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Related:  Outils FOAD - eLearning Tools | brainstorm and mind map online Google Scholar Radio Lingua Network: Language-learning where and when it suits you Authoring and Publishing Pricing Packages It's never been more flexible and cost-effective to collaboratively create web-based elearning and mlearning content. Claro Lite, Standard and Professional are ideal for individual users or very small teams of authors. Claro Workgroup adds more features to support larger authoring teams, while Claro Enterprise supports the needs of a large business. And no matter what version of Claro you choose, Reviewers are always free! Now through the end of April Claro Lite starts as low as $97/month ($997/year). * Additional storage can be purchased for $197/GB per year. ** All packages include Standard Level Support, which includes unlimited email support as well as all Claro system updates.

Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces Udutu | Online Collaborative Course Authoring Zeen Seven Top Authoring Tools by Joe Ganci “You choose the tools you need depending on the instructional design you need to implement, the venues to which you need to deliver, your budget and schedule, and other factors. I hope this table helps you to reach your eLearning goals.” Recently The eLearning Guild published a research report written by yours truly, entitled Rapid eLearning Authoring: Top Tools, in which I analyzed the results of the continuous surveys to which thousands of Guild members respond. Following the publication of that report, I thought it would make sense to take the seven tools that survey respondents reported using the most and compare their features for you. However, it’s important to note that not all apples are the same: two applications may claim that they allow you to create quizzes, but one may let you create much more powerful quizzes than the other. The top-seven tools that people reported using, in order of most use to least, are: The categories I use in the table include: The table appears below.

EDU 2.0 pour l'école: la façon gratuite et facile d'enseigner et d'apprendre en ligne Six Ways To Make Collaboration Work The other day, I went with my granddaughter to the playground and watched her as she dove happily into play with the other children. I envied her ability to simply become part of the group. It was lovely to see the easy cooperation that danced among them as they shared the various pieces of playground equipment and discussed the merits of this climbing apparatus over that. It was then I began to think about collaboration and what it means. Some people think that collaboration is just like that… playing and working together cooperatively for a common purpose. In the case of the children in the playground that purpose is simply to have fun. Randy Nelson, Dean of Pixar University made reference to this in a keynote speech he made about collaboration. My definition goes like this: Collaboration is the act of coming together and working with another, or others, to create something that goes beyond the ability of any one person to produce. Here’s what I think it looks like when it’s in action:

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