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New Ornate Insects Drawn by Alex Konahin

New Ornate Insects Drawn by Alex Konahin
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Hire people to do fun & bizarre projects for $5 Fun. Smiles. Laughter. Is there really any thing better than all that? Life should have more of it. Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery Karma Jello Cannabis, Psychedelics, Comedians, Astronomy, Philosophy, Photography, Art, MMA Karma Jello » Culture » Art » Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery POSTED BY JAMES HSU | Art Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on pinterest_shareShare on stumbleuponShare on google_plusone_shareShare on emailMore Sharing Services Kim Jung Gi is a korean artist who enrolled into a Fine Arts School at the age of 19. I observe things all the time. Kim Jung-Gi – Sudden Attack, Drawing Demo Kim Jung Gi – Conflict, Drawing Demo Kim Jung Gi – Epic Hour of Illustrating Mastery, Drawing Demo You can support this awesome artist by checking out the sketchbooks on his website, Tags: Art Technique, Comic Book Artist, Drawings, Pulp Art, sketches Related Posts Today Week Month All 4 Stages of Writing by Malcolm Cowley (Guide) Calvin and Hobbes - Stars and Infinity (Comic Strip) Joe Rogan Experience - The Best of Brian Redban (Video) Back to Top

Zentangles: my new favourite artform | The Underground Artist Pub I recently bought the book One Zentangle a Day from amazon and I’ve found it a lovely and practical introduction into the art of zentangles. This is a recently developed technique where you draw repetitive strokes over and over again, adding shading and highlights to form a patterned tile. These tiles can be shaped to create a greater picture or form. Below is a starter Zentangle that I drew recently. Here are some more advanced zentangles from the web. Why not give zentangling a go. Like this: Like Loading...

Peerless Drawings of Karla Mialynne The artist Karla Mialynne lives and works in the United States. In order to create highly realistic drawings, she uses colored pencils, acrylic paints and markers. Carl puts her illustrations on her Instagram account. You can see these wonderful paintings, along with pencils and markers that are needed to create the images. I propose you to enjoy Karla Mialynne’s amazing drawings and get inspired

How To Draw Trees - Quickly & Easily Learning how to draw trees is a lot easier than you may think... Many budding artists of all ages are put off because they've only previously managed a 'lollipop' that they remember producing when they were at school. And yet, a lollipop isn't a million miles away from many real trees in full summer foliage. You just need to know where to 'tweak' your sketch to make your lollipop look the part. So if you think you couldn't draw the tree below - or even better? The good thing about learning how to draw trees is that unlike a portrait, where the features have to be in the right place for the face to look right, if you put a branch in the wrong place on a tree, it still looks like a tree. This tutorial gets you started using basic, familiar shapes you've seen a hundred times. But until now, I bet you never thought it would teach you how to draw trees ! All you will need to start with is a pencil, an eraser and a few pieces of scrap paper or a pad. I've achieved this with a craft knife.

Coral Castle History[edit] According to the Coral Castle's own promotional material, Edward Leedskalnin was jilted by his 16-year-old fiancée Agnes Scuffs in Latvia, just one day before the wedding. Leaving for America, he came down with allegedly terminal tuberculosis, but spontaneously healed, stating that magnets had some effect on his disease. Edward spent over 28 years building the Coral Castle, refusing to allow anyone to view him while he worked. A few teenagers claimed to have witnessed his work, reporting that he had caused the blocks of coral to move like hydrogen balloons. The only tool that Leedskalnin spoke of using was a "perpetual motion holder." Leedskalnin originally built the castle, which he named Rock Gate Park, in Florida City, Florida around 1923. Leedskalnin continued to work on the castle up until his death in 1951. Leedskalnin charged visitors ten cents a head to tour the castle grounds. The Castle[edit] A view from within Leedskalnin's Coral Castle. The Thirty Ton Stone.

Five creative tactics for selling paintings online | Work Your Art It’s the 21st Century – and every painter you know is on Twitter and Facebook marketing their paintings. In order to achieve great results and stand out from the crowd, you, the creative entrepreneur, have to go about marketing and selling your work in a more creative way. Coming up with unique and unusual tactics yourself is crucial, but in this article I’ll provide you with five examples to spark your imagination. 1. Whenever I create content, I find that the best way to make it go viral is to transform it into a video and publish it on Youtube. 2. As Pinterest is getting more popular these days, it’s also becoming a great resource for artists looking to get inspirational pictures. 3. 4. Whether you already have a shop online or you’re brand new to the e-commerce side of things, it’s always a good thing to have your work up for sale on multiple places. 5. Need more actionable advice?

