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Recipes, Cooking Tips and Resources - Chowhound Food Community

Recipes, Cooking Tips and Resources - Chowhound Food Community
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Legal Nomads | Telling Stories Through Food Congee as Comfort Food | The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook Can you spot Isaac's mop of black hair looming at the top right corner in the first photo? "I ... must ... touch ... congee ..." The last few weeks have been exhausting. I’ve been sick twice in three weeks (once with a gastro-intestinal virus and am now recovering with maybe strep and/or a sinus infection), and my two illnesses bookended my little man’s bout with a stomach virus (yet again). Ever since Isaac started daycare in August, it’s been a neverending series of maladies at our house. So please forgive me for not posting until now. Thankfully, I’m well-prepared when it comes to feeding the sick, whether my son, husband, or myself. Just like chicken (noodle) soup is nature’s universal penicillin, congee is the Asian equivalent, a comforting bowl of goodness to nurse your ailing loved one back to health. There are countless ways to make congee, depending on what you have at home. My mom likes to use broken jasmine rice, and yes, the grains are literally broken. Like this:

360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth | Eater LA: Los Angeles Restaurant, Bar, and Nightlife Blog Cenas Pop-Up | Proyecto Lienzo Culinario | Preguntas Frecuentes ¿Qué es PLC? Proyecto Lienzo Culinario es un experimento en el que se deconstruye un restaurante a sus pilares más básicos: un espacio interesante, un chef talentoso y comensales que buscan algo distinto a la experiencia restaurantera convencional. Es un medio para que, por un lado, chefs y productores puedan exponer sus propuestas y productos al mercado y por otro lado, los asistentes puedan disfrutar de ellos y a su vez ser parte del desarrollo y mejora de los mismos. Realizamos eventos en los que se vive una experiencia social culinaria, es decir, promovemos la convivencia alrededor de la comida como parte de una gran experiencia social con un enfoque diferente y novedoso. ¿Cómo puedo asistir a un evento? Para asistir a un evento, regístrate en nuestra página y cada vez que hagamos un evento, te enviaremos una notificación por correo. ¿Cómo funcionan los eventos? Los eventos siempre se llevan a cabo en lugares distintos, con chefs distintos y productos mexicanos emergentes.

Learn Chinese with Mobile Apps, Tools, & Flash Cards from Students of Mandarin Chinese Written Chinese Travel Plug Adapters When traveling to another country, you usually need a travel plug adapter because not all countries have the same outlet. A plug adapter fits into the country's outlet so your device's plug fits and receives power, so without one, you can't use your electronics. Also, if you're traveling to multiple countries or want a simple solution, try a universal travel plug adapter that can work in up to 160 different countries. Still Confused? Lastly, try our guide to converters, transformers, and adapters for everything you need to know about traveling with electronics abroad.

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Tasty demais - Facebook Spain Vacation and Travel | Madrid & Beyond Karen Alexander Meet Karen – a Chicago-born, yoga-loving, adventure-seeker. Her first brush with Spain was in high school when she traveled around the country with her high school Spanish teacher and other students in her class. She immediately fell for the sounds of the Spanish guitar, romantic culture, and bright-flavored food. From 2006-2007 she spent an unforgettable year studying abroad in Barcelona, where she acclimated herself to the culture, learned the language, and traveled around Europe. These days, Karen is living in New York City with her husband. Based in our New York office, she looks forward to helping build incredible trips with amazing food, lots of culture, and maybe even a bit of mindfulness.

The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Internet Slang You’re ready to take the plunge. Your Chinese friends have been bugging you for weeks to create a profile on some hip new site. So you dive right in to Chinese internet. You log in, look around, but then you realize there is a one very serious problem… You can’t understand anything! Welcome to the world of Chinese internet slang. Just as English speakers use a whole dictionary of special words, contractions, memes and acronyms when chatting online, Chinese do the same. While confusing at first, Chinese internet slang can be very rewarding to learn, and opens up a whole new sphere of communication with fellow Chinese netizens. What’s more, Chinese internet slang really isn’t that hard to learn, following generally a few very simple rules, and requiring knowledge of only a few obscure memes. Where Is It Okay to Use Chinese Slang? So Chinese internet slang exists, and can be a fun way of communication. WeChat/Weixin Social Media Dating Apps Breaking The Code: Chinese Alphanumeric Slang Example: 我必须睡觉!

Luxury Villa Rentals | Luxury Vacation Rentals | El Sol Villas About US About Us Staff Profiles Mary Vaira Mary Vaira is the owner and president of El Sol Villas. Prior to forming El Sol Villas, Ms. Bonnie Feldman Bonnie Feldman, Office Manager & Vice President of Sales joined El Sol in the fall of 2011 after moving down to the Main Line from Northern New Jersey. She currently lives in Chester County with her family.

Páscoa Páscoa - Festa comemorativa da Ressurreição de Jesus Cristo, a Páscoa está associada a práticas alimentares em que os ovos, os folares, as amêndoas e os cordeiros ocupam o primeiro lugar. O "Folar" tem particular relevância, havendo diferentes espécies - tão diferentes que o folar transmontano, por exemplo, só tem com o da Estremadura dois pontos em comum: o nome e a referência à Páscoa. Acrescente-se, contudo, que a tradição do folar, qualquer que ele seja, assenta num ritual de dádiva, solidariedade e convívio profundamente enraizado na sociedade portuguesa. O folar mais corrente em Portugal é um "bolo de massa seca, doce, e ligada, feito com farinha de trigo, ovos, leite, azeite, banha ou pingue, açúcar e fermento, e condimentado com canela e erva-doce - uma espécie de fogaça - encimado, conforme o seu tamanho, por um ou vários ovos cozidos inteiros e em certos lugares tingidos, meio incrustados e visíveis sob as tiras de massa que os recobrem".

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