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online Brand New / Displaying opinions and focusing solely on corporate and brand identity work. Art of the Menu / Cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world. Quipsologies / Chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis. Speak Up (2002 – 2009) / Discussing, and looking for, what is relevant in, and the relevance of, graphic design. Archives Only. Word It (2003 – 2010) / Encouraging creative diversity in the community through monthly, one-word challenges. Brand New Classroom (2010 – 2011) / Providing a space for critique and opinions on student identity workArchives Only. graphic design Department of Design / Designing corporate and brand identities and full development of printed and digital matter for clients. publishing The 2010 FPO Awards / 2011, self-published. The 2010 Brand New Awards / 2011, self-published. Events & Judged Competitions Writing

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Sarah Hearts - DIY Valentine’s Day Love Coupons - Daily Design Inspiration Pin It! Want to give your valentine a thoughtful, homemade gift? Or maybe you agreed that you wouldn’t spend anything this holiday? Here’s the perfect gift – love coupons! These little handmade giftcards give your valentine everything from a weekend away to a dinner and a movie. And the best part? VALUES! Trend Diary 2013 Project Description The search for new ideals has characterized our generation. But which values and virtues are still relevant today—religious, moral, spiritual or personal? The 2013 Trend Diary presents design projects that explore the theme of "values." New Logo and Packaging for Brand Bier by VBAT Established in 1340 in Limburg, the southernmost of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands, Brand Bier is the oldest Dutch brewery. Its main product is a pilsner and it also produces seven other — Heavy Blonde, Double Bock, Lentebock, Up, Imperator, Sylvester, and Weizen. This past July, Brand introduced a new line of packaging designed by Amsterdam-based VBAT. There is a press release here but doesn’t really say much.

The 7 Biggest Creativity Killers A crime scene investigation is underway to investigate a death. This is not an average death, this is the death of creative thinking. You see while IQ levels have been rising owing to enriched environments (the Flynn effect), creativity scores have actually been falling over time. .Leanne's Awesome FREE Art Prints. I know this super cool girl and her name is Leanne. Last week she sent me an email telling me that she had stayed home from school one day to work on an assignment but got sidetracked doing creative stuff instead (oh, I know EXACTLY what that is like - she is my kind of girl!!!). In her time of distraction she started designing and putting together some awesome art prints featuring inspiring quotes and sayings. Leanne doesn't have a blog (but don't you think she should!)

Creative BlogCreative Blog By looking at the work of Eiko Ojala I began to feel a smell of paper and glue that I remembered from crafts classes at school. Of course, our works were never as complex as his and also were not the subject of female characters scantily clothed … or not. The biggest achievement of ours was to be exposed to your work pane classroom, while Eiko is proud of his work that is presented in journal or book covers of known authors in Estonia. Enjoy!

Designspiration You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color Mediumsmalllarge Discover Stationery, Invitations, Greeting Cards, and Paper Crafts Weekly Wrap #166 : Kelly Hyatt for Lagom Holy rich color, Batman! I’m totally craving these modern, patterned gift wrap designs by Kelly Hyatt for Lagom. From the deep, electric blue and gold Kita to the light mint, gold, and white Asa, this range offers wraps that are great for any occasion. AnOther and AnOther Man Magazines AnOther Magazine Issue 15 and AnOther Man Issue 9. Click to enlarge. Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, AnOther Magazine is known for the unusual type that accompanies its atypical design. Co-founder and former creative director Alex Wiederin (Buero New York) created many of these typefaces, subtle departures from classics like Futura, Bodoni, and Optima, yet drawn entirely from scratch.

VINTAGE K-9 Cuties: Free Digital Downloads I happened upon a few albums of old matchbooks at an antique store recently and just couldn’t resist these sweet vintage dog images. So, into the studio with ol’ Mac, I created these fun free printables for you. Use them for digital designs, gift tags, labels, scrapbooking, Shrinky-Dink jewelry, party favors, quickie greeting cards, add to skewers for cupcake toppers, bunting pennants, or print to cotton to make little patches! Make extras to share (teacher gifts!) Click on the images for free PDF downloads. Print to full sheet label stock for making stamps and art tape. Dirty Mouse interior design Gecko Stickers I want some of these.

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