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Jim Reed's Home Page (Interactive Activities) Web Resources Design: The high school mathematics resources created over the last two years have a different design. The dynamic interactive activities typically have a visual and symbolic output with a means to change length/parameters. For the units completed, I have tried to develop a comprehensive, concise set of math notes with applets that the reader to understand/remember the concepts and enhance their math intuition for real life applications. For most of these resources I want the user to start exploring the applet to discover as much of the pattern themselves, then use the notes on the left to fill in the rest of the pattern. I am using my own invention, CET (Closed Eyes Test) to check the effectiveness of the resources.

AP Statistics Practice Test WARNING: Your browser does not support Javascript. As a result, some features on this page (e.g., the Timer, the Test Performance Monitor, the command buttons) will not work. There is some good news. Free Math Games - Fun, Educational Math Games for Kids & Teachers Math games can make learning more fun and engaging. When children play games, they can apply their math skills to new and unique scenarios while building logic and critical thinking skills. They also get a chance to practice math in a way that is fun and appeals to their interests. Math Game Time’s free and fun math videos appeal to children at many different grade levels and with many different interests. Children can enjoy racing games, logic games, puzzle games, and even games based on activities they enjoy every day. The games also cover a variety of concepts and skills, ranging from basic addition and subtraction skills to solving complex equations and graphing.

Math Tests and Quizzes That Are Aligned Core Math Curriculum Math Tests and Topic/Skill Based Quizzes We now have a full line of tests for each section of the common core curriculum. Test are fully available to members for immediate download. There is a test sampler in each section for those who haven't signed up yet and want to see what it is all about. We will continue to add new tests on a monthly basis. Duality From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Duality may refer to: Mathematics[edit] Philosophy, logic, and psychology[edit] Science[edit] Free fraction videos online Enjoy free online math videos on these fraction topics: (Fraction videos, part 2, are on this page.) The videos are recorded in high-density (HD) and are viewable both here as well as at my Youtube channel. These videos are usable for students, teachers, and parents. You can use them... To learn these topics yourself (if you're a student for example, or an adult needing a refresher)As lesson plans for teaching these topics.

Introductory Statistics Practice Quiz Before you begin a statistics course, you may want to get an idea of what you know and what you need to learn. The test will answer some of these questions for you. The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions covering the topics in this book. Theorem Many mathematical theorems are conditional statements. In this case, the proof deduces the conclusion from the hypotheses. In light of the interpretation of proof as justification of truth, the conclusion is often viewed as a necessary consequence of the hypotheses, namely, that the conclusion is true in case the hypotheses are true, without any further assumptions. However, the conditional could be interpreted differently in certain deductive systems, depending on the meanings assigned to the derivation rules and the conditional symbol.

Starter Of The Day Start your Mathematics Lesson with our Starter Of The Day. Boost your mind power with these brain exercises. Give your mental ability a work out with a range of mathematical puzzles, speed tests and creative ideas. Click on the date in the calendar below for the Starter Of The Day. The Starter for the 9th April is the ultimate customisable revision lesson Starter. For Students: One-Sample T-Test It is perhaps easiest to demonstrate the ideas and methods of the one-sample t-test by working through an example. To reiterate, the one-sample t-test compares the mean score of a sample to a known value, usually the population mean (the average for the outcome of some population of interest). The basic idea of the test is a comparison of the average of the sample (observed average) and the population (expected average), with an adjustment for the number of cases in the sample and the standard deviation of the average. Working through an example can help to highlight the issues involved and demonstrate how to conduct a t-test using actual data. Example - Prenatal Care and Birthweight

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