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Magnetic Levitation Technology » CLM-0.5

Magnetic Levitation Technology » CLM-0.5
Crealev creates eye-catching products utilizing own patented magnetic levitation (maglev) technology. Our products can be divided in three main categories; levitation modules, display products and our floating lamps. We provide floating products and services to businesses, distributors, ad-agencies, end-users and consumers. Curious what we have to offer? Browse our site, contact us directly or have us call you back via our callback button.

Opel Rade - Bike by Kiska Opel Boomerang Bike The RAD e builds a bridge from the automaker Opel’s origins in bicycle manufacturing to its current position as the transportation producer of the future. The RAD e is the first e-bike designed around automotive production methods. It is made of hollow pressed-steel which is light, strong, flexible and easy to make. The pedelec drive of the RAD e is based on a state-of-the-art 250 Watt electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. It provides an electrically-assisted range of 60 to 140 km, depending on the terrain.

Make a Joule thief. In the November 1999 issue of EPE (Everyday Practical Electronics), a small and intriguing circuit was published in the Ingenuity Unlimited section by Z. Kaparnik. It was a very small implementation of a typical transformer feedback single transistor invertor. The transformer was a standard ferrite bead with two windings wound on it and the circuit was using the high voltage pulse generated when the transistor turns off to light an LED from a single 1.5V battery. This page has two variations on the original design to use the simple circuit in a useful manner. I originally called this torch the vampire torch because it sucked the last remnants of life from a cell, but then decided to call it a Joule Thief instead because it was a catchy name and played on the fact the unit steals the last bit of energy from a cell.

Diesel Lamp by Daniela Schär Modern Meets Vintage A part of the “Successful Living” collection by the Diesel Creative Team, the floor and pendant Cage lamps reflect both modern pop culture and vintage style influences. Smooth, bright colored shades contrast with dark, heavy-duty wire, making it an aesthetically sensible choice for both contemporary settings and industrial spaces alike. Designer: Diesel & Foscarini TouchOfModern Price Hidden $35.00 retail For the first time ever, Rock-It 3.0 is being sold online and its featured here on ToMo! The Rock-It portable vibration speaker system takes music from your device and generates it into vibration sequences. It sends those vibrations through the Rock-It "pod" which you can stick to virtually any object. Simply press play on your device (iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops, etc.) and Rock-It 3.0 will turn the object into a speaker.

3 Style Table by David Koch 3 in 1 Table The 3Style table is a cleverly designed, multifunctional furniture solution that’s great for small living spaces. The table can be effortlessly recombined without tools to make either a coffee table, desk or dining table in just a matter of seconds. Simply reconfigure the pieces to change the function. Hit the jump to watch the video transformation! Make a $20 ozone generator. Need some cheap ozone? Here's an experimental ozone generator based on readily available parts that you can build cheaply to clean up the air in your surroundings or get rid of strong odours. I think the latter will appeal to the people who grow exotic herbs in their homes, or live in damp climates where mould is a problem. This project generally works well, but it's output depends on the components used.

Dyson Calor'shocks – Iron Redesigned by Stéphane Pietroiusti Ultimate In Ironing The Dyson Calor’shocks revisits ironing clothes by using heat and ultrasound to ease out the wrinkles. Ironing is basically a chore no one likes to do and unless you’re the crisp-white-shirt types, we try and cut corners just to get it over and done with. This new concept of ultrasound mat and iron, hopes to make the job easy by kinda self-doing the ironing with little pressure. I’m eager to see this develop into something concrete, because I sue can do without laundry chores! ntemporary Tables Tables & Desks View all products Search the site Subscribe to Facebook High Frequency Induction Heating Introduction Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive.

Stretch no.3 Chair by Moran Ein Dor These Stretch Marks Are Good! Moran Ein Dor is passionate about surfaces and effects of stretching; as a result he’s crafted this brilliant piece of furniture called Stretch no.3. It’s a chair where the stretching poles functions as columns and compliment the surface, which forms the seat. It’s currently under production, so an affordable version should be out for those of you who have taken fancy to this scrunchy-clip lookalike! Designer: Moran Ein Dor

Acquire - Style One of our favorite models from Tres Bien's SS14 Sun Buddies eyewear collection is the wayfarer-styled Type 01 in Blue Smoke. The tortoise-like acetate is a great alternative to your usual brown tortoise styles and is fitted with lenses from Carl Zeiss Optical. Whether it's wool or mesh, it's always great to see to see the different variations on the now classic Achilles sneaker. This season Common Projects adds canvas to the mix and as you'd expect the end result is nothing short of impressive. Definitely a new and essential complement if you already own a leather pair. Including the navy colorway pictured above, the shoe comes in a classic white and black washed canvas.