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Radio Lingua Network: Language-learning where and when it suits you Authoring and Publishing Pricing Packages It's never been more flexible and cost-effective to collaboratively create web-based elearning and mlearning content. Claro Lite, Standard and Professional are ideal for individual users or very small teams of authors. Claro Workgroup adds more features to support larger authoring teams, while Claro Enterprise supports the needs of a large business. And no matter what version of Claro you choose, Reviewers are always free! Now through the end of April Claro Lite starts as low as $97/month ($997/year). * Additional storage can be purchased for $197/GB per year. ** All packages include Standard Level Support, which includes unlimited email support as well as all Claro system updates.

Curation Zeen Seven Top Authoring Tools by Joe Ganci “You choose the tools you need depending on the instructional design you need to implement, the venues to which you need to deliver, your budget and schedule, and other factors. I hope this table helps you to reach your eLearning goals.” Recently The eLearning Guild published a research report written by yours truly, entitled Rapid eLearning Authoring: Top Tools, in which I analyzed the results of the continuous surveys to which thousands of Guild members respond. Following the publication of that report, I thought it would make sense to take the seven tools that survey respondents reported using the most and compare their features for you. However, it’s important to note that not all apples are the same: two applications may claim that they allow you to create quizzes, but one may let you create much more powerful quizzes than the other. The top-seven tools that people reported using, in order of most use to least, are: The categories I use in the table include: The table appears below.

List of Tweetchats By Day of Week From Gnosis Media Group Looking for a tweetchat? Below is a list of tweetchats in both alphabetical order and by day. Thank you to @merylkevans for the inspiration to build this Twitter chat wiki. Text GNOSISARTS to 368266to get tweetchat info by text message! Note: All times listed in Central Standard Time with a couple of noted exceptions. List of Tweetchats by Day of the Week Sunday #vegrunchat: Chat for vegan and vegetarian runners to share tips, recipes, and races. #giftchat: We discuss holiday gifts on Twitter. #pcinsurance: We will be discussing property and casualty insurance for both business and personal lines. #FashionInternPH: We meet twice a month to talk about internships, resumes, cover letters and everything about internships! #Spiritchat: Discuss the spiritual life. #PeopleSkills: We explore all aspects of people skills that impact business (communication, leadership, teamwork, customer service, leading change) as well as impact on non-work life. Monday #TheSMGirl. #BCSM.

Twitter chat Features The Adobe USA site has been optimized for users within the United States. If you live outside the U.S., we recommend that you visit your local site for the most relevant information, including pricing, promotions, and local events. United States Canada - English Your country selection will be remembered for future visits. Le site web américain d'Adobe a été optimisé pour les utilisateurs résidant aux États-Unis. Canada - Français Le pays choisi sera enregistré pour vos prochaines visites. View complete list of countries ›

Visualisation software True Colors: What Brand Colors Say About A Business Studies have shown that a product’s color influences 60-80 percent of a customer’s purchasing decision, which makes choosing the wrong color a death sentence before your brand ever has a chance to get off the ground. The most recognizable labels in the world are defined by their colors. Take a second to think of some of the most popular brands that instantly come to mind: Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, McDonalds, and Google – to name a few. Color is one of the first things people notice about a brand, and there are a few colors which get the most play: blue, red, black/grayscale, and yellow. 95 percent of companies only use one or two colors, 5 percent use more than two, 41 percent use text only, and 9 percent don’t feature the company name at all. Click here or below for a full-sized version. via: Marketo

Zenler - Art of eLearning, eLearning Tool, Authoring Tool, Learning Management, eLearning Software Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices | Inspiration Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. They are also used extensively as tools by computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians to ease the process of developing and communicating conceptual information. They can present a rich amount of information without intimidating you. You may be interested in the following related articles as well. Feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts that our readers may find helpful. Don’t forget to and follow us on Twitter — for recent updates. What is InfoGraphics? Infographics are traditionally viewed as visual elements such as signs, charts, maps, or diagrams that aid comprehension of a given text-based content. Little History of InfoGraphics! Why Using InfoGraphics? Elements of Information Graphics

13 Ways to Learn in 2013 Sharebar In The eLearning Coach New Year’s tradition, I’m presenting another list of compelling ways to learn online this year. Opportunities for learning seem limitless, applications get smarter and the content gets richer. I just hope we don’t all evolve into robot heads at some point. Enjoy! 1. This collection of speech collections will thrill speech lovers as well as history buffs. 2. If you don’t have access to a college library you can pay for online access to a journal database, make the trip to your nearest university or try this Directory of Open Access Journals first. 3. Learn to write and design a comic book or graphic novel. 4. Expand your knowledge of current events and other cultures by reading newspapers from around the world. 5. Twitter Chats are scheduled online meetups that take place through Twitter. 6. Google Art Project: Istanbul Museum of Modern Art 7. Fulfill the auditory needs of your brain with SoundCloud. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Need more ways to learn?