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Anthropologie squeezebox top DIY & sponsorship

Anthropologie squeezebox top DIY & sponsorship

Fashion and Home DIY: DIY D&G denim and silk twill patchwork shirt ...I said that there would be more than just one scarf-reuse-related project! ...just a quick note: I don't think I would actually wear it with the printed silk shorts. It was just for photo-comparison purpose! Full detailed tutorial after the jump! Because my shirt has the two shoulder patches, I decide not to add the pockets ... so much for taking about 30 minutes to rip the pockets off of the denim shirt! xox, d.

The Square Top Super easy summer top…..made from a simple square piece of knit fabric. This top definitely has its roots in my mathematics background. I kept trying to visualize how to make it work with minimal sewing and finally one day it just clicked. So here it is…..the Square Top. It’s a perfect project for a beginner! Step 1: I cut a 30″ x 30″ square piece of knit fabric for Boo’s size (a solid 4T)…..I got that measurement by measuring from her shoulders to below her hip (15″). Step 2: I marked two 2.5″ semi circles on the fold about 3.5″ to the left and right of my center point for the arm holes (the 3.5″ measurement because I want the front and back piece to be about 7″ wide to cover her chest): Step 3: I carefully cut out the semicircles: Step 4: I cut the fold connecting the 2 circles…..creating the front and back edges of the top. Step 5: I cut 3″ strips of fabric for the trim. Step 6: My least favorite thing to do is make bias tape….so I cheated a little here. …….very close to the edge:

tuxedo t shirt on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. Knitting Pattern | Loose Drapery Neck Top Click on the photo to view bigger image. Or, click here to download a printable pdf document for the dimension of the Back and Front knit pieces.Back With 4.5mm crochet hook, cast on 106 sts on 4.5mm knitting needle. Starting with a K row, work in stockinette st for 150 row. With RS, k3, start 1st row stockinette lace ladders pattern, repeat 25 times, k3. Continue with 2nd row on WS then repeat for 20 rows with this pattern. How to Make a Tuxedo Blouse Materials needed: 1/4 yard lace 1 spool grosgrain ribbon Six buttons Because the ribbon is heavier than the lace, it will curl like this until you flatten it out. You could skip this step, but I thought it looked cool to have the bottom come together.