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Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth

Osiris & Christianity - The Christian Adoption of Egyptian Iconography, Symbolism, and Myth
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Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of just under 900 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves in and around the ruins of the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. The texts are of great religious and historical significance, as they include the oldest known surviving copies of Biblical and extra-biblical documents and preserve evidence of great diversity in late Second Temple Judaism. They are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, mostly on parchment, but with some written on papyrus. These manuscripts generally date between 150 BCE and 70 CE. The scrolls are traditionally identified with the ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes, though some recent interpretations have challenged this association and argue that the scrolls were penned by priests, Zadokites, or other unknown Jewish groups. Date and Contents The rest (about 15%) of the fragments are yet unidentified. Essenes John C.

Introduction DEPTH ASTROLOGY: A HANDBOOK By GargatholilIntroduction Plan and Organization Philosophical Approach Astological Symbols Planets Elements and Modalities Houses Signs Aspects I briefly wish to acknowledge the influences and contributions of several writers whom I have never met but who have shaped my thinking and informed my knowledge of depth astrology. These include Alan Leo for a general introduction to astrology in his Esoteric Astrology; the great Dane Rudhyar, particularly for his work in the interpretation of the astrological houses; Liz Greene, especially for her work with Saturn; Frances Sakoian and Louis Aeker for their work on the quincunx; Stephen Arroyo; Donna Cunningham and more whom I have forgotten. The natural horoscope is a mandala. The natural horoscope is also the complete astrological symbology of signs, houses, planets, points and aspects. The Essences of the Twelve are each a different (differentiated) reflection of the One—Its emanations.

What the Bible Says Versus What Republicans Wish it Said I wrote yesterday about religion-based bigotry versus the world of facts and I’m going to touch on that subject again today. It is important that we question the GOP closely on this issue since it’s one so important to them that they insist we all abide by it as well, regardless of our own religions beliefs (or lack thereof). Look at this headline from Right Wing Watch as an example of the recent rhetoric: James Dobson takes to WorldNetDaily to blast Obama over his support for marriage equality: “I hope you live to regret ripping into the institution of marriage, which has been foundational to the social order of all nations.” Leaving us some questions about this “institution of marriage” thing. 2 Kings 15:16: “He [Menahem, king of Israel] sacked Tiphsah and ripped open all the pregnant women.” Genesis 38:24: Tamar is pregnant. Numbers 31:17-18: “Now, kill all the boys. We find the following examples of God’s love in Hosea: Hosea 9:14: “Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give?

My Atheism does not make me superior to believers. It's a leap of faith too | Ijeoma Oluo There are many different ways in which people come to atheism. Many come to it in their early adult years, after a childhood in the church. Some are raised in atheism by atheist parents. I was six years old, sitting in my frilly yellow Easter dress, throwing black jelly beans out into the yard, when my mom explained the story of Easter to me. I didn’t come to this conclusion because the story of a man waking from the dead made no sense – I wasn’t an overly analytical child. The same confidence that many of my friends have in the belief that Jesus walks with them is the confidence that I have that nobody walks with me. These are my truths. But my conviction that there is no God is nonetheless a leap of faith. I keep this fact in mind – that my atheism is a leap of faith – because otherwise it’s easy to get cocky. But atheism as a faith is quickly catching up in its embrace of divisive and oppressive attitudes. Look through new atheist websites and twitter feeds.

Mithras and Jesus See also Mithras and Christianity. In certain sorts of literature, the claim is made that Jesus is merely a copy of Mithras. A series of statements are made about Mithras - born of a virgin, had a last supper, died, resurrected, etc - which do make him seem identical. 1. Collections of "sayings of the philosophers" were made in antiquity and into the medieval period. From the 17th century onwards, Protestant writers routinely accused the "Romanists" - the Roman Catholic Church - of basing its worship on pagan ritual.3 With the rise of anti-Christian movements such as socinianism in the 18th century, this developed in some writers into the claim that the Christ story was not different to that of older pagan legends and so was, by inference, equally untrue. The French revolutionary writer Dupuis continued this line of thought in 1794.4 He seems to be the originator of the claims that Mithras was very similar to Christ. 2. No ancient source gives such a birth myth for Mithras. 3. 4. 5.

