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Lesson Plans These lessons are carefully crafted by education professionals and represent the teaching perspectives of the authors and the Human Rights Education division of Amnesty International USA. While every effort has been made to craft objective, constructive learning exercises, we realize that these lessons may not be ideal for all educators everywhere. Thank you. Elementary School Lesson Plans Kids learn English with Helen Doron English Helen Doron – World Leader in the ESL (English as a Second Language) Industry 30 years ago Linguist and educator, Helen Doron revolutionized teaching English as a foreign language to young kids by developing a method that imitates the way in which babies learn their mother tongue. Today, Helen Doron English is an international franchise network in over 30 countries. Nearly two million children speak English today thanks to Helen Doron. How it all started It all began with a violin lesson.

Art of Backpacking: Backpacking Independent International Traveler Though Central America is regarded as a cheap area to travel around some countries are more expensive than others and volunteering can be a good way to save funds and stick around for longer. Other benefits of becoming a volunteer English teacher, helping out at orphanages or conservation work include improving your Spanish and seeing sides to Central America that perhaps would otherwise be missed. Along with its beaches and biodiversity, Central America is particularly rich in grassroots volunteer organisations looking for volunteers to lend a helping hand. Skilled hands are particularly welcome but often the only requirement is enthusiasm and a willingness to get those helping hands dirty. Belize Belize Audubon Society

Differentiation: Making the most of mixed ability It is regarded as one of the most important parts of teachers’ work and has been referred to in a variety of ways, from mixed-ability teaching to personalised learning. But the teaching approach now most widely referred to as “differentiation” can still be a difficult one for teachers to grasp. In his bestselling teacher-training manual, Teaching Today: a practical guide, Geoff Petty describes it as “the process by which differences between learners are accommodated so that all students in a group have the best possible chance of learning”. Peter Anstee, an English teacher and author of the Differentiation Pocketbook, says that it is about adapting teaching and learning styles to suit the whole class, groups or individuals. Differentiation is misunderstood Both agree that the lack of a consistent and clearly-defined description of differentiation has led to confusion among teachers, which has caused the idea to be widely misunderstood and misinterpreted.

ESL-Kids - In Class - Learning Styles and Classroom Management Name: Hiroki Age: 5 Learning Style: Kinesthetic. Being a kinesthetic learner, Hiroki learns best through physical movement. Total Physical Response (TPR) activities, in which the children respond physically to the teacher's commands, are most appropriate for children like Hiroki. Examples of TPR include forming ABC shapes with the body, actions like running, jumping, or touching things the teacher calls out. Backpacking Foods Backpacking Foods for Breakfast What backpacking foods get me going in the morning? I start the day with a hearty breakfast like homemade oatmeal with dried fruit, loaded grits, sweet potato porridge or scrambled eggs. Instant oatmeal and grits are convenient – just tear open the package and mix with hot water – but the former has more sugar than sulfite preserved fruit pieces in it and the latter contains partially hydrogenated oil and artificial flavors. See the ingredients list at the bottom of the page.

Ten Jewels of the Mediterranean How to find the best section of the Mediterranean coastline that extends for 46,000 kilometres (28,600 mi), winds through 21 countries and is bounded by three continents - Europe, Africa and Asia? From hundreds of amazing spots we selected ten jewels of the Mediterranean that are particularly rewarding, beautiful and special. Be it perfect surfing conditions, superb food, rich culture or Europe's most famous mountain tracks, these destinations, besides being ideal beach getaways, have something for every type of traveler. Tarifa, the Spanish city from where Africa can be clearly seen as it is only 13 km (8 mi) away, is one of the most fantastic places on the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to the constantly blowing winds (due to its location at the meeting point of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean ), the town has become a mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing addicts. So if you are one of the surfing enthusiasts, do not miss Tarifa while planning your Mediterranean escapade.

Tips and Tools to Help you Better integrate Technology in Your Instrcution March 30, 2014 Looking for some ideas on how to integrate technology in your instruction? Dr. Kimberly Tyson from Learning Unlimited has these excellent tips to share with you. What Does a $4 Bungalow Look Like? Just what does $4 buy you in Laos? I stayed in a truly basic bungalow in Nong Khiaw and, though it lacked most amenities, I enjoyed it so much that I stayed an extra day. Another traveler had recommended the Bamboo Paradise Guesthouse, saying it was cheap and clean, but nothing fancy. For 30,000 kip ($3.75 US), I got a bamboo bungalow on stilts with a fan, my own bathroom, hot shower, a large bed, mosquito net, and a balcony with views of the Nam Ou below.

Halloween games, bingo, worksheets, flashcards, activities and more. Halloween flashcards 1: preview these cards 8 Connected Concepts of Global Learning - VIF Learning Center Blog - VIF Learning Center Global competence is as important for children as understanding math, language arts and science. As teachers, it is critical to examine key concepts that support global learning, consider how those concepts are connected and to experiment with ways of introducing them in the classroom in order to successfully teach students about the world. Concepts of Global Learning Global Citizenship: While specifics often vary, people tend to consider themselves global citizens based on life experiences and exposure to different perspectives. For some, global citizenship is exercised at home through engagement in global issues or with diverse cultures in local settings.

The Hawn Foundation I love MindUP! It is a way to focus your mind, calm down and reflect on a situation when you need to make a choice. - Tyler G., Seventh Grade Student

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