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Mindful Meditations

Mindful Meditations
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Mindfulness & Relaxation The Melbourne Mindfulness Centre has a number of mindfulness and relaxation tracks. A CD is available free to clients. Tracks may be downloaded and distributed free. If you pass them to others please include the web address Mindfulness Exercises Breath awareness (6 min) Body Scan (4 min) Breath awareness (15 min) Body Scan(16 min) Minimindfulness Exercise Equal Breathing, a quick calming technique when your thoughts are racing or out ouf control Equal Breathing Two quarter hour relaxation exercises Head to Toe Relaxation - 17 mins Tense and Relax – 15 mins Two meditations Cool Roof Breath – 12 mins Chakra Breathing – 5 mins Relaxation - Initial Instructions Brief Breathing Relaxations that can be used any time Breath Counting Relaxing Sigh These may help if your mind is racing or you are experiencing a panic attack Abdominal Breathing Alternate Breathing Full Relaxation CD instructions

Health Check: five supplements that may help with depression Over two-thirds of Australians are thought to use complementary medicines ranging from vitamin and mineral supplements to herbal to aromatherapy and homeopathic products. Mental health concerns are one of the reasons why people use supplements, but are they really useful? While there’s evidence for the efficacy of some supplements as potential treatments for depression, there’s none for others, and some have been found to be ineffective. But effectiveness is not the only concern – the quality and cost of unregulated products can also be problematic. And then there’s the issue of discerning between bone fide evidence from double-blind randomised controlled trials and slick company marketing campaigns. Of the supplements that have been studied for improving general mood or treating clinical depression, omega-3 fatty acids, St John’s wort, S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and zinc are the most researched and commonly used. Omega-3 fatty acids SAMe St John’s wort Zinc

I Ching, the Book of Changes - Yi Jing This famous system of 64 hexagrams plus their commentaries and trans­for­mations is at the root of Chinese thought. Tr. Wilhelm (en, fr). Extracts from the Wilhelm's I-Ching translation's introductory : « The Book of Changes – I Ching in Chinese – is unquestionably one of the most important books in the world's literature. Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity, and it has occupied the attention of the most eminent scholars of China down to the present day [i. e. around 1920]. Nearly all that is greatest and most significant in the three thousand years of Chinese cultural history has either taken its inspiration from this book, or has exerted an influence on the interpretation of its text. « In the course of time, owing to the great repute for wisdom attaching to the Book of Changes, a large body of occult doctrines extraneous to it – some of them possibly not even Chinese in origin – have come to be connected with its teachings. , and “No” by a broken line . "L'Image Bye

Quantified Self Guide John Amschler Hi I'm a Wireless Technology Designer who likes to make great technology useful for everyone! I track Sleep, Activity, Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Variability, Location, Computer time and other data using Zeo, BodyMedia Fit, Digifit, Withings, Pol Tags: fitness, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, mood, money, sleep, location, health, iPhone, energy, relationships, productivity, gadget San Diego, California, United States Add More Inspiration Would you like to Add More Inspiration to Your Life? Living an inspired and joyful life is an everyday decision. It's the little things you do on a regular basis that make the biggest impact on your life. Decide to do just one positive thing everyday and see how good you feel by the end of the month. Time is passing, enjoy it by adding some fun and joy to your day. Here is a basic list of 35 Ways to Add More Inspiration to Your Life. Hope you enjoyed reading this list. More Inspiration - Related Pages More Inspirational Articles Motivation Quotes Funny Quotes Return from Add More Inspiration to Your Life to Inspirational Quotes Home

25 Habits Of People Who Are Happy, Healthy & Successful Who among us doesn't want to be a happy, healthy and successful human being? Still, it can be easy to lose your way, which is why I've compiled a list of habits you can use to help reach your goals. So what is it about happy people that makes them the way they are? Below are just some of the ways they separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Photo Credit: Dream Moods Dream Themes: Body Parts Your dream body represents your dream ego and your conscious identity. In many ancient cultures, the body was even seen as a metaphor for the spiritual world. Specific body parts are especially significant if they are abnormal or different. In some cases, your dream may forewarn of health problems and concerns of that particular body part. Abdomen To see your abdomen in a dream refers to your natural instincts and repressed emotions. To dream that you abdomen is exposed, signifies trust and vulnerability. To dream that your abdomen is swollen, indicates that some new project is in the works. Ankle To dream about your ankles indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life. To sprain your ankle in your dream suggests that you are experiencing some obstacles or difficulties in your progress. Anus To see your anus in your dream signifies negative emotions that you may be holding in and repressing. Arm Armpit Back Blood **See The Meaning In Action: "Menstruation" Body Bones Brain Chest

How CBT can help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - how it can help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that looks at How you think about yourself, the world and other people How what you do affects your feelings and thoughts By making links between what we do, think and feel, CBT can help us make changes in the way we think ("Cognitive") and the way we act ("Behaviour)". Making changes in what we think will affect what you do and feel, and changing what we do, affects the way we think and feel. Making these changes then can help us feel better. Whilst it is is helpful to discuss the past and understand how our pasts have influenced our lives and how problems have arisen, CBT mostly focuses on looking for ways to improve your mental wellbeing now. CBT says that it's not the event which causes our emotions, but how we interpret that event - what we think or what meaning we give that event or situation. Different emotions are often associated with particular types of thoughts: About CBT

25 Beautifully Illustrated Thought-Provoking Questions A question that makes you think is worth asking… At the cusp of a new day, week, month, or year, most of us take a little time to reflect on our lives by looking back over the past and ahead into the future. We ponder the successes, failures and standout events that are slowly scripting our life’s story. This process of self reflection helps us maintain a conscious awareness of where we’ve been and where we intend to go. It is pertinent to the organization and preservation of our dreams, goals and desires. If you would like to maximize the benefits of self reflection, our new sister site, Thought Questions, is for you. Remember, these questions have no right or wrong answers. Here’s a sample of 25 recent thought questions posted on the site: Thought Questions is updated daily. Title photo by: Oberazzi For all other photo credits please refer to Related 6 Questions that Will Save Your Relationships May 21, 2014 In "Life" 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday

6 Tips To Get Motivated When You're Feeling Depressed A common response to identifying lifestyle changes that might make a depressed person feel better is, “Easier said than done.” Someone coping with depression may get what she's supposed to do, but the question is how? After all, depression kills motivation, energy, interest, and focus. Once you give the engine a jump, it often becomes easier, but until then, how do you connect the jumper cables you need to make a spark? 1. When you’re depressed, you’re not functioning at your usual 70-90%. Set SMALL AND SPECIFIC GOALS. 2. Self-criticism is depression’s BFF. 3. Some of us have trouble holding ourselves accountable at the best of times. 4. Getting in the shower, going for a walk, preparing a meal, or hanging out with a friend seems like a very ominous task if you focus on the effort involved. 5. When you’re feeling depressed, it’s natural to lose interest in things that used to make you happy. 6. As painful as it is, depression can be come comfortable in a “devil you know” kind of way.