Astrology Library davidcross Jackie Evancho and The Canadian Tenors, Silent Night Pentatonix’s new spin on "Mary Did You Know" is giving everyone goosebumps!Pentatonix is sending chills down everyone’s spine with... She Threads Christmas Bulbs Onto A Hanger. The End Result Is Absolutely GorgeousIf you purchase a holiday wreath from a home store, it ... Their NEW rendition of "O Holy Night" is so beautiful, it gave me chills.Home Free’s brand new version of "O Holy Night" is stun... A Policewoman Mistreats A Homeless Man, Keep Your Eye On The Child Beside HimIn an effort to see how people might respond to a homel...

Godfrey of Bouillon: Leader in the First Crusades and Ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem Godfrey of Bouillon was a medieval Frankish nobleman best known for his role as one of the main leaders during the First Crusade. As a consequence of this successful military expedition to the Holy Land, Godfrey became the first ruler of the newly-established Kingdom of Jerusalem. Godfrey is said to have refused to accept the title ‘King’, choosing to adopt the title of Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri , which means ‘Advocate / Protector of the Holy Sepulchre’ instead. Early Life of Godfrey Godfrey of Bouillon was born in 1060, and was the second son of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne, and his wife, Ida, the daughter of Godfrey III (the Bearded), Duke of Lower Lorraine. Whilst his elder brother, Eustace III, was heir to the County of Boulogne and was to inherit the family’s estate in England, Godfrey was named as the heir of his maternal uncle, Godfrey IV (the Hunchback). Yet, not all of these territories fell into Godfrey’s hands immediately. Godfrey Joins the Call to Arms

Astrology Main Page The following are the main directories in the astrology section: You can also find the astrology sections in the top menu under Spiritual. For those seeking self development, there are many systems which help them to attain certain advantages. Astrology is one such system. You learn to understand and know yourself better. Astrology uses a small number of basic principles, that it combines into meaningful messages based on reading certain information based on astronomical information. The role of astrology in "fortune telling" and understanding the personality and interactions of people is only a very very small part of astrology and the value of astrology. In essence, astrology involves combining a small (relatively) number of concepts to create meaningful information and knowledge. For example, the planetary force represented by Jupiter, is modified by the sign in which Jupiter is placed, and it has its main effects depending on the house it is placed in. For instance...

abstinenceonlystates What Does It Take for a Person to Become an Atheist? By Austin Cline Updated July 20, 2015. Question:How can I be an atheist? Response:So, do you want to be an atheist? Few people seem to understand what being an atheist is all about and thus what becoming an atheist entails. Here are the steps necessary to become an atheist: Step One: don't believe in any gods. That's it, there are no steps two, three, or four. There are lots of things which people imagine are part of being an atheist, but definitely aren't. That exhausts all the logical possibilities. How you arrive at not believing in any gods may be difficult and will certainly vary from person to person. Others may be afraid of what they could find if they start. What you do after you arrive at not believing in any gods may also be difficult, especially if you are surrounded by religion and theistic belief. Being an atheist is easy — all that it requires is not believing in any gods.

The Ancient Pagan Origins of Easter Easter Sunday is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honour the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary. It is also the day that children excitedly wait for the Easter bunny to arrive and deliver their treats of chocolate eggs. Easter is a ‘movable feast’ which is chosen to correspond with the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox, and occurs on different dates around the world since western churches use the Gregorian calendar, while eastern churches use the Julian calendar. So where did this ‘movable feast’ begin, and what are the origins of the traditions and customs celebrated on this important day around the world? Christian’s today celebrate Easter Sunday as the resurrection of Jesus. Most historians, including Biblical scholars, agree that Easter was originally a pagan festival. Resurrection as a symbol of rebirth