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Five Horrifying Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Serial killers are the real-life monsters that we disguise as horror movie villains. Bundy, Dahmer, and Manson are names that are as recognizable as Freddy, Jason, and Michael. They are horrifyingly fascinating because, in the movies, motives aren't questioned; it's just a fun, scary time, and the threat ends when the lights come on. But in real life, it is unfathomable that people could be so monstrous. We've gathered five of the sickest, most horrifying serial killers that you should be aware of - but probably aren't. The "Bloody Benders" In the late 1870s in Kansas, a startling number of missing persons were reported to the authorities. Allegedly German immigrants, the Bender family consisted of parents John and Kate, and adult children John Jr. and Kate. H.H. Much like Capone, a simple white-collar crime brought H.H. Holmes's killing spree at the Murder Castle only lasted about a year. Andrei Chikatilo Robert Hansen Fred and Rosemary West

Texas Police Brutality-Police Officers-Police V... 08/12/2005 - When Gus Elliott was a student at NT in 2003, he was a criminal justice major with plans of becoming a police officer. But because of an incident on Aug. 16, 2003, he has now filed a civil lawsuit against three NT police officers. The lawsuit claims the officers slammed Elliott's head, face-first, onto the trunk of his car and signed a false affidavit stating that Elliott assaulted them. Attorney Richard Gladden filed the lawsuit against officers Greg Prickett, Mark Linnell and William Hitt on July 29 at the 158 district court. Gladden said the jury would probably find damages up to or more than $50,000 and hopes punitive damages will be issued to deter similar actions in the future. "They didn't just assault a citizen," Gladden said. Prickett said, according to video evidence and his sworn affidavit, that he pulled Elliott over at 1100 Maple St. because he "failed to stop at a designated stop point" before a flashing red light. "I didn't head-butt him," Elliot said. Sgt.

Identity switch twin flees court Police are searching for a man who escaped from custody after switching identities with his twin brother. Simon MacLellan, 27, from Gosport, has not been seen since Friday afternoon when he was released by magistrates. MacLellan was on remand at HMP Winchester in connection with a serious assault. His twin, Mark, is also on remand for a less serious offence. Hampshire Police said a 27-year-old man had been arrested in connection with aiding and abetting an escape. Mark MacLellan was due to appear at Fareham Magistrates' Court. It is thought the pair - who are non-identical twins - switched identities in prison and the wrong brother was taken to court. The mistake was spotted by prison officials shortly after 2100 BST on Friday. 'History of violence' People are being advised not to approach Simon MacLellan if they see him as he could be violent. "McLellan has a history of violence and should not be approached under any circumstances." McLellan is described as white, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Cary Stayner Cary Stayner is an American serial killer currently on death row for the 1999 murders of four women in Yosemite, California. Stayner's victims were Carole Sund, her daughter Julie, Argentine exchange student Silvina Pelosso and park employee Joie Armstrong. Born on August 13, 1961, Stayner claimed after his arrest that he had fantasized about murdering women since the age of seven. Stayner attempted suicide in 1991 and was arrested in 1997 for possession of marijuana and methamphetamine, although the charges were eventually dropped. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, his lawyers citing a family history of sexual abuse and mental illness, manifesting itself not only in the murders but also in Stayner's admitted pedophilia (he at one point requested child pornography in return for his confession) and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Amid the nationwide publicity the case received, the FBI was heavily criticized for not arresting Stayner before he murdered his fourth victim. Mrs.

Seth Privacky's confession Seth Privacky Editor's note: The following is a transcript from the Dec. 1, 1998, confession of Seth Privacky to police after he murdered five people at his home at 1301 W. Riley Thompson. He gave his confession at 1:37 p.m. to Detective Sgt. Dennis Edwards, of the Muskegon County Sheriff's Department. Edwards: Okay. Privacky: Okay. I used to be real close to my brother, we used to get along so well. Edwards: Which one told you that they didn't love you anymore? Privacky: My father told me that he didn't love me anymore. Edwards: OK. Privacky: And that he wanted me to move out. Edwards: What happened then? Privacky: Out of anger and rage I went upstairs in my dad's closet and got his .22 caliber pistol and loaded the clip and went downstairs. Edwards: Where were you at the time when they came in the door? Privacky: I was in the living room and I heard the car pull up so I knew they were coming in and ... Edwards: OK, did you hide somewhere when they came in the door? Edwards: Speak up please.

