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Why People Fail to See The Aura and How to Learn to See It

Why People Fail to See The Aura and How to Learn to See It
digg HJ: Learning to see the Aura is like riding a bike — it takes skill and practice that is developed through trial and error. It may be a bit more frustrating and slightly less exhilarating, but certainly no less useful. Imagine being able to get an instant visual read on anyone or anything that comes into your field of view — after learning to understand what the various colors and patterns represented, it would open up an entirely new field of perception that could be highly useful for any number of things. Surely it is worth the effort involved. Although we all have the ability, very few learn to use it in any significant way, which is an interesting reflection. - Truth Easy New Way to See Auras By Robert Bruce | Astral Dynamics All colours have a uniquely coloured aura of their own that are of a completely different colour. You can, in the early stages of learning to see auras, cause an after image that is still seen when you look away. What is an Aura? How to see the Aura 1. 2. 3. 4.

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20 Effective Ways to Clear and Protect Against Negative Energy By Banu Sekendur Guest Writer for Wake Up World We live in a world of duality, as it is intended to be. How to Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions Using EFT digg HJ: With EFT, you can nearly instantly clear unwanted, ‘negative’ emotions and thought patterns. It is a powerful and rapid method of releasing highly charged emotional energies and quite a useful tool in anyones arsenal for dealing with the common daily challenges of life. However, basic EFT methods do not clear the underlying cause of the emotions and thoughts, which are highly charged beliefs and traumatic experiences. To address and neutralize those, we must work at a deeper level.

NEGATIVE ENERGY CLEANSING Free Weekly Syndicated Advice Columns Published Every Wednesday Afternoon (PST) Question: "The question that I have deals with negative auras. I have recently been to a few psychics in the New York area and all have informed me that I have a 'negative aura'.

Energy Cleansing and Meditation Using the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air October 9th, 2016 By Ian Brown Guest writer for Wake Up World There is something very primal about using the elements to cleanse our energetic bodies. Given we are made from the same matter as Mother Earth, utilising the four physical elements is a way of connecting us back to our roots. Using Matrix Reimprinting to Rewrite Your Past and Transform Your Future HJ: We typically think of time as a linear experience, when in fact it is multidimensional in nature. The past, present and future all exist simultaneously and we can alter both the past and the future from the present moment. There are a few techniques to do so, with Matrix Reimprinting being one of the most powerful. Typically someone will decide that they would like to ‘rewrite’ a past memory, which has a major effect both on our present and future self. A traumatic experience, for example, can be re-experienced as a positive, empowering event instead and therefore the past event and associated neural imprint in the brain not only looses its ‘negative’, dysfunctional charge, but is replaced with a new, expansive reality that more closely resembles ones true divine nature.

The Recapitulation Exercise The recapitulation is an ancient technique for retrieving and healing your energy. It also teaches you how to prevent current energetic loss. Those who pursue it shamanically consider the recapitulation to be a never-ending process. The technique has steps, phases and ramifications as the process unfolds for the individual practicing it. It is not a new technique, and not one that I invented. Welcome to Embracing Mystery: The Light, The Dark, The Grey Here it is in its glory.. I understand however some of you have different and varying opinions, discuss this as much as you want, however it is not subject to opinionated debate. These are MY findings over a decade or two of healing, and energy working. This is a BASIC understanding for people who claim to have no ability. Person A mentioned that they had no such ability but as seen by this it was shown that with correct attitude and guidance, anyone can learn and display to a fair degree of efficiency the above mentioned ability.

How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians and Microlines digg HJ: The idea of the meridians are one of the few concepts that Western and Eastern medicine see eye to eye on. In Western terms, meridians are referred to as the nervous system, however, the name means little as the function of this biological network is ultimately what holds significance for us. Why do we need psychic protection? I had lunch with a friend today who says she needs to learn to protect herself at work more because she is being drained by some of those people she tries to help. She is a nurse. Another friend asked my advice when her 'white light' shield, something she has used for years, and truly believes in, was suddenly not strong enough to protect her from the negative energy she encounters in her work.

Human Farming And The Harvesting Of Human Energy Chevron’s motto “Human Energy” is a clue to the ultimate purpose of the NWO conspirators: to trawl the human farm for energy, using people like cattle. By Makia Freeman, contributor for Human Farming – Stefan Molyneux – The Story of Man’s Enslavement In many ways, living on Planet Earth is like living on a human farm. We are being trawled for our “human energy”. How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It's Effects on Your Health digg HJ: The meridian system in the human body is the basis for many different healing modalities. Three that immediately come to mind are acupressure, acupuncture and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Psychic Protection 2 Psychic Protection 2 Continuing our discussion of psychic Protection, I would like to take a moment to talk about our human body. The Physical Body The physical body is the vehicle for the spiritual energy being that is each person's true Self. Navigating the Paradigm Shift 29th February 2016 By Stacy Vajta Guest Writer for Wake Up World The past 10 years or so have been transformational for so many people.