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Pictify Content Curation 101: 7 Best Practices, Helpful Tools & Great Examples In today’s digital world, marketers know that creating quality content is key to informing, engaging and inspiring action, as well as building authority and rapport with their audiences. And oftentimes that means creating original pieces and assets that tap into their audience’s interests, address pain points and answer burning questions. But let’s face it: marketers are busy—and creating quality, original pieces that get results and position your brand as having the best answer is incredibly time intensive. However, there is one tactic that can come to the rescue: content curation. What is content curation? Simply put, content curation is all about finding, gathering and sharing the best and most relevant content the web has to offer on a specific topic that your audience cares about. Why content curation? First off, you’re likely already doing it in some capacity. Secondly, content curation can add value, quality and credibility to your content marketing efforts and your brand. BuzzFeed

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