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Art in Action Testo originale Contribuisci a una traduzione migliore Login - Create Account Cool Art Websites A fun interactive painting program on the Internet. Architect Studio 3D Architecture is the most massive expression of art you can think of. Art Junction – heART Collage Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Art Safari - Museum of Modern Art, New York Explore the theme of animals in art through the work in the Museum of Modern Art. Art Trivia Interesting art trivia facts that are fun to share with children and adults. ArtInThePicture This is an introductory art history site that can be used to introduce older children to art history. Artist Trading Cards Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art, usually done on card stock, that are traded between artists. ArtPad A fun flash-based paint program from Artsology – Art History Match Game This is a fun activity to test your knowledge about art.

Amazing Seattle Fractals - Fractal Art, Screen Savers, Tutorials, Free Programs Fractal Art Galleries There are now over 50 fractal art galleries on this website with several thousand fractals, including over 260 visitor contributions to the Guest galleries. The visitor contributions will also give you insight into the differences between the type of fractals that can be created using different fractal generators, as well as highlight individual artist styles. Fractal Tutorials I have written five online fractal tutorials, using two different fractal software programs, which will help you get started creating your own fractals. Using step-by-step demonstrations, these tutorials will walk you through the process of using these two different fractal software programs to make your own fractal creations. Fractal Programs There are many fractal programs to choose from if you wish to create your own fractals. Fractal Resources There are many excellent fractal resources available on the internet, including this one!

Eight Great Interactive Sites that let you Paint like a Famous Artist Apr 06 Here are some neat interactive websites that will allow your students to create pictures that simulate the works of famous artists. These activities would work nicely on an interactive whiteboard to demonstrate characteristics of these artists or could be done by students on a classroom or lab computer. Mr. Matisse for Kids – from the Baltimore Museum of Art, click on the “Matisse for Kids” link on right under Related Links Keith Haring Coloring Book – create colorful paintings using Haring’s familiar characters Jackson Pollack – paint with drips and splots Jungle – awesome tool to create a painting like Rousseau Surreal Painter – make a surrealistic painting similar to Dali and Picasso Still Life – create a lovely still life picture in the style of the old masters These activities and more are linked on my Learning Links website.

Origami Instructions - Instructions on How to Make Origami Johnny Lists — 12 Websites Where You Can Create Interactive Art by Johnny Webber 1. – Create something soothing. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. House Plans and Home Floor Plans at Architectural Designs

IIPImage » Demos Here are a set of demos featuring the various viewers available for the IIPImage server. IIPZoom is flash based. IIPMooViewer uses HTML5 and javascript. JIIP is java based. IIPZoom – Flash Viewer IIPZoom client showing the massive ultra-high resolution image of Blue Marble, Next Generation (86400 x 43200 pixels, RGB, 10.7GB uncompressed TIFF) courtesy of Visible Earth and the NASA Earth Observatory Team. © 2005 NASA. Click the image to see in high resolution this small 30×20 cm 16th Century painting entitled The Lady Praying from the collection of the Louvre museum. Click the image to zoom into this beautiful 29566 x 14321 pixel Hubble telescope image of star birth in the Carina Nebula. Example showcasing the new dynamic watermarking feature introduced in version 0.9.9 of the server. IIPMooViewer – HTML5 Viewer HTML5 based IIPMooViewer for panorama of the Louvre Museum, Paris. Jiip – Java Viewer 3rd Party Clients Alternatively, here is the same image streamed to the Seadragon Ajax client.

Color wheel | Color schemes - Adobe Color CC Color Wheel Extract Theme Extract Gradient Accessibility Tools New Color Game Apply Color Harmony Rule Color Mode Sign into Creative Cloud to save this Color Theme, created from color wheel or image. You can then use your saved color themes, in Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco etc.), via Adobe color theme panel or CC Libraries. What's New Accessible tools Color blind safe themes Coming soon Accessible toolsUse Adobe Color’s newest tools to create accessible themes. Cookies and other technologies A Fiber Artist on Lopez Island: December 2013 It's going to be one of those random days today. I woke up thinking about Babylon (I watched a documentary on it last night before going to bed) and the amazing influence it's great thinkers have had on us today. The Babylonian mathematical system was sexagesimal, or base 60. Really, just think about it.