Madonna stage accident kills two Aftermath of the stage collapse at the 60,000 seater Velodrome A second person has died following the collapse of a stage being constructed for a Madonna concert in France. Charles Prow, a 23-year-old from Headingley in Leeds, died overnight at a hospital in Marseille. Technicians had been setting up the stage at the city's Velodrome stadium when the partially-built roof fell in on Thursday, bringing down a crane. Madonna said she was "devastated" by the news. Charles Criscenzo, a 53-year-old French worker, was killed outright in the accident, which took place at around 1715 (1615 BST). Eight other people were seriously hurt, including an American who was hospitalised in a life-threatening condition. More than 30 people suffered minor injuries and shock, according to authorities. 'Shaking and collapsing' The 60,000-seater Velodrome is France's second-biggest sports arena and home to the Olympique de Marseille football club. 'Great tragedy'

David Spanbauer, Serial Child Killer and Rapist — Hunting Season In so many crime stories of the real and unreal, hunters are often the first to find the body. They are the ones the rural police call to help with searches for lost hikers and missing people. Sometimes their dogs are the first to find the lost person. Two hunters found the body of a 12-year-old girl in a ditch along a country road. Kempster, Wisconsin Chief Deputy Larry Shadick of the Langlade County Sheriff Department likened it to hunting. AOK » Camp Scott First we want to give a huge thanks to Kevin Weaver over at for giving us a personal tour and his help researching. Head over to his site to read EVERYTHING about the Camp Scott story. The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders is still to this day an unsolved crime in rural Mayes County, Oklahoma. In 1977, Camp Scott was in its 49th year as a keystone of the Tulsa-based Magic Empire Girl Scout Council. Gene Leroy Hart had escaped from prison four years prior to the murders, and had been convicted of raping two pregnant women previously. Less than two months before the murders, during an on-site training session, a camp counselor found her belongings ransacked, her doughnuts stolen, and inside the empty doughnut box was a disturbing hand-written note. June 12, 1977 was the first day of camp. The following morning, a counselor made the frightening discovery of three girls, found dead in their sleeping bags at a fork in the trail. By this time, Hart was already dead. Great Hall

Council Continues To Grill Officials On Blizzard Response The City Council redistricting proposal is now one step away from taking effect for the next decade after the districting commission voted unanimously to pass the proposal at a public meeting Thursday night in Manhattan. Charles Schmid: The Pied Piper of Tucson — Secrets in the Sand It was Life and Time magazines that turned a local story from Tucson, Arizona, into a national abomination. Reporters came from all over, to be sure, but on March 4, 1966, Life printed an ominous photo of the desert landscape where three girls had disappeared and the story of Charles Howard Schmid, Jr., or "Smitty," became international news. He had been arrested four months earlier on November 11, just after marrying a fifteen-year-old girl whom he'd met on a blind date. Dubbed "The Pied Piper of Tucson," for his ability to get girls to fall for him, he stood five feet, four inches tall, but added three more inches by padding his stack-heeled cowboy boots with rags and tin cans. His tiny house on his parents' property was the scene of many parties. Charles Schmid, Jr. Smitty hung around the high school, luring girls into his cars. Hey, come on, babe, follow meI'm the Pied Piper, follow meI'm the Pied PiperAnd I'll show you where it's at. Time For Marijuana Legalization? One of 14 marijuana fields located in the Crabtree Nature Preserve, Cook County, Ill., July 25, 2007. DEA Attorney Andrew Cohen analyzes legal issues for CBS News and Apparently, it was nothing personal after all. Apparently, it was strictly business all along. After generations of defending capital punishment and marijuana possession laws on moral, ethical and religious grounds, after years of declaring that the death penalty acted as a deterrent against violent crime and that pot smokers were more dangerous to society than, say, alcohol consumers, all of a sudden thanks to our economic crisis more and more mainstream powerbrokersare considering dramatic changes to our criminal justice system. The New York Times today has a late-arriving pieceby Ian Urbina which posits that lawmakers in several states are considering abandoning the death penalty because it's just too expensive and cuts into other law enforcement priorities. Copyright 2009 CBS.

Richard Paul White Serial killer White sentenced November 30, 2004 Murderer mouths words 'I'm sorry' to slain women's kin..Family members of two women murdered by serial killer Richard White looked him straight in the eye and sobbed as they spoke at his sentencing hearing Monday in Denver District Court. "I wish some day I could hear a reason or answer for how someone could do something so cruel to another human being," said Effie Laub, whose sister was raped, tortured and killed...Family members told White about the children left behind when he killed their mothers in 2002...White stared back, nodded and mouthed the words "I'm sorry." He made no other statement as he was sentenced to two life prison terms for the murders of Annaletia Maria Gonzales, 27, and Victoria Turpin, 34, whose bodies were buried in his back yard. He also was sentenced to 144 years in prison for sexual assaults on three other women who survived. "Mr. "He has terrorized countless other women," Lombardi said. September 29, 2004