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How To Make & Monetize Your Creator-Owned Comics

How To Make & Monetize Your Creator-Owned Comics

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists "Discovering Dad" aka delving into Terry Gilliam's personal archive Adulting Storyboarding Tips & Advice | Storyboard Templates | Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog And we’re back! Here’s Part 2 of the interview I did with Pixar Story Artist Matthew Luhn. You can find Part 1 of Matthew’s interview here. Enjoy. So I animated a couple of the army men shots on Toy Story and it was very difficult. That was the very first time I saw people actually drawing and creating story at a studio. Even at The Simpsons, they have a script first and then the storyboard artists (like most TV shows) just go directly from the script to drawing the storyboards. But what I was seeing at PIXAR was that there was no script. I totally remember the very first pitch I saw which was the opening for Toy Story in storyboards with Joe Ranft pitching it. At the same time when I’m doing animation and learning how to animate on the computer, the Head of Animation was Pete Doctor. Then John Lasseter was the other guy teaching us how to animate Luxo, because you had to do a Luxo the Lamp jumping animation test. This was a different time. click to continue reading>>

AUSTIN KLEON : BLOG How to Draw Facial Expressions with Drawing Lessons & Tutorials for Drawing the Human Faces and Their Emotions for Illustrations, Comics, Cartoons Home > Directory of Drawing Lessons >How to Draw People > Draw Facial Expressions Drawing Emotions and Expressions of the Human Face This is one of the best drawing tutorials out there for drawing facial expressions and emotions of a person's face...both from the side profile view and from the full frontal view. How to Draw Cartoon Emotions & Facial Expressions Drawing Tutorials You can change the expressions on your face without changing your emotions (by acting) but don’t you wish that drawing facial expressions was just as easy? Drawing Cartoon Facial Expressions and Emotions Cartooning Lesson When a person’s face shows emotions, the eyes, eye brows, and mouth all move in specific ways. Drawing Kids Facial Expressions How to draw the emotions on children's faces. Getting Portraits Values : How to Put Expression in the Face Drawing Manga Expressions and Emotions Facial expression makes an Anime character drawing alive. Drawing Cartoon Heads from Every Angle Draw Cartoon Faces & Expressions

10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop I’m fed up with Photoshop and its one billion rarely-used features. How about a simple photo-editor that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thousand dollars. Fortunately, there’re tons of web-based photos editors popping up. Arguably, Picnik is the most popular web-based photo editor. Very polished interface. Part of the Aviary suite of creative apps, Phoenix also offers layers and compositing. Adobe was a little late to the web-apps game, but this is a pretty good first try. Nice, simple, and clear interface, with no ads at all. flautR offers a cornucopia of image tools, boasting thousands of photo effects. Another ad-free editor. Hmm… looks like Pixenate was “inspired” by Pic Resize. Another simple interface. An example of how ugly these apps can get. Let me know if I’ve missed any other good ones. If you liked this post, please bookmark it on

PSG Art tutorial Foreword I believe there is logic behind why a picture works or not. I also believe that humans are meat machines, and that one day computers will be able to emulate humans and what we do. Note that I have just empirically deduced the theories I present here, and that I'm a highly fallible meat machine. Many rules also play against each other and may cancel each other out, or become invalidated because of a stylistic approach . The far most useful critique I can give developing artist is: Practice. Updates 2012 May02: Clarified stuff in the Terminology section. Table of contents Licence This tutorial is, in its current form, free to translate and 'mirror' in that form. Because I may be updating it and new versions are generally better, I'd rather not have it mirrored too much. I guess this licence comes pretty close: If you have translated it, or have seen a transated version, please let me know so I can link it here. Terminology (Upd. 2012) I'll try to stay away from complicated words. Hues

Guides and References to Drawing Animated Facial Expressions | Maca is Rambling digg Facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication – according to Wikipedia. I couldn’t agree more. Fun With Facial Expressions by what-i-do-is-secret Ever wonder how emoticons would actually look on your character’s face? Emotions and Facial Expression by Cedarseed This tutorial explains each facial expression in great detail. Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb Not only very educational, this tutorial is also fun to read with tracyjb’s awesome drawing style (that is, with anthromorphic characters). Expression Tutorial by alexds1 It shows how different angles and perspectives of the face affect the emotion a character conveys as well as other minute details. Expressions Tutorial by smolderingremains This tutorial introduces the idea that the face generally assumes a shape for each emotion, which is an interesting take on drawing facial expressions. 25 Expressions Challenge by solitarium About maca Hello, my name is Karlo Macariola.