many different types of off grid, sustainable living houses that are incredibly cheap to create! Here are a few good ones: Earthships are probably the most popular type of self sustaining housing. This Message Has The Power To Change The World I had to clap at the end. It’s when I see things like this that I get reminded these are amazing times to be alive. More and more people are waking up to the bigger picture and everyday people are coming out with important wisdom like what this man shares in this powerful video. It is easy to get lost in how backwards our society is, but it’s when you turn your attention to the growing awakening of humanity that you realize that there is something amazing happening in the midst of it all. The old is slowly crumbling under its own weight and the truth is finally making its way to the masses.

Renewable Energy Now Cheaper Than Fossil Fuel Renewable energy is becoming more and more competitive. Alternative and renewable energy sources are increasingly becoming more affordable. According to a new study published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, it is now less costly in America to get electricity from wind turbines and solar panels, than it is to get it from coal-fired power plants. Vincent Callebaut Architecte FLAVOURSORCHARD TYPE : Architectural & Engineering CommissionCLIENT : Private Developer, KunmingPROGRAM : Construction of 45 Plus-Energy (BEPOS) VillasPROJECT TITLE : Flavours OrchardCONTRACT PERFORMANCE LOCATION : Dianchi Lake, Kunming, Southwest China CitySURFACE AREA : 90.000 m²YEAR : 2014VCA’S TEAM: Jiaoyang Huang, Benoit Patterlini, Maguy Delrieu, Olivier Sylvain, Vincent Callebaut Stepping out of your plus-energy house regulating the light and the temperature cleverly and automatically according to the sun’s path. Catch the vital energies of the nature by training ourselves Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong under a snow of cherry tree petals.

13 Cheap DIY Greenhouse Plans Greenhouses are great to have for so many reasons. They extend the growing season in cold climates and can allow you to grow varieties of plants you may not otherwise be able to grow in your area. They are perfect for starting seeds and can provide a nice little calming retreat. Large or small, building a greenhouse doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 13 inexpensive DIY greenhouse ideas that include plans or tutorials.

#postscarcity or bust! by Philip Richlin We live on a planet with finite resources, however scarcity is relative to the way we manage those resources. “Scarcity” as a condition is artificial in the 21st century. SCiO: This Unbelievable Device Will Change The Way We Interact With The World A truly mind-blowing technology that was presented less than 24 hours ago on Kickstarter, with a goal to raise $200,000, has already shattered all expectations. With $218,000 already raised and more dollars flowing in every minute, we think it’s fair to say SCiO will turn out to be one of Kickstarter’s epic success stories. SCiO is a tiny handheld scanner that can tell you whether an apple you want to bite into is fresh, what’s in the pills your doctor prescribed, how many calories are in your meal, or whether your plant needs more water. “Smartphones give us instant answers to questions like where to have dinner, what movie to see, and how to get from point A to point B, but when it comes to learning about what we interact with on a daily basis, we’re left in the dark,” says Dror Sharon, CEO of Consumer Physics, the Israeli company behind SCiO. Related articles Consumer Physics has taken the same technology and designed SCiO from the ground up to be mass-produced at low cost.

Hacking Abundance But if the technological, demographic and geopolitical tsunami that Abundance predicts and celebrates is truly coming, we're all going to need to learn to ride giants--fast. That, or risk getting buried by them. That shift hints at entrepreneurs with world views and self-senses not merely satisfied with a stable of fancy cars, or a hall full of exotic hunting mounts--of leaders who thrive in solving complex problems, within and beyond their chosen industries, and within and beyond their own immediate spheres of concern. Put simply, it seems like les enfants terrible of Silicon Valley are growing up, and just in time to make a big difference.

DIF Biomimicry Challenge - Think Dif - Disruptive Innovation Festival DIF Biomimicry Challenge Use biomimicry to radically improve an aspect of the food system to fit within a circular economy. During this challenge, participants are asked to: Sand Babel: Solar-Powered Twisting Skyscrapers 3D-Printed with Desert Sands Sand Babel is a twisting, solar-powered, 3D-printed skyscraper built from desert sand. Inspired by tornadoes and mushroom rocks found in deserts, the tower was designed with an underground tube network system that combines residential spaces, scientific research facilities and sightseeing platforms. The futuristic, forward-thinking project by Chinese designers earned an honorable mention in the 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. Conceived by Chinese designers Qiu Song, Kang Pengfei, Bai Ying, Ren Nuoya, Guo Shen, the project envisions an intelligent network of skyscrapers distributed across a desert landscape.

Beautiful and I absolutely agree. Traditional understanding of basic shelter and building methiods still dominate social systems because of entrenched mindests and unkind media toward innovation and true sustainability regarding our interface with nature by fuadudemans3 Mar 5