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RE:Quest - the definitive toolkit for teaching about Christianity in R.E.

RE:Quest - the definitive toolkit for teaching about Christianity in R.E.
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Buddhism for Kids | Learn Buddha's Teaching Through Songs RE - Islam Teaching Ideas Story of Islam Colouring Book - A colouring story book telling the story of Islam. Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi. Islamic Place of Worship - A worksheet containing cloze procedure relating to mosques (answers are given on the activity page). The Five Pillars of Islam - Activities to teach the children about the Five Pillars of Islam. What Kids Say About: Arguing Listen People don't always get along, and when they don't, it's called conflict. We wanted to know more the arguments and disagreements kids have, so we did a KidsPoll to find out. We asked 1,245 boys and girls ages 9 to 13 about conflict and here's what they said: There's plenty of arguing going on — 38% of kids said arguments occur in their home every day; 26% said it happens every week. But it wasn't all bad news. When they're in an argument, they try to talk or work it out. Let's start with those brother and sister squabbles. Arguing with siblings can become so normal that, just like breathing, you might do it naturally without even thinking of it. If you'd like to argue less with siblings (and everyone else), follow these three steps: Control your temper. Listen What's a KidsPoll? The group that took this KidsPoll included an almost equal number of boys and girls. A poll, like the KidsPoll, asks people a list of questions. Back

Rights Respecting Schools | Education Now in its second year, OutRight is about empowering children and young people at Rights Respecting Schools to play a role in the realisation of their rights and to speak out in support of all children's rights. OutRight celebrates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and takes place on the anniversary of the Convention on 20 November. This year OutRight will focus on children's rights in humanitarian emergencies - empowering children to speak out and share their views on protecting children affected by these crises. Find out all about OutRight 2015 Register to take part and receive our free supporting resources Career Advice & Guidance Teaching Resources – icould Are you a teacher, parent, carer, youth worker or careers professional? Many teachers, parents and others who support young people find icould a helpful starting point for talking about careers. With this in mind, we’ve developed a selection of resources to help when using icould with young people, either on an individual or group basis. Using icould icould features over a thousand videos of people telling their personal career stories in their own words. We also have an accompanying range of articles, covering career-related subjects from CV writing to university admissions, while our Focus On section brings together videos and articles around themes, such as Choices at 16 or career sectors, including law, music and technician roles. The Buzz Test is a personality profile quiz which offers a fun way for young people to discover more about their strengths and what makes them tick. Starting a discussion Which aspects of the job appeal or don’t appeal to you? Inspiring the Future

These Are My Kind of Classroom Rules Download Here: Reminder: To download from Flickr, click on the poster you’d like, then click the little magnifying glass in the top right. Next, click “View All Sizes” in top right. Then select the size you want to save and download. For best print quality, go for the largest size. :)

Philosophy For Kids Youtwork Practice source: | 2000 Games, Ideas and more for Youth Workonly for private using What kind of communication occurs in a group? How do the group members coordinate and cooperate with each other? Who coordinates and who lets themselves be coordinated? How can good communication lead to a quicker goal? These games encourage working together, teach social skills and strengthen team spirit. Always in a Rectangle All players are blindfolded. Everyone stands facing in the same direction in a circle.

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select mainsite (KS2) and then select Bible. by pebble Oct 25