Irina Vinnik on Behance Marco Mazzoni “The Encyclopedia of Impossible Animals”, fantastic coloured pencil and ink drawings from Marco Mazzoni’s sketchbook. Pas à pas pas à pas pour savoir plus sur les zendalas et les zentangles: recherche google: ici & ici & ici & icividéos: ici & icias à pas, proposé par Smaranda: dessin sur tissus blanc , stylo à l'encre textile: mon mini quilt "Zendala Vache" 30cm X 30cm et Ce sont des CD textiles: j'ai dessiné directement, avec un stylo à l'encre textile, à pointe très fine, sur un carré de tissu blanc: pour faire mes CD TEXTILES, j'ai passé un fil pour pouvoir froncer le tissuautour du CD, j'ai découpé le tissus juste au-dessus du fil de fronce j'ai découpé le rond, j'ai passé tout autour un fil de fronce, j'ai tiré le fil et j'ai serré le tissu, pour épouser le cercle-CD: l'envers: l'endroit:

Every Day Things Zoomed in at a Microscopic Level Look Trippy All of things in these images exist in the world around you. You may even encounter most of these daily. But when you take something seemingly normal, like an eye lash, it turns alien and strange when you zoom in to a microscopic level. A banana. The surface of a vinyl disc. Velcro. Red blood cells. Used dental floss. The filament of a tungsten lightbulb. A toothbrush. Toilet paper. The foot of a housefly. Sutures. A split human hair. The skin of a spider. Snowflakes. Salt and pepper. Salt. Lice. The edge of a stamp. Pollen. Pencil graphite. Orange juice. Needle and thread. Instant coffee. A human sweat gland. A human eyelash. A guitar string. The foot of a gecko. A football jersey. A flea. Dust. Chocolate. Chalk. A blood clot. Just think. Source

Gripping Tutorials on How to Draw Hands | Maca is Rambling Sharebar The human hand, for some of us, is one of the most challenging things to master drawing. It is important especially for those who are serious about pursuing a career in drawing. Apart from being the primary focus of a character’s actions, the hand may also serve as one of the key elements that could make the emotions and mood of a character apparent through hand gestures. As someone who has been drawing for the rest of his life, I had my fair share of drawings with the character’s hands somehow hidden from view just to hide the fact that I can’t draw them. Here I gathered some tutorials from deviantArt that I think would best help those who are struggling to draw hands in various angles. Just click on each tutorial to go to the artist’s page and download the full size. Mini Hand Tutorial by nk-chan Clawed Hand Tutorial by Mytherea Drawing Hands by Paperwick Hand Tutorial 2 by Qinni -Hands Tutorial- by odduckoasis Hands Tutorial by JohnYume About maca Hello, my name is Karlo Macariola.

How to Draw the Female Eye Step by Step About Faith Graphite Pencil, Charcoal Pencil and Pastels Artist Hello! My name is Faith Te. When I was 16, a great desire to capture nature and the people around me started my passion for drawing. I began to look at drawing not just as a hobby but something which I wanted to do all my life. I practiced every day and for many hours since. Initially, charcoal and graphite pencils were the only mediums I used. I devote many hours and lots of attention to detail into each and every one of my drawings or paintings. Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Please take a moment to visit Faith’s Website and Blog to learn more about her and her products and services. Her Website: Her Blog: Graphite Pencil Drawing Tutorial: Female Eye by Faith Te (Click Images Below for Larger Views) Here is the first tutorial from Art Studio — a female eye. Step 1: The outline on Canson Grain. Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8:

Intricately Patterned Animal Illustrations It would be hard to tell from these strikingly detailed animals but artist Iain Macarthur got his start drawing cartoon characters. Now he carries his sketchbook on the bus, to the cafe and everywhere else as he includes more realism and in this case pattern in his illustrations. See more of his animals (and even some cartoons) at See Also INCREDIBLE 3D ILLUSTRATIONS JUMP OUT OF THE SKETCHBOOK Via: Known in some circles as the most amazing man in the universe, he once saved an entire family of muskrats from a sinking, fire engulfed steamboat while recovering from two broken arms relating to a botched no-chute wingsuit landing in North Korea. Promoted Content

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