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TeacherTube - Teach the World | Teacher Videos | Lesson Plan Videos | Student Video Lessons | Online Teacher Made Videos | Radio Lingua Network: Language-learning where and when it suits you Khan Academy Udutu | Online Collaborative Course Authoring Zeen How To Integrate Multimedia For Effective Learning Sharebar Integrating the multimedia assets of a course can raise a host of issues. In my world, this can be as simple as explaining to a client why screens of text with an out-of-sync voice over will not be effective—to more complex issues, such as determining whether an animation will promote greater comprehension than a series of stills. Although we know it can be advantageous to present content through multiple forms of media, the big question is how to integrate the mediums. When deciding on these issues, I use two principles from cognitive science as guidelines that I think you’ll find helpful too. Split-attention Effect Separating a visual from text can be cognitively demanding. The split-attention effect occurs when a person is required to process two or more varied sources of information simultaneously, either of which can’t be understood in isolation. See the example showing the effects of secondhand smoke, produced by the Centers for Disease Control, on the right. The Fixes

Six Ways To Make Collaboration Work The other day, I went with my granddaughter to the playground and watched her as she dove happily into play with the other children. I envied her ability to simply become part of the group. It was lovely to see the easy cooperation that danced among them as they shared the various pieces of playground equipment and discussed the merits of this climbing apparatus over that. It was then I began to think about collaboration and what it means. Some people think that collaboration is just like that… playing and working together cooperatively for a common purpose. In the case of the children in the playground that purpose is simply to have fun. Randy Nelson, Dean of Pixar University made reference to this in a keynote speech he made about collaboration. My definition goes like this: Collaboration is the act of coming together and working with another, or others, to create something that goes beyond the ability of any one person to produce. Here’s what I think it looks like when it’s in action:

Curation eXelearning! come creare Learning Object, e-learning, oggetti didattici con il software autore Open Source Innoparc auch ceei gers gascogne vallée Twitter chat Gabriel Tarde Jean-Gabriel De Tarde or Gabriel Tarde (12 March 1843 – 13 May 1904) was a French sociologist, criminologist and social psychologist who conceived sociology as based on small psychological interactions among individuals (much as if it were chemistry), the fundamental forces being imitation and innovation. Theory[edit] Criminology[edit] Tarde took an interest in criminology and the psychological basis of criminal behavior while working as a magistrate in public service. He was critical of the concept of the atavistic criminal as developed by Cesare Lombroso.[1] Tarde's criminological studies served as the underpinning of his later sociology.[2] Tarde also emphasised the tendency of the criminal to return to the scene of the crime and to repeat it, which he saw as part of a wider process of repetition compulsion.[4] Imitation[edit] Tarde highlighted the importance of the creative exemplar in society, arguing that "genius is the capacity to engender one's own progeny".[6] Science Fiction[edit]

List of Tweetchats By Day of Week From Gnosis Media Group Looking for a tweetchat? Below is a list of tweetchats in both alphabetical order and by day. Thank you to @merylkevans for the inspiration to build this Twitter chat wiki. Text GNOSISARTS to 368266to get tweetchat info by text message! Note: All times listed in Central Standard Time with a couple of noted exceptions. List of Tweetchats by Day of the Week Sunday #vegrunchat: Chat for vegan and vegetarian runners to share tips, recipes, and races. #giftchat: We discuss holiday gifts on Twitter. #pcinsurance: We will be discussing property and casualty insurance for both business and personal lines. #FashionInternPH: We meet twice a month to talk about internships, resumes, cover letters and everything about internships! #Spiritchat: Discuss the spiritual life. #PeopleSkills: We explore all aspects of people skills that impact business (communication, leadership, teamwork, customer service, leading change) as well as impact on non-work life. Monday #TheSMGirl. #BCSM.

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