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Artist Turns Her Small Studio Room Into Surreal Dreamscapes Without Using Photoshop

Artist Turns Her Small Studio Room Into Surreal Dreamscapes Without Using Photoshop
Young Korean artist Jee Young Lee recently presented her beautiful, surrealistic and Photoshop-free photography exhibition named “Stage of Mind”. The magic happens in the artist’s small 3,6 x 4,1 x 2,4-meter studio in Seoul. The artist builds these highly dramatic, psychedelic and visually intense scenes herself, ensuring that every teeny tiny detail is hauntingly perfect and leaves the viewer in awe. Jee Young Lee works with such precision that the creation of a set often takes weeks or even months of work. As soon as the otherworldly sets are done, the artist incorporates herself in them in various different ways and takes these stunning self-portraits. [Read more...] According to the artist herself, all of the photography sets and her specific roles in them tell a particular story about her personal life experiences or resurrect traditional Korean fables or other cultural heritage from around the world. Take a look at Jee Young Lee‘s photos and embrace her enchanting world! Nightspace

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Creative Dad Colors His Kids' Drawings And The Results Are Amazing These holiday themed drawing is a collaborative effort between a talented dad and his creative child. Few days ago Reddit user Tatsputin share an album of drawings made by his kids that he colored while on business trips. Every month Tatsputin takes a three-hour work-related flight and pass his time by coloring in adorably scribbled drawings by his kids.

Awesome Portraits Made From Nails on Canvas David Foster, based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK is another extraordinary artist who creates portraits and real-like illustrations by stippling with nails on a canvas. Firstly, he takes a photograph as a base and draws a copy with an ink pen. After that the stippling starts.

Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell: heart-breakingly beautiful photographic series in memory of an extraordinary life Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series has been three years in the makingAll costumes, wigs and sets were constructed on a shoestring budgetSome images took up to five months to createShe would often wait an entire year to find the perfect natural setting for her shots By Stephanie Hirschmiller Published: 14:11 GMT, 17 May 2012 | Updated: 09:34 GMT, 18 May 2012 Kirsty Mitchell's late mother Maureen was an English teacher who spent her life inspiring generations of children with imaginative stories and plays. Following Maureen's death from a brain tumour in 2008, Kirsty channelled her grief into her passion for photography. She retreated behind the lens of her camera and created Wonderland, an ethereal fantasy world.

Vintage social networking posters September 22nd, 2010. Both comments and pings are currently closed. A great series of vintage social networking posts by Moma Propaganda. Stage of Mind by Jee Young Lee Jee Young Lee is a Korean artist and the creator of these stunning surrealistic settings. Yes, you haven’t read wrong, the backgrounds of these shoots are taken in the artist’s small 3,6 x 4,1 x 2,4-meter studio in Seoul. Jee Young Lee builds these very detailed, magic-like stages and photographs herself in various themes all of which tell the viewers about her personal life. This amazing collection will be on display at the OPIOM Gallery in Opio France from Feb. 7 to March 7, 2014. Take a look at Jee Young Lee‘s self-portraits in photoshop-free scenes and be amazed by her tremendous patience.

Info Noorderlicht is a many-faceted and international platform, originally only for documentary photography, but now for any photographer who has a good story to tell. With a sharp eye for new developments, but averse to trends and hype, we devote attention to the photography of the world and to the world of photography. We do this by organising an annual photography festival, programming exhibitions in our photo gallery, organising photographic commissions and arranging discussions, lectures and masterclasses. Noorderlicht provides an educational programme, and also publishes exceptional catalogues and photo books.

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist! [Read more...]

17 Apart: How To: DIY Stump Table You guys, we made a table from a slice of tree stump, no joke! We mentioned tackling a DIY project we were pretty excited about weekend before last — well we finally got it finished and this is it. Here's the whole (very long) story of how this all came about and step by step instructions of exactly how it went down in the event you want to tackle making one of your own! We started out with a stump — obviously. Ornate Mixed Media Assemblages by Kris Kuksi Unveiled Obscurity, 2013. Mixed media assemblage. 32″ x 46″ x 12″. Unveiled Obscurity, detail. Neo-Hellenism, 2013. Mixed media assemblage. 37″ x 35″ x 11″. Neo-Hellenism, detail. Henryk Makarewicz & Wiktor Pental In the 1950s, at the dawn of Polish socialism, Nowa Huta was thrown up near Cracow. This new Polish city was to be the manifestation of the socialist ideal. The residents were brought there from rural areas in order to work at the Lenin Steel Works, in an environment full of propaganda. Nowa Huta was the model for the birth of a New Pole.

1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho Critically acclaimed Chinese photographer Fan Ho spent the 1950s and 60s taking gritty and darkly beautiful photos of street life in Hong Kong. His photographs, to be published in his new book “Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir“, reach back through time and space to connect us to the everyday sights of this bustling metropolis in a way that many of us have never seen before. Ever since Ho moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai in 1949, he has been documenting these special everyday moments. But the challenges (and superstitions) he faced then were quite different from those faced by photographers today; “With a knife in his hand, a pig butcher said he would chop me. He wanted his spirit back,” Ho told the South China Morning Post. More info: | Facebook (h/t: petapixel, South China Morning Post)

Bicycle Micro Gypsy Wagon The quarters of a traveling artist. Owned and shared by Barry Howard. More info. here.