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ABC Arts Online: Winged Sandals

ABC Arts Online: Winged Sandals

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Dr. Seuss Went to War by Richard H. Minear Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) was a life-long cartoonist: in high school in Springfield, Massachusetts; in college at Dartmouth (Class of 1925); as an adman in New York City before World War II; in his many children's books, beginning with To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street (1937). Because of the fame of his children's books (and because we often misunderstand these books) and because his political cartoons have remained largely unknown, we do not think of Dr. Seuss as a political cartoonist.

50 Japanese town logos with kanji Here is a collection of 50 Japanese town logos that incorporate stylized kanji characters into the design. Fujinomiya (Shizuoka): The kanji 宮 (miya) inside a cherry blossom with Mt Fuji petals Fukuyama (Hiroshima): Bat-shaped 山 (yama) denotes old name of Kōmoriyama ("Bat Mountain") Ibaraki (Ōsaka): The kanji 茨 (ibara) in the shape of a pigeon Nishino-omote (Kagoshima): The kanji 西 (nishi) Ōme (Tōkyō): The kanji 青 (ao) and plum blossom (ume) signify 青梅 (Ōme) A is for Animals A is for Animals offers an A to Z of animals in war, from mascots and messengers to creepy-crawlies. Animals are put to many uses in war. Sometimes they have jobs to do: the horses, camels, mules, and donkeys used to transport soldiers and equipment, as well as carrier pigeons and tracker dog with their special talents. Often animals are used as mascots and pets, or as symbols on badges and flags.

Legend of the Trojan War (Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts) - Ancient Greece for Kids Ancient Greece for Kids There is an old saying - Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. This saying comes from the legend of the Trojan Horse. As the story goes ...... 25 Free Movie Fonts You all surely love free fonts very much, don’t you? What we’re also sure you love are the movies. And we bet your customers love them as well and often you hear from them they want a font from this or that movie in a design you’re working on for them. Comprehension Why Use Reading A-Z for Comprehension Resources Reading A-Z's Comprehension resources support students' learning beyond Foundational Skills and give students the tools necessary to switch from learning to read to reading to learn. How to Use Comprehension Resources Use Comprehension resources to introduce skills to your whole class, for direct and explicit re-teaching of a skill, or for deep exploration of a key question through close reading. Other Comprehension Resources

50+ Beautiful Patterns & Useful Tools for Web Designers On 03.26.10, In Freebies, Patterns, Web High quality free seamless vector and pixel patterns that you may need for your web projects, prints or any other design related works. Feel free to use any of these patterns and also consider giving back the credit to the authors. 50+ beautiful patterns and useful tools, enjoy this great stuff. Advertisment West African Folk-Tales by William H. Barker and Cecilia Sinclair How We Got the Name "Spider Tales" IN the olden days all the stories which men told were stories of Nyankupon, the chief of the gods. Spider, who was very conceited, wanted the stories to be told about him. Accordingly, one day he went to Nyankupon and asked that, in future, all tales told by men might be Anansi stories, instead of Nyankupon stories. Nyankupon agreed, on one condition.

Photoshop Tutorial: Wet Text and Water Droplets We'll start out with a simple gradient for our background, so create a new image with a transparent background. For my example here, I made the image 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels. Next, I set the foreground color to #0a10ff and the background color to #3ed3d5. You can choose other colors to suit your needs, though the water effect looks best against blue. Identifying Characteristics - Anansi, the Spider Students watch a video featuring a storyteller who tells a Pourquoi story about Anansi, the Spider, a popular character in African folklore. Following the video, students identify the specific charactertraits of Anansi by completing a character web. Identifying character traits helps students learn and know more about a subject in fictional, non-fictional and visual text. Applying and assigning characteristics can help students develop characters in their own writing. Finally, being able to identify characteristics helps students to better understand how authors treat characters and subjects in a wide range of writing.

Riddles & Brainteasers - Kids Pages - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Scientists get to solve puzzles every day, because science and research involve finding solutions from the clues that we are given. Just like with brainteasers (or brain teasers) and riddles, the answers to science mysteries are not always easy to see at first. With time and effort, they eventually become clear.